Good morning Wednesday


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G'day, people.

The rain has flooded us again. Not "us" right here, we seem to have escaped the worst. the rest of Sydney and other areas of the state are under water though. husband just rang, he's on the way home and got through the causeway safely. Sis-in-law is cooking dinner tonight. She made a last-minute impulsive decision to buy some pasta and cook that. Thankfully I had not already begun to thaw the chicken I'd planned to roast. Sis-in-law has been busy today though - she defrosted mother in law's freezer. Meanwhile we called the dishwasher repairman again (it will be next week before he can fix it now) and organised a hairdresser appointment. I had organised one for her, but local politics reared its ugly head and mother in law was trapped into booking with her regular hairdresser whose mother is mother in law's bestie. If she'd gone elsewhere it would have been 'no speaks'. Yeah, I know. I had to listen to the bestie's comments about my hairdresser (because she is competing with bestie's daughter who does people's hair from home).

I got my hair done today - again, getting it right for Friday's wedding. Over summer I neglect my hair because there's no point getting it coloured or whatever, only to have sun fade everything. So today I had three hours' pampering and my hair looks fabulous. Except any styling she did has flopped in the humidity and rain.

I dropped in on mother in law and sis-in-law (dropping in some shopping). They admired my hair but I noticed the time and beat a hasty retreat before mother in law's hairdresser friend arrived (house call - another advantage to bestie's daughter). It wouldn't do AT ALL for her to see me so soon after I'd been to someone else...

I hope mother in law is happy with the haircut she got. Often she is not, which is why we tried to sneak her in to my hairdresser instead, for something as important as a wedding. I'm going to take my nail polish and other beauty aids down tonight so I can do eyebrows, manicures etc.

Tomorrow is my house cleaning day but rain is forecast to continue. That means washing will be a problem. I've got a casserole to cook and my cleaner helps me there too. I work alongside, do what I can and she does the rest. I hate wet weather on cleaning days! At least the rain is forecast to lift on Friday, beginning with the south coast (which is where the wedding will be). difficult child 3 is staying home to look after the birds and, hopefully, himself.

difficult child 3 got a letter in the mail today from Australian Electoral Commission - it was his form requiring him to register to vote. It's compulsory here, to register to vote. Then if you don't vote in an election, you have to have a very good reason why not. You'd have to be in hospital or in prison or something. We've taken difficult child 3 into the polling booth with us for the last three elections, to give him an idea of what to expect. I was very pleased at how well he filled in his form, even fishing out his passport to put in his ID details. He negotiated his first official form entirely on his own, just asking me for clarification and to make sure he got it right. He's doing better than difficult child 1 did!

Enjoy your Wednesday.



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It sounds like you are very busy in the part of canada I live in, the sun is shining, but it is cold, 2 degrees, brrrr....
Marg, I'm glad you finally did something special for yourself - Nothing quite like a great cut and color to make you feel good:D. It's wonderful to hear that difficult child 3 was able to fill out his voter registration form on his own. Time flies - I remember when he was just beginning to learn to drive, now he's a registered voter... Although it doesn't seem so at the time, our kids grow up so quickly!

lonelyroad, I'm freezing just thinking about how cold it is where you are. Hope the sun warms things up a bit!

Today it's going to be another day in the sixties, by Friday it should be beautiful, warm and sunny. However, rain is forecast for both Saturday and Sunday. The weather has been so unpredictable here, sort of like our difficult children, lol... Last night we got a call from our realtor. A couple spent over an hour looking at our house yesterday, opening every draw, checking out every closet, etc... He sounded very optimistic, said it seems like they really like our house. At this point, I'm not getting excited but keeping my fingers crossed... As always, hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR


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LR, 2 degrees is flamin' cold by my measure - you're in Canada, so I presume that's 2 C? Even midwinter in our alps get up that warm in the middle of the day.

SFR, I've got to chuckle at your "time flies" comment - here, our learner drivers don't get their learners permits until they're 16. Can't go for your driving test until you're 17. And difficult child 3 is only a few months past 18 now. He still hasn't got his licence yet, because the requirements are so stringent. He's finally got the hours up (and now they're reducing the number of hours needed because too many people were just lying about it) and failed his first attempt - missed seeing a school zone, did not slow down enough. Here we have to slow to 40 kph through a school zone, and they run from half an hour inside school hours to an hour outside school hours.

Just got back from mother in law's for dinner. I have to admit, her hair looks lovely. Her hairdresser did a good job. I wasn't able to do the manicures tonight, I'll do them tomorrow. I might just buff mother in law's nails for her, that way they look like clear nail polish (which is all she says she wants) but she won't need remover to clean it off later.

Heading for bed. It's Thursday here now (just). Sleeeep...