Please Keep Good Thoughts


Roll With It
Please keep good thoughts for my Wiz. He moved into his first apartment back in the late summer. He has been struggling, as you do in your first apartment. Yesterday he went home because he forgot his phone and there was a little bit of water leaking into his kitchen. He called for help and I didn't have a car to go help. Hubby was out and had taken my car and not left keys to his car. thank you took keys to my car as he is learning to drive and we are not giving him his own set of keys. Hubby got home before my mom came go give me a ride, so hubby was sent to deal with things.

There was an inch and a half of water all through the living room and kitchen by the time Hubby, J and thank you got there to deal with things. Something in the empty apartment upstairs broke and flooded WIz' apartment. Management didn't respond to their emergency number so my husband or mother had to call the city to get the water and power shut off to the entire complex. It was simple luck that kept everyone from being electrocuted because none of the outlets were up to code, meaning no GFCI outlets except one in the bathroom.

His electronics are safe, and his expensive books and collectibles are safe as they were off of the floor. But the rest of his things were all in boxes on the floor and the boxes were all soaked. All of his kitchen appliances are ruined. He has no insurance and even if he did, it would be basic and would not cover this.

Of course it happened on thank you's birthday, so thank you spent the afternoon of his birthday mopping icy water out of a freezing apartment.

If you could keep good thoughts for Wiz, it would be appreciated. He had to go stay with my parents, and my niece is there. They don't get along well. He also did NOT want to move back in for any reason. He is always fighting depression, and this is NOT going to help that any.



Roll With It
He is moved into another apartment. My parents did a whole lot of laundry for him, basically washing every single thing he owned. He had no furniture to be ruined, and none of his electronics got wet. His kitchen stuff all got wet but none were ruined.

He didn't think he needed renter's insurance, so he won't get anything for the belongings that were ruined. That is how it is in our state. But his landlord didn't try to charge him for damages. Wiz got a different apartment, they cleaned out the apartment without charging him on the security deposit (just some stuff on the floor, but he was exhausted after spending 3 days dealing with the water and wet belongings), and they have been more helpful than we expected. He did lose about $300 worth of books, but he says that was his own fault for not being more careful with them and not having insurance. I am not inclined to argue that with him.

Thanks for the good thoughts. It was touch and go for a couple of days as to if he would just sink into depression or if he would deal with this and move on like an adult. I am glad to say that he did not give in to the depression! I am very proud of the way he handled it all. He didn't even miss work to take care of it, though he did ask us all for help. We were happy to help, mostly because he was working so hard to help himself.