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  1. timer lady

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    Since sleep is allusive this early morning I thought I'd start the GM thread.

    I have a couple of errands to run today (my doorbell needs to be replaced) & I'm scoping out a new storm door for my front porch. I can find this all at Home Depot, no running all over town.

    My dad, aunts & uncles will be coming into town tomorrow night - too late for dinner so I thought I'd whip up a desert of some sort. A summer torte comes to mind - blueberry kuchen or a butter pecan ice cream torte. Hmmmm - have today & most of tomorrow to work this out.

    Have a good day. Leave your loved ones with loving words.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, I'm still up, so good morning to you, too!

    I hope you find a delightful new doorbell -- something that will offer a soothing chime when visitors come to call (and hopefully none of them are strange men looking for KT anymore). I would love to get one that looks like a frog... or a dragonfly. If I got one with a chicken, that would just give too much away I think! :p

    I am shuttling the kids to the dentist at 10:30 for their six-month cleaning/checkup. Hopefully husband is getting his butt up EARLY to work on his resume further before he heads out for his appointment with the job search firm.

    I'll be supervising difficult child 1's penalty chores for lying and slacking after that. And since we're back into sports again -- difficult child 1's lacrosse camp from 3:30 to 5:30, then his and easy child's soccer practice from 5:30 to 7pm (which husband has covered) and then I take difficult child 2 to his soccer practice from 7pm to 8:30pm.

    Hope everyone has a lovely summer day today!
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, Linda.

    Linda, it's good to only have one stop to get what you need. Our trip to the new super hardware store last weekend was like that.

    As for dessert, why not tiramisu? It's really easy to make and also fun. I made a cheating one last night. It needs to be made a little ahead of time, that's all.

    Get some sponge finger biscuits (Italian savoirardi if you can; otherwise, use plain chocolate-flavoured sweet biscuits). Option (needed with the sponge finger biscuits) is make a strong cup of coffee. Quickly dip the biscuits in the coffee then layer them in a dish. Spread a thin layer of vanilla custard mixed with ehippedcream, over the biscuts. Then do another layer. Finish with a cream layer and then sprinkle with cocoa or drinknig chocolate.
    An easier one - use the plain chocolate biscuits, don't dip in anything at all, sandwich them with whipped cream then put them on a dish like a log. Cover the log with whipped cream, sprinkle with chocolate or cocoa and like the previous one, leave it in the fridge, covered, for a couple of hours (or overnight). You might want to add a little more cream before serving (to make it look better).

    What happens - the biscuits soften with the cream or coffee and the whole thing becomes absolutely delicious. It looks like you slaved for hours in the kitchen.
    The one I made last night - I bought a cheap vanilla custard and didn't mix in any cream.

    Gcvmom, here's hoping husband gets his resume iin order. I try to ensure all our resumes are updates as much as possible, so that it only takes a minute or two to add any new information. easy child 2/difficult child 2 has two resumes, one for performing and one for more conventional work. Two weeks ago she was applying for both sorts of jobs so we updated both her CVs. Her performing CV has to be kept to a page and have an updated headshot attached. But her conventional CV needs to mention performing only in passing. She's been applying for child care jobs though, and here her street theatre work with children is highly relevant.

    Well, the wedding invitation printing was going really well, until one sheet jammed in the laser printer. It's sitting there now, blinking its little red eye at me. There simply isn't enough paper to risk wasting any, so the ONE hour I had easy child 2/difficult child 2 here for, we used going over the list. And found more problems with the list. I knew there were problems, I kept asking her to go through it carefully. Oh well, it's done now. Before the printer jammed I got over half the invitations printed and all the wedding register cards done. I still need to finis the invitations and print the RSVP 'cards'. We had to make some big changes late last night when I opened the stationery and realised that the heavy card that easy child wanted me to use was
    a) insufficient in quantity and
    b) too heavy, no way does it even bend without being scored, so it wouldn't go through the S-rollers of the laser printer.

    So much for making the 3pm mail today...

    I still have to organise dinner. I collected the local paper just as easy child 2/difficult child 2 was leaving. I asked her to run me down to the paper shop on her way out of town. As she drove me back I found a couple of new jobs advertised - a good thing, her nasty boss is whittling away her duties and rights but doing it illegally. She really should make an official complaint and probably will, once she has another job to go to.

    So yet one more thing for me to do tonight - put in a couple of job applicaitons for her. And ring her future mother in law to sort out the spelling of names on the guest list. I'm still not happy...

    I tihnk husband & I are going to eat out of the freezer tonight. Because when he gets home, HE has to try to unblock the laser printer for us.

    Oh, I also have to ring easy child about the invitations, and then call easy child 2/difficult child 2 back...

    Somewhere in there I should find time to eat something.

    It's definitely been one of those days!

    I'd better get started!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I sure hope you eventually fell asleep. I'm glad you have some family coming into visit. I know how close you are with them! by the way, I vote for the blueberry torte!

    Gvcmom-Sounds like an extremely busy day. Hope all goes well.

    Marg-Sounds like a frustrating day. I hate problems with printers!! I hope tomorrow is more productive.

    A somewhat busy day ahead. This morning I have a therapist appointment and husband will take easy child to driver's ed. Then he has to head out for his hair appointment.
    I'll need to pick easy child up from driver's ed and then I may be heading for the pool. Somehow I need to fit in a workout and difficult child has his first drumming lesson tonight. I think the lawn mowing might have to wait another day.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. therese005us

    therese005us New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm writing this again, as the first time it disappeared into cyberspace.
    I'm rather tired, as today was cut up day. Last Friday we slaughtered 3 beasts. So, after shuttling chidlren to various venues it was rolled up sleeves and hard work till school finishing time and beyond. Bagging, and more bagging. Making yummy sausages (gluten free with organic herbs and garlic) and more bagging.
    Then, off to take dd12 to dancing, and pick up son (left him on the side of the road as he cheeked and defied me) and take No.2 German student to her new host family.
    We now have enough meat to keep us going till June 2010 (I hope) and the surplus was offloaded (at a reasonable price) to some eager friends who like fresh organic meat.
    On the weekend I sold 2 beasts to some muslims, who like fresh meat. We chased one recalcitrant beast till we nearly dropped and they nearly got killed when we finally cornered it. Now I have only my cows in waiting and their offspring will be ready to eat once we get back from our overseas trip.

    tomorrow is a holiday for my students (GS16 and cherub 8) so my daughter gets a day off too, and we are going orienteering in Toowoomba, then Oakey. our Student has a geocache thingy. Has anyone heard of it? it is like a compass, she logs into some club, and gets directions to the cache (lilke treasure) and then we go looking for it in the park or wherever. When she finds it, she marks int he notebook and then on the club/blog on the computer. Anyway, it's fun. We did a couple on the weekend at a local park.

    So, I'm going to write another post, then go to bed. I have two pots on the stove, rendering the fat for candles and soap and the leftovers go to the dogs... that's my work for the next couple of weeks I think.

    Have a lovely Tuesday everyone.
  6. tiredmommy

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    I'm running late (again!)... have a great day! :coffee:
  7. Marg's Man

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    I got home and cleared the printer in two minutes flat. That's the trouble with printers, if you try to 'fix' them by talking someone through it they risk making the problem worse whereas you can often sort the problem yourself very quickly.

    I have a theory - printers (and photocopiers, etc) have a "Crisis Detection Circuit". This a special circuit that measure the user's stress levels and causes the printer to fail in some difficult to fix way. In this case the need to have trouble free printing combined with a lack of paper stock and the mailing deadline caused the circuit to trip.

    Who knows - it COULD be the case.

    Marg's Man
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  8. Marguerite

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    I'm happy with husband and his magic printer-fixing fingers - it's not yet 11 pm and the whole job is done. Entirely. I've even assembled two invitations that easy child 2/difficult child 2 needs to hand-deliver. She had thought they were needed for tomorrow night, turns out she was way too early. So there's plenty of time. However, I'm now locked in to going out tomorrow to deliver them, so I'm going to try to organise things so I can maybe see my GP (unless I set up the appointment for Thursday or Friday, I have to go out both days); I'll post the whole boxful of printed work down to easy child from the regional mail centre (instead of our sleepy little regional post office) and also do it early enough to get the morning mail. This should make up for not catching the 3 pm deadline today.

    I also need to buy food tomorrow, especially meat. We don't have our own animals to kill like you, Trish. been there done that when I was a kid, though. Part of me misses the farming life - until I read your descriptions. I'm just not fit enough to do it any more. I couldn't even wrangle a chook these days!

    My favourite author Terry Pratchett talks about storing food up in other people - you kill a beast and feed the neighbourhood. Then a few weeks on someone else kills a beast and feeds you (among others). Over a period of time as people need food, someone else kills a beast because it's their turn to feed the neighbourhood. That way - no need for fridges.

    The gluten-free organic snags sound good. I have a sausage roll recipe to die for, if you want it.
    Trish, where are you going overseas? Anywhere that you could drop in on some CD family?

    TM, Sharon also, enjoy your Tuesday.