Got some good news today.

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by welcometowitsend, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. I finally had my doctors appointment to get the test results of my holter monitor test.

    Seems my heart is just fine and all the palpitations, chest pain, etc. are caused by stress. Doctor is not concerned at all.

    She did prescribe a non-habit forming sleeping pill/relaxant to help me sleep better and was very sympathetic with my situation.

    I am so relieved and half the stress I've been having lately is not knowing if I was ok. I feel like some of the weight has been lifted - just in time for Easter and hopefully a peaceful weekend.
  2. FlowerGarden

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    Glad to hear the results didn't show anything major is wrong. Stress is still something to be concerned with, though. Hope you can find the time to do something relaxing to cut down on the stress. Wishing you that peaceful weekend!
  3. recoveringenabler

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    WTW, this is very good news, thanks for letting us know. Now you can not only enjoy the weekend, you can have more peace and sleep better too. On this board, we can be in the stress stratosphere, so this is all good news. Now you can focus on you and your husband and daughter.
  4. dashcat

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    I am so happy to hear this! Now your heart is as healthy as it is kind and true.
  5. Thanks all! I am very relieved and did get a decent nights sleep last night. Not great but better than I've had in weeks. Looking forward to the weekend.
  6. buddy

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    What a relief. Glad you're working on the stress too. That's a tough one for sure.
  7. HaoZi

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    Glad to hear there's no extra cause beyond stress, and hopefully just knowing that ends some of the problem right there. Hope you have nice peaceful weekend!