Good Tuesday Morning

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  1. trinityroyal

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    Good morning everyone!

    I don't think I've ever started this thread before. Makes me realize how early in the morning it is.

    I'm just getting ready to head into the office. I like to get there before the rest of my team, so that I'm already stuck in working away, and don't get swept up in the morning chitter-chatter. First thing is my best thinking time, and if I miss the boat then it can affect my productivity for the rest of the day.

    Not too much on deck for today. A couple of meetings, and then home. husband and I have promised ourself an early night to make up for a couple of late ones.

    Someone on yesterday's thread was asking about husband's new job...Well, he just LOVES it and I am so happy for him. His last job was a disaster with a toxic boss, so it's wonderful for him to be working with "normal" people. I have a meeting on Friday that takes me to husband's office, so I've booked a meeting with him as well so that we can have lunch together.

    Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All
    I kept difficult child 2 home from school because we are supposed to get an ice storm. Now everyone in the area is safe because it will never sleet
    or snow! Poor difficult child will probably be home for no reason but if the weather
    people r right and the ice strom comes ; I would go crazy waiting for the bus to make it home from difficult child's school.

    Trinity Hope u have a great day at work and get some rest tonight.
    Glad your husband loves his new job.

    Hugs Rabbit
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Trinity-Glad to hear husband is enjoying his job. Enjoy lunch and your early evening:)

    Rabbit-I know that feeling. Glad he is home because, if it does come, ice is horrible to be driving on.

    Wow-only one day back at work and I'm exhausted. By noon yesterday I had lost my voice so I started pumping water and it came back (not the teaching voice though so I am very thankful for the microphone-I use it at all times when I'm teaching now).

    After work today I have a therapist appointment and then we have to take difficult child to wrestling. We should be home around 7:00 tonight. Would like to think I will still have energy left to get to the club but I don't think it's going to happen.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Trinity, I remember the days of going into the office way early so I had quiet to get work done. Amazing how much you can accomplish when you aren't surrounded by your co-workers, isn't it? So glad to hear that husband loves his new job.

    Rabbit, have a good day with difficult child.

    Sharon, sounds like it's time to start pacing yourself a bit. Can/will easy child start taking over making dinner? I've been working with kt on that & she, on average, makes dinner a couple of times a week. What a luxury for you at the end of a long day.

    kt again has refused to attend school. Mental health CM is calling an emergency mtg ~ hope it's soon. Day treatment is rearing it's ugly head for kt though I really believe she needs it right now.

    I'm getting a few things (one being a nap) done this morning & once PCA comes I head up to the hospital. husband's sister is in town & I'm to meet her at the hospital; my sister in law is coming to town later this evening & she's heading up to see husband. I'd like to be with her as she's an RN & can explain things in more complete detail to me.

    Have a good day friends.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :frostbite: Good Tuesday Morning Friends!!!

    Trinity, you've already left for work, but I hope you get on today and get my good wishes for a productive day and an early, relaxing night for you and husband. That was on your list for last night - something got in the way I imagine!

    Rabbit, better safe than sorry! Enjoy your day.

    Sharon, good for you for using the mic. I was suprised I was not more tired yesterday myself. I was up hours earlier and going all day. But I will tell you, this morning was hard!!! I don't believe I could go and go all day and then hit the gym after 7 - you are a better woman than I!!!!! Have a nice day Sharon.

    I used the little cold man icon on my post this morning. Now I know that in relation to some of the temps you all have had this winter, my central va temps are mild. But today is mid 30's and pouring all day. Rather a stay in bed morning!

    I'll hit the gym for weight training for about an hour, run home and shower, then head to the office until difficult child pick up time. Oh, difficult child did rise on his own yesterday morning and was watching tv when I returned from the gym! Always a lot of work at the beginning of a new year - new file set up, employee tax returns, 1099s, W-2s, etc. I know it sounds crazy, but it's my favorite time of the year at the office :geek:!

    I hope your Tuesday is smooth,
  6. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hey Linda, my friend! Good Morning! Good idea to be present with sister in law - she can make clear things you may not understand or need clarification on. Additionally, it will probably be good to have the support of someone else with you.

    You know, kt asked for day treatment about three months ago. She is aware of what she needed then - the professionals should be aware of what she needs NOW. Here's a positive wish that they get their "you know what" together and approve this move.

    I would love to have the link and info to the site you are created for keeping family and friends updated on husband's progress. Send me a pm or give me a buzz when you get a chance.

    Enjoy the much-needed nap.
  7. Marguerite

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    G'day, family.

    Trinity, it's good to see your happy face this morning! I hope you and husband enjoy your planned early night.

    Rabbit, I think you made a wise decision, considering the forecast ice storm. Something we began to do with difficult child 3, when we increasingly began keeping him home from school for various reasons (he said he felt sick; he had an inexperienced relief teacher; I had a busy day and couldn't risk being interrupted with calls to come get him) was I laid in supplies of 'alternative' schoolwork, so I could still insist on "school work during school hours" rule. I am so glad I did, because it laid the solid foundations of a work ethic from home. It also kept him productively occupied while he was 'enjoying' a day's break from the school environment.

    Sharon/WO, take it easy with the gym, if you're not well. That microphone sounds like an essential item. Laryngitis is a common health problem for teachers.

    Linda, sorry to hear about kt. It's a very unsettling time. I hope your sister in law can explain things well for you, understanding things better surely must help.

    Sharon/LDM, the weather sounds very uninviting in your area, although not as cold as some seem to have it. I'm glad you're enjoying your work at the moment.

    We're very far removed from ice storms here - we just had the hottest Sydney day in two years! (I KNEW last summer was chillier than usual, it was like we didn't really have a summer). Temperatures reached 33 C (91.4 F) in our area, 41 C (106 F) in the western suburbs. Clear blue sky, although hazy out to sea; smoky to the south and west (fires breaking out in the bush) and hot. sister in law & nieces wanted to go for a morning last swim, they fly home in the morning, 6 am! They needed tiime for their swimsuits to dry.
    So we headed away from our usual beach and headed to the next village, a little further away from the ocean. mother in law was able to come with us and walk out to the tidal channel. She's very frail these days, hasn't been able to go for a swim at the beach for a couple of years. But with sister in law to help get her up again, we got her into the water and sitting bobbing around in the channel where it was no more than waist deep. The water was warm, the current not too strong mostly, but in one place it flows strongly enough to function like a lap pool, where you swim against spa jets to get a workout. Here the current flows between two weed-covered rocks and has dug a deeper, swifter channel for about 30 metres.

    So with the usual delays of girls wanting to have a lie in, and the need to get a swim before the sun gets too high in the sky, we of course were late getting our swim and were there during the worst part of the sun's attack. I've got skin that tans easily but the others do not. I'm no longer using any sunscreen, I'm dark enough now to be safe from burning. But tonight over dinner I can see how much sun everyone else got. Tomorrow they'll be on the plane home, so they'll be able to have a day out of the sun to ease the sunburn.

    This afternoon as we left the beach, easy child 2/difficult child 2 arrived. She avoids the sun, never goes to the beach during daylight. difficult child 1 & daughter in law were to arrive later, meanwhile sister in law made a snap decision to go to the local restaurant for lunch, it has a magnificent ocean view. It caused a bit of kerfuffle for difficult child 1 & daughter in law, so they decided to not come with us but go for their own swim then snack on our fridge contents.

    We'd planned an early dinner (because of the unpleasantly early start) but easy child 2/difficult child 2 had to leave before then. We've just come home and husband has gone to bed - he's taking my van in the morning to take his sister and her girls to the airport for a 5 am arrival. They at least can get some sleep on the plane - husband has to then go on and put in a full day's work!

    Tomorrow mother in law & I are seeing the local GP. mother in law is likely to be feelnig a bit bereft with the house suddenly empty. I'm going to try to keep her busy for a few days, she needs it. I'm so glad we got her into the water for a swim today, although I think she too got a bit sunburnt.

    Now that sister in law & family are heading home, I have some catching up to do with friends and other tasks. I put a fair bit on hold over the break, to keep close to home with family. We haven't had dinner at home for several weeks!

    Tomorrow is forecast to be another hot day, I'm hoping to get another swim after we see the doctor, but I will need to get a lift from friends to do so. A late storm is forecast - we can't have such heat without getting a summer storm from all the water evaporated from the sea. Tomorrow is also garden watering day, I'll probably need to because it's unlikely we'll get enough rain from the storm (if it happens).

    I'll need to have a quick, simple, dinner prepared tomorrow night for husband, he is going to be very tired and wanting an early night.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  8. artana

    artana New Member

    Good morning,
    Trinity - I can't imagine willingly waking up earlier than I do. Kudos to you for the effort.
    Rabbit - I will echo the "better safe than sorry".
    Sharon - Sorry to hear about your voice. That ***** when you're standing in front of a classroom.
    Linda - That has got to be frustrating.:/ I really do not look forward to when mine are teenagers. I hope if I do everything I'm supposed to do now, it won't be too bad, but I am preparing.
    LDM - Good morning. It's awesome that you go to the gym.:) In PA we have this horrible tendency to get that freezing rain, bundle up and stay warm.
    Marg- I never get over how odd the image of the beach in winter you guys get snow in summer? Or is it mild enough that it's always somewhat warm?

    DS6 got in trouble on the bus, but not for any of the things that he was getting in trouble for before. It was much milder. He did not spit, fight, or take off his seatbelt. Instead, he fidgetted, played with things, and yelled at another kid. The bus driver doesn't see the improvement. *sigh*

    My difficult child is starting drum lessons again today. Here's hoping the teacher is patient and kind.
  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Trinity - I am so glad work is going well for both you and husband. I also like going into work when it is quiet. Vacation time around Christmas/New Years is a special kind of struggle for me - I need the time of when kids are off school but I am longing to be at my desk to catch up on things when others are gone.

    Rabbit - I so understand. I do the exact same thing. I figure if I don't feel comfortable driving, my kids are going to stay home. About 11 - 12 years ago, we had a very snowy winter and it seemed I was constantly pulling no-easy child diva from school. At that time who ever was in charge of closing school had no common sense - too many times pushing the limits to get those funded days in. Looks like this winter may be the same for difficult child.

    Wiped Out - It is difficult to teach when your voice level isn't always available. I am glad you have the microphone. Enjoy wrestling.

    Timer - I am sorry KT is having such an awful time. I hope CM finds the solution for her schooling soon.

    Little Dude's Mom - Way to go difficult child for handling yesterday morning well. I would say that in the light of enjoying the busiest time of the year, that would indicate that you are an organizer - you love to set things up in an orderly fashion and then watch your process succeed. Also true indication that this is the right job for you. It would be great if everyone could enjoy their jobs to that extent (I enjoy my job!)

    Marg - I hope you are able to catch up from your busy few days hostessing relatives. What fun though and nice to see everyone. I hope you have good ways to stay cool.

    Today I focus on contracts at work. This is a very new area for me and I know once done, a huge work related stress chunk will disappear.

    Looks like we are starting a very warm day at 16 degrees F. Where was this warm weather when I wanted to visit my parents over Christmas break? Temps must be dropping though? The predicted high is 12 degrees F - how can that be? It should at least be high of 16 F?

    Not a fun night with both difficult child and non-easy child diva showing ugly attitudes. difficult child has decided to take it on himself to monitor my spending on non-easy child diva items and non-easy child diva brought out her non-loving sibling attitude. Oh well, I have gone through a whole lot worse!

    Tonight difficult child will either prepare caramel rolls to bake in the morning or learn how to set up the delayed timer on the bread machine to have fresh bread in the morning.

    Everyone have a great day - find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

  10. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Artana - You snuck in on me. Sorry for the bus incident with DS6. I hope difficult child enjoys the drums. We have made the decision to let difficult child drop trumpet. He has been at it for over one year and I don't believe I should take on the responsibility of practices (I sometimes remember to remind him to practice but if he doesn't, I don't get bent out of shape and make a fight out of it) - if he doesn't practice on his own, then this is not for him. I have pushed him this long because he does have a natural ability. He is learning from week to week without practicing but without the practicing, his lips are not conditioned so it is a struggle at each lesson. My difficult child's trumpet teacher has been super patient with him seeing that he does not practice during the week.

    Since he has lost interest, it will be nice to have the $80 per month back to pay other bills. I am so looking forward to being debt free by June!