Good Tuesday Morning!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :coldday: Good Morning Friends!!!!!

    Everyone still sleeping?????? Time to get up and get going!!!!!!!

    I'm really bummed with the weather today. It is cold and it is snowing just 25 minutes south of here and way down into North Carolina. Snow in NC and not here - we've been jipped!! Schools closing all over the southern part of our state. You guys know how much I love snow. It's been four years since we've really had a snow fall. It's so close today I can almost smell it! :blizzard:

    easy child is in exam week but has been exempt from all with the exception of Chemistry on Friday. She and I will hit the gym for weights this morning after dropping off difficult child at school. Then I'll head to the office. I have a lot of work today. easy child is going to pick difficult child up from school. I'm actually thinking about bringing my little tv to the office. I really don't want to miss the inauguration today. I could set my little tv on my desk. Think I'm going to do it........

    Now yesterday was No Meltdown Monday but most of our kids were off. So let's just make today a No Meltdown day for difficult children instead! Have a great Tuesday - make sure your difficult child gets the word.

  2. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member


    Sharon/LDM, if the snow is that close, you probably CAN smell it! I can sympathise with you loving snow; even being caught in those freakish falls in NZ in 2007, didn't put me off snow. It was beautiful, we have some wonderful photos of magnificent scenery.

    We've got emjoyably hot weather at the moment. Not too hot (by my standards) although away from the sea, I believe a lot of people are not enjoying the heat. I finally got husband down to the beach at a decent time, although that was helped by the day being so hot, that when he finally turned up for a swim it was still very pleasant in the water. husband dropped us at the beach then spent another hour at home, getting osme odd jobs done. He ten came down for his quick swim. Meahwile I'd been talking to some visitors, while difficult child 3 played with some ofther boys with his skim board. The waves were running just right for them, difficult child 3's skills on the skim board are really picking up.

    Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, husband & I are catching the boat to "the mainland" to go see a film, then we'll head back home at about lunchtime, so we can have a relaxing swim at the beach again, before the afternoon storm (which might not turn up). Then we're hoping to go out to dinner at a restaurant on the highway.

    difficult child 3 is trying to get some schoolwork done over the holidays; he realised tonight he's running out of time. He did a little more maths just before bedtime, to see how well he can manage it on his own tomorrow.

    So hopefully, we'll get to bed early enough to not be too tired in the morning to have our early start.

    I'll let you know tomorrow how it all goes.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I sure am sending snow vibes your way-I hope you get some soon!! Good idea to bring the tv to the office. Good for easy child for being exempt from finals! My easy child's final week was supposed to start today but due to closed schools last week, they aren't starting til Thursday and will go into next week!

    Way too little sleep last night! I took too late of a nap and with all the stress of difficult child it was well after 1:00 before I fell asleep. I did, however, finish my 737 page book yesterday. If you are a Wally Lamb fan, I highly recommend his new book, The Hour I First Believed.

    Back to school after 5 days off, some to weather, some to the long weekend. Long week ahead as every day after work there is appts. Today I have a therapist appointment. and then have to pick up easy child. We should get home around 6. husband is picking up difficult child to get home in time for difficult child's in-home t-doctor and then taking him to wrestling. Good thing I have a lasagna made (yesterday) and ready to go in the oven!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in!
  4. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning. :coffee:

    LDM- I'd gladly share some snow with you... it seems like it has stopped snowing in days here.

    Marg- Happy Anniversary!!!

    Sharon- Boy you sound busy today! Enjoy the lasagne.

    Today is Duckie's 8th birthday... I can't believe how the time is flown. We'll be flying out to California today; wish us good travel!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  5. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Happy Inauguration Day from the Nation's Capital!

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy sneaking a peek of the Inauguration at work.

    Marg, glad you had fun at the beach today.

    Sharon/WO, sorry you're sleep-deprived, but glad you enjoyed the book.

    TM, Happy Birthday to not-so-little Duckie!!! Have a fab time in California.

    husband and I just put our son, his parents and his brother on the Metro to go see the Inauguration at the Capitol. They're all bundled up in layers of clothing and very excited to see history in the making. I'm happy for J that he has an opportunity to do this because he, of our three kids, really wanted to go (my brother in law was very generous to invite him to accompany him).

    There's no school in the Difficult Child metro area today. The girls, husband and I will watch the Inauguration from the warmth of our house. Last night we went to the Kids Inaugural Concert, and the girls were ecstatic to see the Jonas Brothers singing live in concert. I kept teasing the girls that the JoBro are "dreamy," but the girls kept rolling their eyes at me and saying, "Mom, you're too old!"

    Hi if you snuck in. Enjoy your Inauguration Day!
  6. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    our school is closed because it MIGHT snow. Aaarggh!
    Well, I guess I'll be home to watch the inauguration, but I still have to go to the dentist.
    Happy anniversary tomorrow, Marg!
    That's a hefty book Sharon! Glad you liked it. I hope you get some sleep tonight.
    TM, Happy birthday, Duckie!!!
    Smallworld, good luck with-all the inaugural activities. I hope everyone is dressed warmly.
  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Little Dude's Mom - I wish I could send you some of our snow. We have more than enough to share this year.

    Marg - Have a great day on your anniversary tomorrow.

    Wiped Out - Wow - you have a busy day today. I hope you can get to bed early tonight to start catching up on sleep.

    Tired - Happy Birthday to 8 yr old Duckie! Have a fun and safe trip.

    Small World - What a great thing for your kids to be part of. I think more than any other inauguration, the kids are a large part of this. I love it when people remember there are children in the world.

    Yesterday husband and I ended up picking up difficult child on our way out of town. Today I will have lunch with a friend. Hopefully husband will be home tonight so I can go back into work.

    I had my annual physical with my new doctor yesterday. I really like her. So nice to have a doctor who makes sure things are not going on, not just brush you off with, "It is probably just...." She scheduled me for a stress test on Friday and wants to see me back in 6 months (I forgot to schedule that on my way out - another phone call to make). Neither of us are overly concerned that anything is wrong - just a wise precaution to keep an eye on last month's chest pain. I would think the pains would have continued if something serious is wrong.

    The Fergus Falls High School will be in the 5th (of 6) divisions in the parade. The division with the U.S. Coastal Guard. There was a minor fender mender on their way through Chicago a few days ago but no injuries. Someone said they duct taped the bus and continued on their way. :)

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your kids laugh.

  8. artana

    artana New Member

    We still have tons of snow. This is the first winter in PA that felt like winter. difficult child and easy child were insane yesterday. I think it was lack of sleep and staying up to watch the Steelers.

    LDM - I'll mail you some of our snow!:)

    Marg - Have fun on your anniversary.:)

    WO - Lasagna sounds tasty. Sounds like a busy, but not insane day.

    TM - Say happy birthday to Duckie from us!:)

    SmallWorld - I'm jealous. I really want to see the inauguration. The concert sounds like it was great for the kids.

    TerryJ2 - Sorry that school got cancelled.:/
  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Terry snuck in on me - probably hiding behind that snow bank that MIGHT come? Have a great day Terry!

  10. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Artana - you have a great day too. Hopefully the kids will settle down today.

  11. Kjs

    Kjs Guest

    Wow. Everyone is doing so much.

    Sharon - I will gladly ship you some of the several feet of snow in my backyard. Snow banks are so high on the corners you can't see if cars are coming. I think I would trade weather with you. Maybe you can drive to see the snow and make an angel. HOW did you get easy child exempt from finals?

    Marg - speaking of weather, you really make me jealous. Happy Anniversary. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but by the time our tomorrow got here your anniversary would be over right? Enjoy your day.

    Sharon (WO) Good luck on the first day back after 5 off. I bet it will take the kids a few hours to get back into the flow.

    TM - Happy Birthday to Duckie. A wonderful reason to celebrate isn't it. Hope you have a great trip. I want to go. Where is it you are going? My bro lives in Santa Barabara.

    SW - you sound very political today. I am not interested in the least. I am sick of all the media coverage. Guess I should be more patriotic.

    for me. Work, vet, science fair, nap, work.
    I would really like difficult child to have something nice said to him. he sounded really bummed. Said he doesn't want to even be in the science fair. he won't win, and
    he doesn't want to be there. Wants her to just grade him for what he did. Tried to tell him I am proud of the work he did and he should be proud to. He told me I don't have to come, I should sleep. I told him I wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Finals Thursday and Friday. sure hope they are able to get in the studying they missed from last week weather related days off. (two)
  12. artana

    artana New Member

    I think you and I are always on at exactly the same time.:) I'm glad you like your doctor. That is so important.:)
  13. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    :snowing: We are having a big (for us) snowfall. There is 3 to 5 in. on the ground. We already took the puppies out for a romp. They aren't familiar with snow but they seemed to know what to do. It was great seeing them playing around in it. I took a picture of our winter wonderland back yard to send baby sis in Minnesota. She thinks we are snow wimps. Compared to Minnesota we are. Everything is shut down. Even the army base is on 2 hr delay. Yay! a snow day.

    LDM, I'll send some your way. Enjoy your day of watching the Inauguaration. I have it on record for later in the day. Enjoy the weight training. Congrats to easy child for being exempt.

    Marguerite, happy anniversary. Your plans sound lovely. A beach swim sounds perfect. Enjoy each other on this day more than any other.

    Wiped out, I loved the 2 Wally Lamb's books that I have read. I'll give this one a try after I get through the 3 I just recieved. Thanks for the recommendation.

    TM, Happy birthday hug to sweet Duckie. Enjoy your trip.

    Smallworld, what a great gift for the children to have this opportunity.

    Terry, sorry the schools are closed but it's pretty treacherous on our roads at present. Hope you don't get the snow.(even though it's gorgeous and a rarity)

    Hope you have a good day and get to see a bit of history as well as the rebirth of hope. We all need some.
  14. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member


    if you are senior with an A going into exam time, you get exempt from midterms (and subsequently finals if you still have an A). Unfortunately, her Chem teacher doesn't believe in exemptions (and I also think that's her one B class).

    Fran, I'm on my way to your house - I want to romp with the pups!!!!!!!!

  15. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    gosh yes everyone does always sound so busy! I collapsed after baby shower almost 100 came but we had the hall such a short time so it was intense & a tad chaotic....but omg I loved it! despite numerous diagnosis of schizophrenia bipolar etc on dad 2 bes side & ours it was not a problem tho I had worried. feedback I get is everyone had a blast & I'm getting requests to throw annual family parties block parties etc. lol. but monday I did only bare enjoy your rare snow....i live very very near kjs.....the piles at the corners in places are 15 ft high....quite potential danger. marg sounds wonderful! my 21 anniversary was this weekend & I'm sad to admit we let it pass due to shower festivities......congrats to you & enjoy! I have a nice low key day.....easy child will learn how to wash & fold newborn laundry & reassess her packed bag for hospital.........weve set up the 'nursery'......& she's starting thank you notes as soon as she finishes paper for class here. I haven't even looked at our weather today. lol
  16. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Dreamer, I'm so glad it went well. Get some rest!