Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Good Morning,

    Another morning I'm struggling with sleep. Unfortunately so is difficult child who is up and in full difficult child mode. It's rainy and warm right now. My class is supposed to have a walking field trip to a park to meet our penpals and eat pizza. I've never had to cancel before and hopefully we won't have to today either.

    After work difficult child and I both have our own therapist appointments and after dinner I'll be heading out to the health club. :treadmill:I should go now but not with difficult child awake, plus husband and I will go together tonight.

    Enjoy your day-find reasons to smile and laugh. :flower:

    RAZZLYNNE17 New Member


    Sharon- i hope the field trip doesn't get postponed i know the kids would be upset, here's hoping the rain stops, have a good day.

    Well difficult child and i got the keys monday to the new place, it is much bigger then i remembered, and difficult child is very overwhelmed but happy. Tonight is the last night in the old house, as tomorrow is when every thing goes to the new house. I really shouldn't have a computer right now as my phone was supposed Occupational Therapist (OT) be shut off yesterday, i will have to call to find out what is going on. I hope you all have a nice weekend, as i am not sure when i will be on again. Have a nice day everyone.
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    :jack: :frankenstein: Good Thursday Morning Sharon, Jen and all the follow!

    Man, it is humid here this morning! And, our temps are aready in the 60's. Our fingers are crossed here that we get the rain they are predicting for Friday night!

    Sharon, you can send the rain here so you can go on the field trip! Seriously, I hope for you and the kids you get a break in the weather. Sorry you are having sleep issues lately :sleeping:.

    Jen, good to see you on the morning thread again - haven't heard from you in awhile. Congrat on the move! I'm sure this weekend will be hectic but exciting :thumbsup:!

    Today is the DAY - parent/teacher conference day at difficult child's school :surprise: I guess I'm used to the order of elementary school. I called yesterday to find out about making a conference time since I didn't get any forms or anything. I was told that you don't make actual appts. You just show up. If the teacher is available, great. If not, you wait. So I guess I'll be walking around school this evening finding five teachers :teacher:

    Will spend the day at the office first though. Wishing everyone a great Thursday - as Sharon said, find a reason to smile - I know I always find a reason to laugh!!!!!!! :smile:

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    Lost my origianl good morning so this time I am going with-


    Hopefully the computer will play nice.

  5. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Sharon, Jen, LDM & Beth. :coffee: Duckie in a horrendous mood today so I need to make this short. Errands and delivering leftover rummage to various non-profits today. I think I'll start with the library!
    Have a great day!!! :its_all_good:
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    G'day, all. Jen, good luck with the move.

    Got woken early by the sun streaming in and giving me a headache. A lot of headaches lately. I can't wait for daylight saving, although husband doesn't like it too much, it means that he still has to get up at sunrise!

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 rang from the doctor's this afternoon to get the name of my gynaecologist. Her Pap smear showed some abnormal cells, plus she's got other problems the doctor's not happy about.

    difficult child 3 & I are getting our eyes checked tomorrow, I think we both need new prescriptions. husband has the day off, he has some bits and pieces he wants to get. We'll be out all day, probably, but hope to get a lot done.

    Have a good Thursday, everyone.