Good Tuesday morning....

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:coffee: HMJ is brewing & I'm waiting not so anxiously for a cup. Not much on the calendar today - more putzy stuff to accomplish plus an attachment therapist appointment this afternoon for kt.

Enjoy your Tuesday - keep it calm. :flower:


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Linda- Enjoy your HMJ, and have a good appointment!

Today is an exciting day for me. difficult child comes home from the psychiatric hospital this afternoon, and he is the most stable that I have ever seen!!!


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Good morning, Linda! Enjoy putzing around. That actually sounds nice. Enjoy your day.

My little note to the previous foster mother sent an explosion. I figured. Of course, it's all me again, I'm a mean, hateful person. Whatever.

Karate tonight. The boys are still so excited lol. Busy week here, tomorrow Dylan has after school sports, then the boys have karate again. Thursday night is family counseling with difficult child 2. Friday night we go to the mountains for the weekend!

Hopefully by Saturday I can sit down lol.

Enjoy your day!


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Good Morning,

Linda-Keeping it calm sounds like a good plan. I bet kt had fun with the wacky day yesterday. Enjoy your day putzing around.

Days like today I wish I drank coffee cause I'm really tired. After difficult child was asleep last night easy child watched difficult child and husband and I wnet to the health club. This was good but I ened up staying up too late. Hopefully some energy will kick in later!

After work it's a haircut for difficult child and then wrestling. husband has to speak at PTO so it will be just me and I have to figure a way to get easy child home between difficult child's haircut and wrestling or our poor dog will not be happy.

I hope everyone enjoys their day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Oceans-How exciting difficult child is coming home! I hope it is a great homecoming. :thumb:

Janna-I'm sorry ex foster mom is having such issues. Your weekend plans sound like fun!


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Good morning.
Linda- Savor the coffee this morning!
Oceans- Prayers being said for a smooth transition home.
Janna- You sound busy, busy, busy!
Sharon- I hope you find a little extra energy today.
I have to get a ham in the crock pot and try to get Duckie's hair trimmed this morning. Our visitations are at the funeral home this afternoon & evening and some of the family is coming back here in between.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.

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Good morning all! (I think) lol

Last day of finals for me. Thank God! The worst ones are today. UGH I managed to survive yesterday's and even did very well on them. :smile:

Good thing is that the grades for the classes I have today are well padded, so even if somehow I bomb both exams I still should get really good grades in the classes.

I will be so glad when it's over. :faint:

I hope everyone has a meltdown free really good day today! :flower:


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Have a nice, relaxing, putzing day. Good luck at the therapist. :smile:

That is great news. Hope all goes well

Have fun in the mountains!

We need to get some haircuts as well. Thanks for reminding me.

my condolences. I'm so sorry to hear your grandmother passed. I will keep you in our prayers.

Good luck on the test!

I am off to get fingerprinted and have my FBI background check done at noon. Last week I took a course to get my Insurance Adjuster's license. I decided to change careers. Hopefully I have decided what I'm going to be when I grow up. :slap:

I think I will go find a new hairstyle this afternoon. I'm in the mood for change.



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I'm rushed tonight. It's heading for 11 pm and we have to be up in six hours to take easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the hospital in the heart of Sydney. I still have stuff to organise with difficult child 1 re taking difficult child 3 into the city for his science excursion. They will have to travel ono their own and also take money in (exact change) for the zoo entry. I'm a bit frazzled. Tomorrow - I'll probably have a lot of time to stew about things. Can't wait until it's all over and she's back home and recovering.

have a good Tuesday, everyone.

Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Linda, I'm on my third :coffee: cup already!!! I'll have another one with you... I'm with you - I HOPE it is a calm day!!!

Oceans, I'm so happy for you :smile:!!! You and husband definitely deserve a night out alone to celebrate :smile:!!! Way To Go difficult child :bravo:!!!

Janna, I haven't been around as much as usual. Things have been too busy around here. I'll have to read up on what has been happening later. Anyway, I guess you can't expect much out of the foster mother!!! She is a total witch!!! Hope your busy week goes well. Before you know it, you'll be headed to the mountains... You definitely need some R & R!!! I'm glad you have a mini vacation planned.

Sharon, You're busy as usual. Way To Go!!! I'm glad you got to the gym!!! I know what you mean about your dog. I'm the same way. Sometimes I think mine must have all four legs crossed waiting for us to get home and let her out... How do you do it without :coffee:???

TM, Even though you're so busy, I'm glad family will be at your home... Thanks for letting us know how things are going... I know posting must be difficult for you right now... Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers...

Today I have to do a bunch of errands and check on husband's aunt before picking up difficult child 1 at school. Tonight easy child is in a Spring concert.

Hi to anyone who snuck in... I hope everyone gets a bit of "ME" time today :flower:. WFEN
P.S. Daisylover, I'm glad you did well yesterday!!! Good luck today!!! Tonight you definitely need a bit of "ME" time :smile: :bath: :flower:...

Steph, Way To Go!!! It sounds like you are doing really well now... I'm glad you're doing some things for yourself!!! A new hairstyle sounds like a fantastic idea - Spring always puts me in a mood for a change too... :flower:

Marg, I'm thinking about you and easy child/difficult child 2. I'm glad she is finally going to have her apendix (I CAN'T spell!!!) out. I know it is really stressful when a child is in the hospital. However, before you know it, she'll be home recovering and feeling better... Keeping you in my thoughts...

Now, I really have to get moving - So hi again to anyone who sneaks in... Think Spring :flower: :flower: :flower: WFEN