Good Wendesday Morning


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:princess: Good Wednesday Morning :princess:

It's quite foggy here this morning - we are supposed to get some showers and storms later - yesterday it was in the 40's at this time, now it's in the 60's.

difficult child's moods are really intense right now. Not talking about rages or anything, but just intense. It takes him a little while of quite and calm before he's himself again. School has been the culprit lately. Fortunately we have a therapist appointment today.

But first, this morning is my "pamper mommy" morning. I have my hair appointment today and I love going to the salon where they pamper me every six weeks! :bath:

Today is teacher appreciation day and we have a bag of goodies for difficult child's teachers and a little chocolate truffle for easy child's teachers. Once in high school, it appears that the teachers don't get remembered like they do in lower school. easy child brought a little chocolate treat for each of her teacher's last year and she was the only student who gave her teachers a thank you.

I will wish you happy Wednesday now since my perculator has finished and I can't wait for that first cup :coffee:


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Good Morning,

Sharon-Pampering sounds like a good thing-Enjoy! I'm sorry difficult child is struggling right now. Glad you have an appointment today! How nice that easy child is remembering her teachers-I'm sure middle and high school teachers don't get remembered as much. We had a very nice tea the other afternoon sponsored by our parents and kids have been doing nice things as well.

difficult child is already up! The good thing is he took his medicine and is trying to get back to sleep. I'm a bit worried because if he doesn't fall asleep he could have a very rough day at school due to being so tired. I'm going to suggest to husband if he can break away in the afternoon to give him his after school medications a bit early or he may struggle at the end of the day as well.

Not much on the agenda today-just work and hopefully a workout-I need it because I've had a couple of bad eating days due to it being teacher appreciation week and there have been extra snacks and a student bringing me in cookies-I need my willpower!

It's going to be a hot one here-80-which is way above normal for us and we have no a.c. at work so it could get very warm (not to mention smelly-with a bunch of 5th graders )

I hope everyone enjoys their day

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - pampering sounds very nice.

Sharon II - keeping a positive thought for difficult child today. Nothing worse than an overtired difficult child.

kt is once again refusing school - just don't know what to make of this. When she was much smaller I'd take her to school in her pj's & bring her clothes along. It worked well.

Now, she's looks me straight in the eye & isn't quite that easy to move physically. Sigh!!!!!

I have a therapist appointment today - other than that just a lot of becky homecky stuff & back out to the yard to mow.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Good morning. :coffee:
LDM- I hope the therapist has some answers for you. Enjoy your pampering. :bath:
Sharon- Having husband bring difficult child's medications sounds like a great solution. I bring in brownies for our teachers tomorrow. Thanks for being a teacher!!! :warrior:
Linda- I hope you get to the bottom of kt's school refusal quickly. I know this would drive me batty. :hammer:
I have to get Duckie to school early today for a "Morning tutorial". I heard a rumor they were working on mother's day gifts. :smile: Other than that, more housework, etc today.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning LDM,Wiped out and TM.

It was another stormy night in my part of Texas. I'm about ready to develop flippers. At least it rains once- a lot. It's better than day after day of incessant rain. Hope the members north of Texas are staying dry. Kansas and Oklahoma are getting flooded.

LDM,sorry to hear that difficult child is struggling. Their bad days makes one appreciate their good days. I love having my hair cut and colored. It looks really good for 2 days until I do my own.

Wiped out,hope difficult child feels ok. I used to really stress over difficult child having a lack of sleep. It seemed to make a hyper period turn into a horrid downward spiral.

Linda, hope you find out what's up with kt. You have to wonder if there is something going on or if she is just being a difficult child.

TM hope the secret tutorial for Mother's day turns out well and difficult child feels proud of her work.

Nothing exciting around here. easy child finished up his announcements and got them mailed. Yay! Last night a couple of them just hung out as opposed to working on homework. Senioritits has taken over. There is little more than 2 wks so I guess I can't say much.
difficult child worked a few hours yesterday and stopped in to eat dinner. (His microwave in the apt. is being repaired) He works very close by and I have a microwave. He left without saying good bye or thank you. I swear his thoughtfulness or manners are on par with a barn animal. It infuriates me even though I know he is self absorbed. Some days are worse than others. He didn't see me as he walked out the door so I didn't exist. He isn't being intentionally rude but he is rude. Oh well, it's small on the list of important issues. Just makes me feel bad and unappreciated.

husband returns tonight and easy child has some sort of end of year drama club thing to do. So it will be an action filled evening.

Hope you have a good day. If you hear someone yelling "auntie em, auntie em" it's probably me flying by in the next storm. Just joking. </span>