Gotta quit smoking!!!!

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  1. Woofens

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    Ok, I have to quit smoking. No choices about it, I have to quit. I'm 36 years old, this pregnancy is going to be high risk because of my age and my past history of preterm labor and delivery, and I know that smoking is terrible for me and the baby.

    I would appreciate any and all help. I have never successfully quit. I have only ever gone a couple days, then I fall off the wagon. I have been smoking for over 20 years :embarrassed: Over half my life. Sigh.

    So, how do I do this without killing anyone in my house? LOL I have already prety much given up coffee. I'm trying to give up my Sunkist. I only smoke when I have something to drink (like coffee or sunkist). I am trying to drink more water, I don't smoke when I am drinking water. I know that sounds strange. So I'm considering opening a bottle of water and finishing it before I can have a cigarette.

    Please help... I could really use the assistance!

  2. trinityroyal

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    Jan, you're on the right track with replacing the behaviour rather than just trying to stop altogether. If you find that drinking water helps you to not smoke, then do that. Every time you crave a cigarette, drink a bottle of water first to see if the craving goes away. Try to stretch out the time between cigarettes.

    I would also suggest talking to your doctor to find out if any quit smoking aids (patch, gum, Chantix medications etc.) are safe to use when you're pregnant.

    One thing that worked really well for me when I quit...
    I filled up a jar with all the cigarette butts, and put about an inch of water in the bottom. Whenever I felt a craving I would open the jar and inhale deeply. It stank so badly and looked so disgsusting that I felt too sick to smoke...sort of homemade aversion therapy.

    Good on you for quitting. Sending good vibes and strength to help you do it.

  3. Jena

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    I think your on the right track also. I also think filling up jar is a great idea. I also smoke yet when i was pregnant i had no desire to at all, it was strange. Yet when I had difficult child i was in major labor on way to hospital in car. My ex was driving through pouring rain got to hospital i was 8 cm dilated. Long story short i took one look at my ex and said pull over i want tea and a cig!! now!!! So I didn't smoke for 10 mos. than smoked half cig before she came flying out.

    YOU can do it!!! Go to store also and buy fake cig. you can use in hand that'll help as well. there are also various websites you can go to online i'll see if i can find some and send you links tomorrow where you can go thru it with others and update eachtoher on how it's going.

    hugs to you for trying keep it up it's best for you and baby :)
  4. 4sumrzn

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    I was a smoker & quit cold turkey with my pregnancies. I went through boxes of straws.....chewed them, twisted them...kept my hands busy & my mouth shut! Everyone enjoyed that..LOL! I think your water idea is great! The thought of the jar idea makes me want to gag....maybe give that a try too ;)
  5. Woofens

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    Thanks everyone! I had heard the butt jar idea before... thought about it. YUCK :sick: LOL

    I had never thought about straws. Will have to give that a try. Had someone a couple years ago tell me to take an click type ink pen with me when I'm driving, and click it when I want a cigarette. I don't want to start on junk food and candy.

    I appreciate the help!

  6. Marguerite

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    I have never smoked, I think husband took a draw on a cigarette once. None of our kids have smoked.

    However, our parents smoked, my father especially. His doctor told him he had to stop when he developed emphysema. I've also seen friends struggle to quit.

    Some advice I CAN share with you - don't trivialise your struggle. Don't feel guilty at how difficult it seems with thoughts of, "It's only tobacco, for Pete's sake!" because giving up nicotine is more difficult than quitting heroin.

    Also - don't try to give up too much at one time. A 15 yo girl I knew well (local drama group) was upset at criticism from another group member because she was still smoking. "What does she want form me? I've given up sex, I've given up using drugs, I'm cutting down on my drinking - I can't quit smoking as well, not all at the same time!"

    My father quit cold turkey, but kept his last packet of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, almost like a talisman. He had them there in case he needed a cigarette to ease cravings (there were no patches or gum in those days). But he had written all over the pack in red pen, "Don't smoke these, you are a fool if you do!" and "Smoking kills!"

    Dad kept that pack in his shirt pocket until it was empty - other co-workers would bludge a cigarette off him now and then and eventually the pack was empty. It took about two weeks, but he said that when the pack was empty, he considered he had succeeded in giving up. Back in those days people smoked at their desk in the office, so he was surrounded by people smoking HIS fags, blowing the smoke into his air.

    Not easy.

    What you need to hold onto is motivation. Keep your reasons in mind, your reasons for quitting. Other people and their reasons don't matter; this is all about YOU and what YOU need. Don't do this for anyone else, do it for YOU.

    Good luck, the best you can do is try. Whatever happens after that - you have tried. And hopefully succeeded.

  7. LittleDudesMom

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    I love the cig butt, inhale method! Never heard of that one.

    I did quit cold turkey for both of my pregs. Not sure why it was so easy, I guess just knowing I would be affecting the health of my unknown child. Within a month or two after the birth, I was back at it again.

    You can do it! Gum, straws, coffee stirrers, and the health of your little one! Powerful!!! We will be here to support you.