Grandma brag thread. Let's brag about our littlelest munchkins :)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    Thought I'd start a fun thread where we can just GUSH about our grandkids and make one another smile. I wish I knew how to post pictures, but I'm techie challenged because, of course, my grandson is the most beautiful baby on the face of the earth (tied with all of YOUR beautiful babies, of course). He is eight months old and built like a future Brett Favre and is our first BLOND haired BLUE eyed child EVER. He is very active and smiley and has the cutest personality. If he wants attention he will crawl up to you and slap your knee or foot, staring up at you with the largest grin.
    I just hope he hasn't inherited any of my son's psychiatric problems, but for now I'm just going to enjoy him. You're next. I just gobble up grandma brag stories! :redface:
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    Wow it feels weird to be posting on a thread about grandkids...especially when SO and I have a baby on the way! Amber is our 15 month old granddaughter.... she is such a bright spot in our lives. We have only seen her twice because of the way SO works and they live about 3 hours away, but I live for the updates we get from easy child B!!!!!

    Thanks MWM for starting this thread..... I'm not even sure I had posted that I had a granddaughter!!!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Awwww! Babies are SO cute! We started our family later than most so not anywhere near the grandparenting stage yet. But I appreciate one cute chubby face as much as the next!
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    JJ is two and 1/2 now and is the light of my world. He is smart and funny and loves to come see Big Momma and Pepa (and Pinky and Prissy). He was here last weekend and was amazed by all the Christmas decorations. He had to show them all to me. Everything was prefaced with, "Big Momma's __________." I found him under the tree holding a tiny toy solider his dad made when he was seven. He was talking to it. He said, "And what did the little drummer boy say, Bump a bum bum." When asked what he wants for Christmas he says, "All the toys." He will be here Christmas day and night.
    I can't wait!!!
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    Aw what a cool and sweet idea. Ok i'm soo not a grandma (oops I dont think i am) JK ok that was funny in my mind.

    Babies are great, i love love them!! Yea for all you grandma's who get to gush over your grandbabies. so cute!!
  6. Hound dog

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    Kayla and Alex were in a xmas play at school. I just got off the phone with them about a half hour ago and Alex let it slip....and so did Kayla, lol, that there is a surpise coming in the mail for Grandma. (I can't be Nana to them, they're too "old" now lol) I am so hoping it's their new school pics and pics of their xmas play! :)

    They just received all their xmas presents and a huge box of clothes from us. Sounded like they were about to pop out of their skin. :rofl: Kayla said there are presents everywhere Grandma and Santa hasn't even come yet! lmao So I'm guessing this is their biggest xmas ever. (well, that they can remember. They used to have them here)

    Then soberly, lil Alex asks me what I want Santa to bring me for xmas. Now Alex is a difficult child. And he's so special to me. He's MRDD, and honestly I place him in my mind's eye as younger than Darrin. But just as seriously I tell him that Santa already gave me exactly what I've always wanted for xmas. Alex got all excited and asked me what it was...... And I told him that Santa gave me back his Mommy and Kayla, him, and Evan! :D He jumped off the phone and had to go tell each one of them. :rofl: He is such a major sweetheart. Then he told me he's gonna pop before Santa gets there he's so excited. lol

    Kayla is still a little Mother Hen. Talks a mile a minute. And everything seems to "freak her out". lol Cracks me up every single time she says it.

    Evan is the family streaker. He detests clothing. And at 3 does his all out best to stay bare to the bone. K is looking into having him tested for Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) and autisum.

    Darrin......Has his mother's kind heart and gentle soul. He loves everyone. He's Nana's and Mommy's helper. Oh, and of course Daddy's too. lol Ok, so we may be dealing with some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) cleaning issues later down the road, but right now having him offer to clean entire rooms is pretty cool. And he does an amazing job. :rofl: Darrin has been teaching himself to read and write simple words.

    Aubrey is the "old soul" of the bunch. Frighteningly insightful, too quick to pick up on anything you show her just once. She's the snuggly one, eager to just sit and cuddle for hours if you'd let her. Yet she'll also be one to climb on anything given half the chance. She's an animal lover just like her Mom. And she helps care for the house pets.....and NEVER forgets to feed them. :rofl:

    Can't wait to see what sort of personality the soon to be new member of the family, Brandon, will have when he arrives in Feb. Ought to be interesting with as uncomfortable he's making his mother during this pregnancy. And he seems determined to be breech.

    I love to hear all the Grandma brags. :D

    Oh, and MWM...........get an account set up at Upload your pics there. Once that's done grab the link you'll see listed below it on your photobucket page and just add it into your post. I wanna see my new grandnephew before he's old enough to tell you how to do it. LOL

    Woofens...your grandaughter is absolutely adorable.

    I'm not posting pics just yet. I want easy child and Nichole to scan in Darrin's and Aubrey's Santa pics and hopefully get the one's of Kayla Alex and Evan first.