Good Tuesday Morning

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Good Morning All,

It's Tuesday and it's supposed to be a beautiful day in the high 60s. I even slept with my window open last night! Spring seems to be here but I hate to say it as I don't want to jinx it-then we'll end up with another snowstorm!

I'm hoping to go the health club after difficult child's IEP but am not sure I'll have the energy left.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. :princess:


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:smile: Good Morning Everyone :smile:

Morning sharon, another pre-summer type day here :wink:. Should be just shy of 90. I thing I would rather have the spring!

There is lots of hoopla here in my hometown because the Queen and Prince Phillip arrive here later in the week to coincide with the 400th birthday of Jamestown. The Queen will visiting the capital here and people have been standing in line to get free tickets to see her up close (compliments of the gov's office). Others will have to be satisfied with sitting on the capital lawn with binaculars or watching the reports on the news. Since 4th grade is va history, our fourth graders are going to sit on the lawn. Hoopla! I'll just watch the news reports! :smile:

The Book Fair is going well - I've tried to cut down the time I spend there and fill it with volunteers. difficult child misses stopping in to see me at lunch and recess time and has requested lunch with me in the library on wed and thur. This is our last year here and I see soem anxiety rearing it's head about middle school. I will meet him for lunch. :kisses:

The prednisone hasn't seemed to kick in yet for easy child as her hair continues to fall. I'm keeping optimistic that once we begin the actual scalp therapy we will see some change. :angel:

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday :flower:!


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Good morning friends,

Sharon - you're strong, you're tough, you're armed with knowledge - you are warrior mom! :warrior: Keeping positive thoughts about IEP meeting today. :flower:

Sharon - the visiting royalty in my humble opinion = a traffic nightmare. Hope that difficult child's anxiety lessens over the upcoming middle school transition.

Not much happening today - kind of a catch up from yesterday & what didn't happen because of kt's school refusal. I'm working on a difficult piece for piano lessons this week. I love the challenge - keeps this old mind sharp. :smile:

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Find a reason to laugh - even if it's at the absurd. (Best medicine kind of thing)


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G'day, Sharons, Linda and everyone else to follow.

WO, I hope you get the warmer weather soon. We had a beautiful autumn day today, just pleasant with full sun all day, but our nights are definitely much colder.

LDM, I'm always amazed at the fuss the Queen & Prince Philip (aka to us as Betty Windsor & Phil the Greek) can cause when they visit the US.
I had an idea for difficult child's hair - rosemary oil, 1:4 with almond oil or other gentle vegetable oil, makes a fragrant and helpful scalp rub. Whether it's the oil or the massage that helps - it does smell nice, anyway.

Linda, all the best with your new piano piece. It really does help, doesn't it?

husband collected mother in law from the airport tonight, he's just dropped her home after we gave her dinner. difficult child 3 has worked moderately well today. easy child 2/difficult child 2 spent most of the day on the computer working on her college assignments. She's just telephoned, she should be home any minute, bringing BF2 home from work also. I'll have to leave off here when they get home and get his dinner - everyone else has been fed.

Tomorrow is my busy day again, washing and cooking. I'm still recovering from Saturday night's heavy workload.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. It is raining outside which is a good thing since we replaced shrubs and flowers yesterday that died last summer during the drought.

Wiped out, hope spring is staying around for a while.

LDM, cool about the celebration for the anniversary of Jamestown. Hope easy child's medications kick in. Do you have any thoughts or plans if the hair loss is too difficult to hide? I'm sure there must be websites where this issue is approached.

Linda,good luck with the piano challenge. Hope the day is productive.

difficult child started his second part time job. He said compared to busing dishes and washing dishes, the grocery store is a breeze. He is trying to figure out how if he is working more, he continues to have to pay bills. He isn't quite sure it's worth it. :hammer: His little difficult child brain can't quite get the upside of pride of independent living. He doesn't seem to feel any embarrassment of mooching off of his parents for the rest of his life. On the upside he is going to work.

easy child attended his prom last saturday. I love how kids go in groups and it doesn't have to be a date. The parents congregated here to take pictures and wave as their children went off in a limo. They also look much more sophisticated than we did at this age. We have less that a month to go. I'm ready for them to graduate and move on. easy child is chomping at the bit to get out in the world. He leaves the day after graduation for his summer job. :nonono:

Hopefully life will slow down soon but I say that about every 6 months.

It's good to be back home but it's hectic. To do lists grow longer by the minute. I will need much more coffee to get through.

Have a peaceful day. </span>


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I think going for a workout sounds great, I'm sure it will help your frustration level. :warrior:
LDM- I'm so happy we only do fall book fairs, they are a lot of work. Fingers crossed that the prednisone kicks in soon. :angel:
Linda- Sending good thoughts that kt cooperates this morning. :hypnosis:
Marg- I hope you get some rest soon, you've really been pushing yourself lately. :smile:
Fran- I'd just love to take a peek at those prom photos! :wink: Hopefully difficult child will learn a sense of pride. He seems to understand "do to get" so that's a great first step. :thumb:
I have paperwork, a little more cleaning and volunteering today. Duckie has piano this afternoon. father in law comes to watch hockey tonight. Another busy day... :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: