got my life back


A little over 2 weeks ago bought difficult child plane ticket to his dads 2000 miles away. He is 22 and the last 5 years have been hell. Jail. All kinds of drug abuse stealing. A little bit of each of your stories. His dad was never around much. Divorced when he was 4. I followed your advice on here started detaching stopped enabling. His dad asked are you really never letting him come home. All seems like a bad dream now.he hardly calls cause i can't help him now. Feel like a giant weight lifted. Still reading your posts and crying and feel guilty you are still suffering


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Oh, honey, don't feel guilty. You've done all you can and it hasn't helped. He doesn't call you because our difficult children, for the most part, never call unless we are handing out money. They aren't interested in our lives or having normal adult relationships with us...they just contact us when we offer to give them something. This is legendary difficult child behavior. They gravitate to the next wallet so that they can freeload off of somebody else. Just be prepared to stand firm. His dad will get sick of him soon enough and toss him out too, when he really learns what he's like. Those who still feel guilty have their own walks to take and things will get better for them if they want them to. It's up to them and it's a process, as you know. WE have to hit rock bottom too before we can feel comfortable detaching sometimes. Everyone is different.

Hugs for your hurting heart.