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    friends & fellow warrior parents. I'm sipping hmj, planning my day & have been up doing a sketch for a possible new painting.

    I had an appointment with psychiatrist & then GP yesterday. Same old same old with a bit of a twist. Instead of Mayo I'm heading to the U clinics. They have good access to consultations with Mayo.

    Piano lessons this morning & I hope to get to the library before she shows up. I have some weeding & pruning to do in the yard as well as laundry & cleaning the house.

    wm is scheduled to come visit on Thursday (would be my 21st wedding aniversary) with his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist (ex marine type, big teddy bear - keeps wm in line). However, given my emotions at this point I'm going to try to reschedule if at all possible. I think they want this before school starts - there are other days than the 3rd.

    I keep saying this will be my last run to the nursery but there are incredible sales on perrineals I keep browsing - just love walking thru the nursery & taking notes for next year & picking up a plant here or there. I need mulch - that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it.:winks:

    Here's to a good day with no rages, meltdowns, anxiety, mood swings, etc. We all deserve it.

  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Hope u have a good day! difficult child 2 returns to Community college Today! She took one class last spring and is taking 3 classes(9 credits) this semester.

    Linda- Hope u have a good day!
    Sending hugs to all Rabbit
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends!

    Linda-Sounds like you have a busy day ahead; have fun at the nursery! I think it's a good idea to reschedule wm's visit for another day.

    Rabbit-Have a great day:)

    The day has arrived and I can't wait to see my students! I will have about half of my class back again this year (the 4th graders that are now 5th graders) and half new kiddos to meet. The kiddos that I have returning are really a great bunch!

    easy child and difficult child have their last day of break today and they will head to school tomorrow.

    After school I'm hoping husband and I have enough energy to make it to the health club. Other than that, I'm expecting to fall asleep very early tonight!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, I'm glad you're getting back to your specialists, it's good they're in touch with Mayo. It should be easier than the long trips you've had to take before.

    Rabbbit, here's hoping difficult child 2 can handle the extra workload.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy being back at school. HOld on to that sense of adventure and enthusiasm - you will need it to last you through the year!

    What a day! husband had the day off, we had planned to go shopping for a dress for me to wear to the wedding. A really top-notch Mother of the Bride dress...

    We finally found one, it took most of the day, but it is such a relief. I'll post separately about the dress adventure - it was lovely to dress up, but I am so over it now!

    Enjoy your day.

  5. therese005us

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    Hi everyone!
    I felt a little better this morning when I got up - although I'm sure i didn't have any sleep. When driving b ack from Church on Sunday night I coughed for 3 hours (seriously) and felt like my throat was cut! by the middle of yesterday, after standing up cooking all day for this weekend's Bible Conference, I was a mess! I crawled onmy bed around 6pm and pretended to be a mum till 730pm when I had to admit defeat. DD12 took it upon herself to watch the bread, and wrote an email to a friend to say "I want to stay up all night in case I have to ring 000". Welll, through the night, I thought I might need to also, but thought of all the things I had to do today which would inconvenience a stay in hospital. I had some people pray for me, and I think that's why I'm a little better. However, the chest feels so tight, I'm sure it will be awful to lie down!
    We went to a magnificent play today for a homeschool excursion, Thursday's Child. Marg, if you see it come to a theatre near you, GO! 6 actors, fabulous play! You have to see it. We want to go again!
    Then, the usual homeschool, and dancing till 8.30pm. Now daughter is working towards her Intermediate exam!
    Best news of all! I got that watch for cherub, and gave it to her tonight, and she popped off to the toilet without argument when it 'talked' to her; on the hour. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off.
    I can't relate to 'going to the health club' or 'having piano lessons'; but I am definitely not dissatisfied with my life. I love it! I just get a little frustrated with my lot at times, thankfully I get over those melancholy moments quickly.
    Have a great first of Spring or what is it for you?
  6. Marguerite

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    I'll keep an eye open for that play, Trish. Look after yourself - is the cough just part of your asthma, or is it an infection? Do get it checked out by your GP - that cough could also be whooping cough and it is REALLY nasty, especially on top of something like asthma. Early diagnosis is treatable with special antibiotics, but despite getting tests done early, husband & I didn't get diagnosed early enoguh. We've now been told that for us, the cough could continue for another year, and any chest infection we get in the meantime could be a lot worse. It's highly infectious and doing the rounds on the entire east coast. Everyone's panicking about swine flu, but this is actually a bigger problem.

    Look after yourself. And yes, sleeping either on your side or with head elevated will be more comfortable. Also, you could try sleeping with your mouth protected from cold air intake - I found sleeping in a surgical mask made the cough less of a problem at night. Keepnig warm and especially wearing a scarf round my throuat in the cooler evening air also reduced the cough.

  7. therese005us

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    It's coming your way Marg - I just checked. Monkey Baa theatre.
    I think it is some kind of infection, of course, it doesn't help with the asthma. I'll get to the doctor if it's still no better when I take Son next week.
    tomororw I plan on a little sewing before the conference. just to finish the two dresses i starts months ago and I've had to adjust for the 22kg I lost. Only need buttons now,and facing.
    goodnight for now.
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Late Morning All ;),

    For some reason, I am moving really slow this morning!

    Linda, that's a lot you have planned on your list today - piano, prunning, weeding, cleaning, laundry .......,you are making me tired!

    Rabbit, wishing all your difficult children and great day of school and a good one for you too!

    Sharon, you are at school by now, since I'm late this morning! Hope your day is a good one and the gym fits in for you and husband.

    Marg, glad you found the dress! That's a big thing of the wedding to do list!

    Trish, I hope you continue to feel better.

    My plan for the day is getting to the office shortly and then taking difficult child to the movies. He and I are attempting to do something fun together every day this last week of summer!

    Have a great day all :peaceful: