Good Tuesday morning, my friends.....

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Survived another Monday with-o too much scarring or trauma. :faint: :smile: :wink:

It was a big day with insurance adjusters, further tree clearing (within my physical limits - I was there more just as the cheer leading squad. An ugly picture, in of itself. :rofl:) The final insurance adjuster should be in tomorrow morning & we can start the lovely process of clearing out a 120 y/o oak tree.

It was a beautiful old tree & I'm going to miss it greatly. :sad: I'm finding that I will need to order new blinds & such - that tree had such a lovely climate affect on our home. Along with the 3 other cedar trees taken down during the storm our front yard looks quite barren.

kt survived another respite weekend & had a wonderful time.

Today there are no appts (other than kt's in home therapy) on my calendar. I'm up & about getting a few things done now, so I expect later today will be all about catching a nap or two & catching up on a James Patterson book I hadn't read in a very long time.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. :flower:


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Good morning, Linda,

I bet you will miss that 120 year old oak. I must have missed a post somewhere, why the clearing? Glad kt enjoyed her respite, that's always a big weight off the shoulders. Enjoy your day today, my friend. Rest up.

I called the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) last night after bedtime to check on my Dilly. The lady said he didn't have a good night. He got himself so upset twice he got sick, vomited. He told her I lied to him, because I told him he could call me anytime, for any reason, any day, whenever he needed to. Alas, that's not the rule, which I was obviously unaware of. When we did the tour, the lady said "oh yeah you can call anytime". Not, "yeah, you can call once a day for 10 minutes". That got him upset. He also lost his CD player he brought in, but she wasn't sure why (was on the day shift).

Then he had said yesterday when I was talking with him "I can't wait til Saturday". When I asked why, he said "cuz I can come home". I had told him, I'm sure he didn't hear me, he won't come home right away for visits. Two to three weeks for him to get adjusted, and he has to make level. He thought he could be good one day and be reunified lol. Silly boy. I keep trying to remember, it's for his treatment. It's going to do him good. Blah, blah, blah. F'in disease.

The woman at the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) said "he really loves you". Yes, he does, and I've been his sole caretaker his whole life. He doesn't even squirt his Flonase nasal spray himself. I do it for him. I do everything for him that is important. He does his chores, he does his homework, he does stuff like that, but everything else ~ me.

So, this is going to be hard. I cried about 3 1/2 hours before falling asleep last night.

Hope you all enjoy your day. I have to go to work. )(*&(*^&(*)&^*&(^%(*&^%(P*&_)(#*($_+)(@#+_)(@



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Good morning Linda and Janna. This is my second time trying this, I seem to be having problems with the site.

Linda - I am sorry to hear about your oak tree. I hope you get some well deserved rest today.

Janna - My heart hurts for you and Dylan but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

I am still feeling a little down today but I will figure it all out at some point. difficult child played hockey last night and tried his best which made me happy. He did not take the news well about having to start back on his medications. He broke down sobbing promising to do everything right, he doesn't understand. Nothing planned for tonight which is a good thing. I am so exhausted and drained.

Have a great day ladies and to anyone who snuck in :smile:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- We are debating about whether or not our crab apple tree will survive the winter. I doubt it. This will be the third tree we've lost since 2001. We've replanted, but these things take time. Sigh. :slap:
Janna- My mommy heart broke reading your post, I can only imagine what you & Dylan are going through. :crying:
Christine- I know you will do what's best for your son. {{{Hugs}}} :crying:
Well, we're off to the zoo today, meeting friends there. Hold a good thought for my poor tootsies, please! They are still sore, but nothing like yesterday!!!! :rofl: I have some light cleaning this morning and Duckie has cheer tonight. Yippee! :wink:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning,

Linda-I'm sorry about your tree. I know how much you love your yard. I'm glad you have a day with-not much planned.

Janna-Another heart breaking after reading your post. :flower: Keeping you and Dylan in my prayers.

Christine-I'm glad difficult child did his best at hockey. I'm sorry difficult child is so upset by the medications. I'm glad you have nothing planned for tonight-sounds like both you and difficult child need some down time.

TM-I hope the zoo is fun and your feet survive!

Long, busy day yesterday which I wasn't expecting and another on tap for today. I'm going to a friend's framing party this morning and then later we have to pick up difficult child early from camp for his psychiatrist appointment. easy child is trying out for volleyball and has practice. Mostly I'm just very worried for my cousin's son (I posted in wc).

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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{{Linda}} When we had to remove an old pine from our yard (it was in danger of landing on our house), H actually made me take a picture of him next to it and he cried when he counted the 57 rings. He felt like he murdered someone. I hate to say it but I wasn't the sentimental about the tree - I wanted more sun in my yard. Hugs to you.

{{Janna}}, your update still brings tears to my eyes. I know all about being the sole care taker with my difficult child and how even at almost 18, if I don't hand her medications to her with water, she will forget to take them. Hang in there.

{{Christine}} I sure hope you have a chance to rest yourself a little today. Many hugs.

TM, have a great time at the zoo! That sounds like so much fun and you have great weather today!

{{Sharon}}, continued thoughts and prayers to you. I hope your day is easy.

H had a long overdue argument with his boss this AM. He was debating on whether or not he'd return to work for him after starting our home addition. I guess he will because he needs the $$, but he said it all conditional. I just want him to be happy. difficult child is sleeping in AGAIN. I have to get on her about getting her chores done in a timely fashion and she was late for curfew last night - have to take away her car for a day I think to snap her back to reality. I can't wait for her job and school to begin. I am at work today and I have a ton of personal paperwork to squeeze in. Have a good day everyone. Life is Good.


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G'day, everyone.

Linda, I'm sorry you lost your old tree. There is something of character in a tree like that. We have a large tree in our front yard, the neighbours remark on it. It's a peppermint gum - it has a double trunk because the deer ringbarked it when it was a sapling. We really should have cut one trunk off, it now grows over the house. But it's bark is so colourful, it's smooth to the touch and gentle on climbing bare feet. The leaves are long and thin, they hang down like a curtain. We have a wooden picnic table under it, in summer we sometimes eat out there under the tree. We also harvest the tree regularly to feed the koalas at the nearby zoo - our tree survived the bad fires back in 1994, even though a lot of large trees in our back yard did not; they slowly died over the next few years, from the stress. We lost about 20 huge eucalypts and now have sun where it used to be deep forest.
I wish I could share our peppermint gum with you.

Janna, hugs from down under - it must be so hard for you. I hate it when you get mixed messages from people who should know better - if YOU misunderstood, what does that do to Dylan? Here's hoping he gets into the rules and routines quickly. personally, I'd be complaining at being misled too - it made you seem like a liar to Dylan and that's not right, for staff to put you in such a position.

Christine, I hope difficult child can accept the need for medication. Often if the medications help them hold things together better, it makes it easier for them to accept the need for them.

TM, rest those feet. Last time I went to the zoo - difficult child 3's birthday - it was the day after filming and I'd worn myself out the ay before. I let the family dump me at the picnic/pool area and stayed there most of the time. Much better for me and I didn't slow down the others.

Sharon, what's a framing party? It sounds interesting. Sounds like you've got a lot of running around to do.

Jo, we had an interesting program on "4 Corners" last night, about sleep deprivation. it also mentioned ways to deal with the way teens body clocks slowly precess later and later in the day - they had special glasses which they wear to bed but which shine blue light into their eyes on a pre-set timer. It keeps their pineal gland set to a more appropriate time and stops the night owl syndrome. It's also being trialled to treat depression.
for the whole episode.
for the bit on resetting the body clock.

We had a very low-key 21st birthday today. easy child 2/difficult child 2 had college tonight, so we couldn't do a special dinner or anything. College tomorrow night too, although she gets home earlier. Tonight she didn't get home until 10 pm and it was raining. Not a lot, just enough to make the roads treacherous.
difficult child 1 & girlfriend dropped in. He was due home, but instead left with girlfriend again, to save going back to her place tomorrow, his usual plan. They really need to get their own place...



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Good late morning. we are at the library, my son is taking a library sponsored chemistry class this week here.

I understand the sadness etc re trees. Altho we live IN town with a small lot (less than one fifth acre) we at one time had several trees. 3 very large maples, a cherry a plum and an apple tree, a mulberry, a walnut, a japanese lilac and 2 regular lilacs.
We heavily depended on these trees for climate control help- a windbreak in winter and much needed summer shade. Whoever did our yard planned it very nicely and all our windows framed trees in a lovely manner.
Sadly 3 years in a row we had thunderstorms- in JANUARY! and each of those 3 years we lost a fruit tree. - to lightening.
One of the huge maples in our backyard looked precarious, and was very close to our neighbors house and cars, so we finally had to make the decision to down it before it fell on their house. I musta cried for weeks over it and still 2 years later cry becuz I deeply miss it. I am so sorry you lost your tree.

Janna, I am so sad for you and for DYlan. Hugs.

SOmething very weird happenbed here last nite to my poor easy child and to our Jeep- AGAIN. I am gonna go post on watercooler.

Have a good day everyone. I heard there is some different sounding name for a weather system hanging over MN area- a "derecho" Stay dry and safe! UG, it is t-storming here as I type. I have not yet cleaned up entirely from the storm we had day before yesterday. I do not think the rest of the neighborhood has yet finished cleaning up after flooding from last week, either, it was REALLY bad, and unusual, we do not ever get flooding. But I guess the storms took out our water works power and the lack of them having power caused all the sewer system in town to fail.