Good Tuesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Happy Tuesday Friends,

    I'm awake way too early! I think I must have been in that in between stage of asleep and awake. I thought I was awake and heard a noise that seemed to shake the whole house and like someone was running on the main floor. However, I must have been dreaming because I got up to check things out and nothing was wrong. Anywho... I can't seem to be able to get back to sleep.

    Long day ahead as I have a conference before school and after school today. Then I'm coming home to what I hope will be a delicious new recipe in the crock pot. Today's meal is pork chops smothered in mushrooms.

    We are in for a beautiful fall day. Temps are suppose to get into the high 60s which is amazing for us at this time of the year!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :autumn: Good Morning Sharon and all to follow.

    I'm still on day light savings time so I've been up about an hour myself! Hope your new recipe comes out good - difficult child and I are having pork as well - his favorite way is roasted with teriyaki and dijon (I know, kinda odd combo but it's his fav). How much earlier do you have to go in when you have a conference before school?

    Office day for me today - I might not have to be there all day and if not, I need to run somewhere like Target and replace difficult child's bathroom carpets. Looks like all but one of the cousins will be here for our third annual Cousin's Weekend. Italian at my house Saturday and brunch at another cousin's house about 40 minutes from here on Sunday. Doing a little every day to prep - going to freshen the napkins and tablecloth in the dryer this morning and start cleaning the silver after I pick difficult child up at school....

    I hope your day is productive but stress-free :cutie_pie:

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Tuesday.

    Sharon/WO, sorry you couldn't sleep. The pork chops with mushrooms sounds delicious.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like you have a very busy weekend coming up.

    It's been a huge day for me today. At school we got there early, I was needed on the interview panel. My shoulder has been very painful for the last couple of weeks and getting worse, especially when I have a lot of writing to do. A full day interviewing, then we had to begin to telephone the final referees for the top candidates. I typed instead of wrote, which made it not so bad, but it was still getting worse through the day. I had to get away and another panel member wanted a lift with me, but we managed to finish just in time so we left knowing we had got everything done but the final paperwork - stuff I still have to sign. I had my monthly doctor's appointment, was very glad of the chance to discuss my bad shoulder with her. She's ordered pictures but I don't know when... I am supposed to be back at the school tomorrow, but I looked at my diary and I have something on every day this week; with a bad shoulder, driving every day is not good. Last night's storms flooded our roads and we took two hours to get to the city today, driving the long way round. The only consolation - the rainforest looks beautiful in the morning mist with waterfalls along the side of the road. We know lyrebirds live there...

    So tomorrow I will ring the school, offer to drop in on Friday to sign papers (or ask them to post them out) and instead of going all the way in there I'll choose to stay, if not at home, then not so far away. I will go out if I have to, to get my shoulder X-rayed. It's looking like I will need to get it injected. I hate it, but if it has to happen then the sooner the better. I also need to get the car tyre fixed (still driving on the spare). difficult child 3's exam today did NOT go well and I feel a bit guilty too, because I was so busy on the committee that I did not get him some lunch. Just too much happening, and he was trying to tune it all out until his exam and forgot to get something to eat when he had the chance. After the exam he chose to skip his drama class - a good thing, because I was still at the doctor's and husband (who thankfully was with me) could have taken difficult child 3 to drama, but it would have been more running around.

    difficult child 3 wants a day off tomorrow too, just to unwind. I suggested we watch a movie together, but he said even that is too much organisation.

    So we will see what tomorrow brings, in terms of what I can't get out of. If it doesn't rain tonight, the flood may stay down enough for me to get out the shorter way if I have to go out.

    I have more busy days coming up over the next few weeks but hopefully none s bad as these last three weeks have been. I will cope better if/when I get the shoulder fixed - all the writing and typing in these staff meetings are making it a lot worse, but this is what I have to do. So the shoulder is a priority now. And rest. Lots of hot packs and bed. And maybe a movie - after last Sunday's disappointment in the stage show, I think I'll watch the movie of "Fame" tomorrow.

    There is a meeting tonight I was supposed to be at. I am extra glad I quit two weeks ago!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  4. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Morning ladies.
    Decided to try the melatonin myself last night. Ug, never again. Made me too restless to get to sleep decently, woke up at 3, finally got back to sleep, now it's 5:30 and trying to drag the bear out of bed since I got a call last night to come in early today. I need the hours, especially since weather canceled school last week and I lost a day, but to say my daughter is even less of a morning person than me is putting it mildly (and I don't speak human before two cups of coffee). Got her medicine down her, guess I'll grab her clothes and see if I can get those on her since it's often easier to get her dressed before she's awake enough to actually protest getting up.
    Hope y'all have a decent day!
  5. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Friends Hope everyone has a GREAT day! difficult child 3 has an additional Diagnosis ADHD .
    She will start concerta today. Sending Hugs Rabbit

    Sharon-The 60s and Pork chops sound good to me!

    Sharon- Little Dudes Mom-
    Cousin's Weekend sounds fun!
    Marg- Hope your shoulder gets better soon!
    HaoZi- Hope u get some sleep Tonight.
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning ladies, it's a fine sunny carolina blue sky outside. Perfect autumn day.
    with-O, I had a weird experience like that too. I swore I heard one of the dogs outside(3AM). I never leave the dogs outside. I got up and put the flood lights on and was walking around my heavily forested yard calling for my pup. IN MY NIGHTGOWN. Couldn't find him. I fell asleep on the couch waiting to hear him bark. husband got up in the AM and thought I had really lost it. All three pups were in there normal place of sleeping on either side of the bed and in front of the foot of the bed. I was convinced I had heard him outside and didn't even see him in my room. Talk about scary.

    Sharon, I love pork chops. My mouth waters for them often. Your cousins weekend sounds like so much fun. It's a great idea for keeping connected. I know you love all the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready.

    Marguerite, I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder. It must be miserable to be so uncomfortable but still committed and over committed to many appointments as well as trying to give difficult child 3 the support he needs. Hope they can get on top of the shoulder issue quickly.

    Haozi, tough to not be a morning person and still need to get up early and get moving. Hope you get a chance to rest up later in the day and difficult child gets a bit more pleasant.

    Rabbitt, welcome to the world of ADHD. It's surprising that that wasn't automatically tacked on. It seems to be on the tail end of everyone's diagnosis list. Hope the medications help.

    It's another regular day of errands, decorating and house work.
    difficult child is still holding his own. No catastrophe's so far. Fingers crossed.
    Have a wonderful day and ignore the ugliness that some people bring into our lives.