Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Good Morning!

    Hard to believe it's November 11th and I'm waking up to a temperature of 54 degrees-not at all normal for this time of the year but I'll take it!! I believe we are headed for one last day in the 60s before things start to cool down.

    difficult child has no school for the next two days due to conferences. easy child/difficult child has school because she had her days off last week. Of course, husband and I will be working. Today I have plenty of conferences lined up. My only gripe is that elementary school teachers only get one day to do the same amount of conferences that middle school teachers get 2 days to do.

    No health club for me today as I am trying to rest my back. I threw it out again yesterday in boot camp. I'm telling you this getting old is not fun and I'm fearing my back pain is becoming a chronic issue. Hopefully I'll be ready to go to boot camp tomorrow morning. It's hard to explain how much energy and how much stress I'm able to relieve by working out.

    Chicken parmesan is on the menu for tonight's dinner-one of easy child/difficult child's favorite meals.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

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    Good morning Thursday!

    Sharon, be careful with your back. I know boot camp is not new to you, but whenever I begin a new workout routine, the first thing to go is my back. Argh - with me it means my abs are not up to par. I'm thinking of joining a yoga class to do some gentle stretching before getting back into pilates. Good luck with your PT meetings.

    We are having ziti tonight.

    difficult child continued the clean out of her room last night with her boyfriend (E) helping, er, doing most of the work. She's not moving out, but since she's rarely home, I told her I wanted her room cleaned out and clutter free so she's complying. It's still her room and bed, but I'd like to have it nice and neat in case I want to sleep in there once in a while or if we have guests. Unfortunately, E now thinks she's moved in with him! She was going to speak with him last night. She doesn't feel comfortable with that until he resolves his problems with custody, etc., understandably and very mature of her if I do say so myself.

    I'm alone in the office today, everyone took a floating holiday. I plan on catching up on my homework - lol! I've caught up on all my work and as we head into the end of year stuff, I know it's going to be very busy soon!

    Enjoy your day everyone.
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    SHaron, look after that back. You might need to find a less strenuous form of daily exercise; I've had to make a lot of changes because I kept tearing muscles. I can sympathise with the back - my shoulder is killing me, I was at the doctor yesterday (Thursday) and then the physiotherapist.

    SFR, poor E! He probably did as much as he did to help difficult child, because he thought it meant she was more likely to be moving in with him.

    I don't normally post this late. I didn't get to post last night. Friday morning here now. I just wanted to mention a few things:

    1) Yesterday was Remembrance Day here; Armistice in WWI was declared at the 11th hour of the 11th month, and we always pause then for a minute's silence wherever we are, if we can.

    2) Summer is definitely moving in here - we're getting almost daily, the humid heat followed by the mid-afternoon summer storms that only Sydney can really produce. I remember as a kid, I used to get drenched every day unless I ran home form school; the storm would break almost like clockwork at 3.20 pm. That's 4.20 now we have daylight saving.

    3) The sudden warm spell plus the strong winds associated with the afternoon storms have blown the Bogong Moths off course again. They usually fly along the ridge of the mountains but if they go off course, Sydney gets plagued by these moths. But it's late - usually late September warm spells will make it worse. So hopefully the plague won't be too bad. They're messy and untidy and can short-circuit electrics, but otherwise not a problem. Unlike locusts - and we DO have big problems with locust plague here. Hasn't reached us yet, usually doesn't reach the east coast. But this time they say it might, even though they got onto the swarms early.

    I'm about to head out for another busy day. My weekend will be no better... but at least it will be mostly for me and my writing.

    Enjoy your Thursday (what's left of it!)