Good Tuesday morning friends,

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    I've a busy day ahead...physical therapy. Next I have a couple of carpenters coming in to give bids for a wheel chair ramp out our back door. We're also looking for a bid for 1/2 something or another stairs for the front door. A couple of new hand rails & we should be set for the winter.

    After that, kt has an appointment with therapist ~ husband cannot make this appointment this week so I'm off across town. Ick....

    With all that, instead of the turkey breast I was going to make for dinner tonight I believe it will be a simple tuna casserole. Oh well....

    Have a calm day....I hope it's productive & your difficult children are cooperative.
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    :alien: Good Morning Linda and all to follow!

    Linda, sounds like a busy day for you! Hope the therapy goes well and the carpenters' prices aren't too high. Can't you put the turkey breast in the oven before you go to kt's appointment on time bake? I vote for turkey over the tuna. My mom used to try and get us kids to eat tuna casserole when we were kids - we hated it. She put crushed potato chips on top to disguise it but we knew :sick:. I would probably like it today, but I just can't get over the childhood memories of sitting at the table struggling with it!!! Take it easy.

    Tuesday means the office for me. Bonehead will be going out of town tomorrow through Sunday, so he and I will have to sit down and discuss what's on the horizen for the rest of the week.

    easy child and I have WW tonight and then our finning class - I made sure difficult child did all his homework last night so that we didn't have to worry tonight!

    Good thoughts for a great day everyone :peaceful:

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Definitely a busy day ahead for you. How about throwing the turkey breast in the crock pot?

    Sharon-We had similar tuna casserole experiences as kid-I will never eat tuna again! Enjoy ww and finning!

    Today after work I'm taking husband to get his cortisone shot for his torn rotator cuff. I know he is worried about it.

    When we get home we will have italian sausages and pasta-it's a crock pot day for us.

    Don't know if I'll make it to the club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I hope the ramps etc are going to work out well. Not an issue for me - we're on the flat, no steps except into our spare room (two small steps).

    Sharon/LDM, I hope today at work goes smoothly. Sounds like a busy day.

    Sharon/WO, I hope husband is not in too much pain with the rotator cuff injury.

    I had husband home today, an RDO. difficult child 3 worked fairly well with schoolwork, which I was pleased with. My pain levels were a bit better but I still called my pain specialist, he's okayed me to increase my medications (which I had already done).

    Dinner tonight - I got difficult child 3 to help me, using his Nintendo DS Cooking Guide. We made Huevos Y Rancheros, because we have a glut of eggs. One of our very old hens is laying. The youngest has to be at least ten years old!

    Tomorrow is a study day for difficult child 3, where we go in to his school in the city. husband is driving in to his work so he can load up with some stuff to take home, then I will take the car (and difficult child 3) from there, across the CBD. We should have about an hour to get there, it should only take about 20 minutes at most. Then when difficult child 3's day at school is finished, it's a quick easy trip on the expressway out of the city heading home. But not all the way - we have other things to do, including a bit of shopping then difficult child 3's drama class. By then husband should have arrived by train to meet us and will drive us home again. So although it will be a long day, it shouldn't be too much driving for me.
    On the way back I plan to collect a couple of potted herbs I ordered - salad burnet.
    It's one of my favourites, but I lost mine last year because of the very hot, very dry weather over Christmas while we were away with nobody to water it. It's a lovely little plant - delicious in salads (but very mild flavour) and a perennial that I read stays green through a European winter, even though it looks too frail and delicate. I'm looking forward to getting another one. And maybe a basil plant, while I'm about it... I'm really missing not having any fresh basil at the moment, my seeds haven't come up yet.

    Outside it is cool again after a warm day. But even though it is cool, I can smell the wisteria in flower next door, and jasmine from the back fence. The peach blossom opened its buds this morning, it is adding to the feel of spring. It will be interesting to see what signs of spring there are tomorrow, near difficult child 3's school. And husband's work, where the gardens are well worth a look.

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    Morning everyone! Wow! I've missed being a part of the good morning threads! :)

    Sounds like everyone has a busy day ahead. We do too.

    difficult child 2 is off for his second day of public school. Two days in a row he's gotten right out of bed, showered, dressed, eaten, and taken medications - all in under 30 minutes with NO FIGHTING!! Woo-hoo!! He's still a little nervous & not completely convinced that this is going to work out for him - but not so severe that he wants to give up yet. This is a good thing. :)

    difficult child 1 has an OB/GYN appointment this morning. Just routine stuff - test her blood sugar, measure the baby, weigh in, pee in a cup, you all know the drill. We've all been there done that. lol. She has roughly 4-5 weeks left to go (due date is Oct 17.) doctor says if conditions are "favorable" towards her last couple of weeks, we can schedule the birth. He prefers to deliver during normal office hours. He says planned deliveries help make sure specialists are available, hospital is fully staffed, not to mention parents who need to arrange daycare for older children, relatives who have to come in from out of town, etc. So, provided all goes well, we get to pick little Miss Miranda's birthday! :)

    Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in some work on the farm house today before I have to pick up difficult child 2 from school. (As part of the settlement from their father's accident, we would up with a 3 bedroom house on 8 acres with an adjoining 172 acres. We're planning on moving into it as soon as I can finish upgrading the old wiring, new insulation, and adding on a nursery and 4th bedroom.)

    And of course, there are normal errands I need to squeeze in today - grocery shopping, picking up nursery furniture I ordered, wash the Jeep, run by the vet & p/u flea stuff for the fuzzbutts, etc.

    Busy, busy, busy day - again.

    Hope you all have the best of days & all runs smoothly for everyone. And Linda...I am envious that you can call in contractors to handle stuff for you. I'm flying solo on all our construction-type stuff. Just not in the budget to fork out several thousand dollars for all we need done. ($12,000 for electrical work, $11,500 for new central h/ac, $16,000 for all new sheetrock, blah, blah, blah...nope, gotta do it all myself to stick to my $20k budget.)