Good Wednesday morning all.....

timer lady

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The tweedle household is going to be a day of dinking around the house & one primary care doctor visit for myself early this afternoon.

I've been dying for a pint of fresh blueberries & hope to find something decent at the grocery store this afternoon after my doctor appointment.

PCA is taking kt to the local lake this afternoon for an afternoon of fun & sun.

Enjoy your day - I hope it's blessedly calm & productive. :flower:


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Spring is here! At least, it is in mother in law's garden - the jasmine is in flower!

A cold snap is forecast for later in the week, but the days are definitely getting warmer. She's having a lot of tradesmen in to work over her house. Today the garden copped it big time. I've been trying to do some work for her, but she won't let me prune as much as I think it needs it. Now the man she hired has really gone to town on it, including having to prune some of her favourite plants now in flower, because she wouldn't let me do them properly before. She's got huge bouquets of Geraldton Wax in vases around her house, from the pruning. It will do the tree good, it needed it. It was getting too leggy.

So this evening she and I have been planning what plants to put in as ground cover, because with very sandy soil like ours, you can't leave bare soil exposed or everything dries out.

I finally emailed the book to the printer today, very glad to have it done. I can take things more quietly tomorrow - I need to, the doctor says my blood pressure is even higher now. I think it's medication-related (HRT) but don't know if it's time enough yet to come off it. He'll look at adjusting medications in three weeks when I see him next.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone. It's been absolutely beautiful weather here today in what we call God's Own Country (our part of Sydney).



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Morning...cant sleep so might as well catch up here!
We find out teachers and schedules for school are excited, other than B, who had no clue school was to start until someone leaked it to him yesterday! Oh well..another week to prepare.

Other than school stuff, the county fair is here and we have the parade today then the cheap(yeah right!)night for rides. Woohoo--I am getting to old for this!

HUGS and hope you all have a great day!


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Good Morning!
Timer Lady- I hope you enjoy the blueberries! Sounds like a relaxing day for all.

Marg- Did you write a book?! Last year you were saying something about Dragonboat races near you house. Is this the national competition? Does it come every year? If this is, you are so lucky!!! Maybe one year (in my dreams), our team will qualify for that!

This is the first day I have off, and won't have to go to wotk until Sept.!! I plan on watching a movie, swimming in the pool, reading and enjoying not having to run around.-Alyssa

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Good Morning!

Linda-Hope you find some good blueberries-I love them when they are ripe!

Marguerite-I love the first signs of Spring!

S-I hope you have a good time at the fair.

Alyssa-Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

Well we are trying a mini vacation with both kids. We are leaving this morning and driving to Sandusky, Ohio to go to Cedar Point. All of us love to ride coasters and Cedar Point is the best place for that! difficult child is finally tall enough to ride all of the Coasters. Hopefully he will be able to handle the long lines. We'll be back some time on Friday. Hopefully the weather will be better than here-we have flash flood warnings. If any rain could hold off til Thursday late night in Ohio we will be happy!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day!!


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Good Morning all. Sorry to be so scarce. It's a busy time at the Mrs. Fran household.
I spent a few days with my mom in a town where the internet has only made a passing visit. It was torture to not have ready access. TG, for MickeyD's. I attended sister in law's baby shower. I drove with 3 80yr olds. What a hoot! They have more stamina than some 30yr olds and can work rings around most adults. Short visits are best though. I'd wear 50lbs more than I do. Everyone wants to feed me.

Linda, summer fruit is the best. I keep a bowl of peaches,nectarines and plums readily available. Raspberries and blueberries are so yummy this time of year. Enjoy.

Marguerite, congratulations on your project being finished. Hope spring comes soon.

Got2sleep, enjoy the fair. I was in your state a few weeks ago. One of my favorite places to vacation is NE N.M.

Upallnight, enjoy the time off. Bask in the sunshine.

Wiped out,have fun on the rollercoasters. I used to love them too. Now I feel sort of banged around, although Space Mountain is my favorite still.

My rescue pups came home yesterday and they are wonderful. Needless to say I'm running around trying to make things dog safe. I'm pleased they are so well behaved and trained.(so far)They got all their fur sheared yesterday before they came into the house and today to the vets to get them microchipped and a clean bill of health. I'm enjoying my new buddies.

easy child is counting the days to coming home and then leaving for his new adventure of college.

difficult child is planning his trip to LI and NJ. He is as excited as a puppy. The info on the program in NJ came. difficult child will visit and decide if it's what he wants. Independence is a wonderful thing.
It's not quite 100% but it's more than a year ago. Baby steps, baby steps for him and for me letting go.

It's brutally hot in my neck of the woods but I am so grateful that the summer has been relatively easy so far. I do think they predict 100 degrees some time this week but by Dallas standards this has been an easy summer.

Have a good day my friends. Don't let your difficult child see you sweat.
Good morning, all! Nothing much to report here. Having a little trouble sleeping lately; don't know why. Have a business trip planned for St. Louis next week. Not looking forward to it. Sigh. Hope everyone has a good day!


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:salute:Good Morning Everyone!

Linda, I have had blueberries on my cereal every morning for like the past month! They, and cantelope, are my summer favs.

Marg, I love jamsime! Glad spring is on the horizen - it means a little heat relief for us /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

S, school already :nonono: we don't want to think about it in our hosue!

Alyssa, enjoy your time off :beach:

Sharon, hope you guys have a great trip. I love the mini vacations!

Fran, was wondering where you had escaped to........glad the new "children" have arrived safely!

easy child and I have our class at the gym this morning, then I have to go back for my mamogram - thought it was scheduled for Monday when I had my yearly pelvic and blood work but the doctor's office didn't schedule it.........

Got all the school supplies shopped for the other day. The kids actually enjoyed doing that, but not sure they connected the dots!!!!!

Wishing everyone a great middle of the week :flower:



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Just to correct some misconceptions - it's a friend's book, not mine that I've been working on over the last few weeks. This book is by a retired sociology professor and is a guide-book to coping with ageing - but from a practical, positive and Aussie point of view. I've still got to support her through the final proofs approval stage as well as liaise with the cover design people, but this is a snack now. I expect the book will be back from the printer's in two weeks or so.
I've desk-top published newsletters and journals, the first book I put together was for a local writing group then I self-published my own a few years ago. Since then I've done a few for other people. I'm working on other writing tasks at the moment, plus difficult child 3's schooling etc takes up too much of my time to get any real writing done. I view my journal of him as a work in progress - like difficult child 3.

Alyssa, I think the national dragonboat races are held in Sydney Harbour. That's several harbours away from us. Haven't seen any practising lately, I think it's still a bit too early, although the winter water temperature hasn't dipped below 20 degrees C - could be why we've had a lot more rain this winter. I'll keep you posted as I find out more. Maybe I need to frequent the beaches a bit more, on the weekends.



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Good morning! :coffee:
Linda- I'm thinking of driving out to the farms today, I just love fresh produce! :kisses:
Marg- mother in law's garden sounds beautiful! We've finally gotten some rain recently, so we are greening back up a bit. :thumb:
Got2Sleep- It sounds like a fun day. We love parades! :dance:
Alyssa- It sounds like a very relaxing day for you! :beach:
Sharon- Have fun at Cedar Point! I hope difficult child can hold it together!!!! :crazy:
Fran- I'm glad your new buddies arrived safely. I bet they are cute as a button! Congrats to difficult child for continuing to move forward! :bravo:
RFS- My husband loves business trips! He gets to miss us a little and come home!. It also gives Duckie and I some one-on-one time, which is good. :hypnosis:
LDM- Hehehe... when do you think the kids will realize school is about to start? :wink:
I'm feeling a little better than yesterday, but I'm concerned about having basically hot flashes in the middle of the night. It's been going on since I had the fever last weekend, so I don't think they are actual hot flashes, but part of an illness. I'm pretty miserable, lol! :ill: Other than that, Duckie has her drama club play this evening. It will be hilarious because half the kids dropped out and they made their own scenery. I'm chuckling just thinking about it. :devil:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: