Good Tuesday Morning!

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Good Morning Sleepyheads!

I hope the fact that no-one has started this thread means you are all getting some extra sleep this morning!

I've got to get up and drive easy child to class. She's a bit unhappy with-me right now over a rule she broke and a consequence she received so it should be a fun ride!

Of course, I'm headed to the club and will get a nap but not sure what else. I would like to head to the pool today but I'm not sure the weather will cooperate!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day :kisses:


Good Morning

I have been waiting for everyone to wake up!

Sharon you sure have a lot of energy, going to the club everyday.

I have been fighting to keep my eyes open for the past 7 hours.

difficult child had no baseball game last night. It was replaced by a storm that came through. 58mph winds. neighbors tree was blown over right accross our driveway. Just missing my car. Between the storm in late afternoon, and all the visitors regarding the tree in our driveway, not much time for sleep. I had just went to bed when I woke up with difficult child screaming "OH my god, oh my god" over and over at the top of his lungs. When I think about it now, the tree narrowly missed our house too.

I bet you can all guess my plans for today! More storms predicted for this afternoon. Then we go from 90 degrees to 70 degrees. Hope the rain subsides in the south, and the storms are not to bad elsewhere.


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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Good Morning from Hot, Humid, and Muggy Central Virginia /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

Kjs, wow - really scary about the tree :faint:

Sharon, enjoy your relaxing day :kisses:

It is sweltering already!

The last couple days have been quite hectic. My sister and her girls were supposed to come on Friday afternoon and leave for the beach early Saturday morning. But my sister, who has been diagnosis'd with MS for about three and a half years now, began having severe dizzy spells beginning Friday morning. She drove down here (a two hour drive), but stopped numerous times and took the back roads rather than the highway.

She has not had an MS episode since here very first which led to her diagnosis. She takes injections several times a week and has had no permanent disability. But, this was a bad episode. She ended up staying here until yesterday when her boyfriend drove down with his stepdaughter. He drove her car and her girls to the beach and step daughter followed. My neices were so disappointed since this was their week with mom at the beach. My sister and her ex had this time share so they have swapped years and this was her year with the girls.

They will be leaving the beach Wed night (with boyfriend friving her home) instead of Sat because he has to work and my sister has a doctor appointment. on Thur. Her doctor called in a steroid but wants to see her in her office.

So, say a prayer, light a candle, rattle some beads - whatever, for my baby sis :angel:.

easy child and I are getting ready to go the gym for a water arobics class (although easy child does the arobic part and then does laps during the muscle part - I guess us "old" ladies don't work out enough for her!) :smile:.

difficult child is doing well without his ad. I've yet to hear results from the multidis evaluation - he's enjoying his summer so far :wink:.

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday - stay cool :princess:


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Chiming in on the hot and muggy weather up here in CT! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

The inlaws have left and H, difficult child and I can start to get back to what's normal for us. :bravo:

H has started on our addition, finally, 11 years coming, so I'm kind of excited!

difficult child has two counseling appts this week at a nearby family mental health facility - keeping fingers crossed. She's doing well and has been since they increased her celexa a bit. We've had many discussions about the use of alcohol and she swears she won't drink. Hmmm...we're still on the fence regarding the PHP. Not sure it's what she needs at this point, especially since it's supposed to be an emergency thing and 2.5 weeks have passed since the suicidal thoughts hit. Not getting the whole mental health for adolescents here in CT - they stink! :thumbsdown:

I miss easy child this week, more than I ever have but I spoke with her aunt, whom she is living with in VA, and she says easy child is doing really great at her externship!

I hope you all find a way to keep cool and dry - we're expecting some real boomers this evening. We actually could use a little rain (sorry TX). I am looking forward to my pool later. :beach:


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G'day, all.

Sharon, I hope the car ride is not too rough. And if it's hot enough, go to the pool anyway. Why worry if it rains? You'll be wet anyway! or you can do what we do, with summer rain - dance in it!

Kjs, scary when a tree falls so close like that. But there are several blessings here - it missed the house AND the car; it was going to need chopping down only now you don't have to do it or pay someone else to do it; AND you have a source of firewood for next winter!

LDM/Sharon, sorry to hear about your sister. It must have been so disappointing for her, when she's been taking her treatment. It's the unpredictability of MS that can be so frustrating.

Jo, here's hoping that you've got things working for difficult child and her moods can get back to normal. And why can't you have some rain without affecting Texas? Or is it my geographical ignorance again? We can get rain here, and none 10 km away. And vice versa.

Actually, we've been getting a little rain over the last few days; and since we so recently got deluged, ALL of this is going into the dams! And t he north road, of course. Nobody in our family tried to get out today, so I don't know if the road is still flooded. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is driving BF2 to work in the morning, so hopefully the flood will have subsided by then.

It's still cold, with a nasty wind-chill factor. The others in the house are all recovering from the various colds, with the possible exception of difficult child 1. Only now, it's finally hit me. Great! Right when I have work to do! At least I stocked up on those special, soothing, eucalyptus-infused tissues to sneeze into. $2 a box - a great deal!

I can't wait for summer...