Great books; especially self help


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I haven't been reading like I use to. Back in our former city, I was a member of a bookclub (that I actually started) and that I actually missed a lot of. Good grief. However, it did push me to read regularly.

After our dog passed in late summer, a neighbor suggested I read "The Art of Racing in the Rain." I would not suggest reading it immediately after such a loss. But, a few months later proved to me nice. It is not a self help book. But, it was lovely. It is narrated by the dog. Heart-wrenching, and funny at the same time. The dog describes what he sees and feels throughout its journey with its hooman. Then, the dog gets old. He wishes to go. He explains it in a loving manner. I was on a plane reading this. It brought tears.

I have ordered two books that promise to be good. Older books. Has anyone read any of these?

Lie Spotting


Life Code by Dr. Phil

Can you recommend any other books...especially interested in either self help or fiction or biography with a powerful/helpful message.

Thank you.

Blessings for a happy and healthy New Year!


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You might like these: the author is Elizabeth Marshall. The hidden life of dogs, the social life of dogs, and the tribe of tiger.


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There was a book I read many years ago I liked very much that keeps coming to mind. It was a biography of different famous writers centered upon their marriages or intimate partnerships. One was Dickens, I remember. Each writer has a chapter. The book title is parallel lives.

I also read a fiction book about Agatha Christie about her escaping on a train after discovering infidelity of her husband. And a mystery ensued. I like mysteries.

If I could read them anew I would read again the lord Peter Wimsey books by Dorothy Sayers. And ditto books by Josephine Tey, such as daughter of time.

If you have not read The nightingale it is wonderful. Historical fiction. And sand and ash. I think the title is. Both about ww2.


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especially interested in either self help or fiction or biography with a powerful/helpful message.
One of my favorites is ‘The Buddha’s Brain’. It gets into the neuroscience of happiness and inner peace, connecting Buddhist tradition with modern neuroscience. There’s a workbook, too. It seems to connect well with my CBT therapy methods.

In fiction, one of my favorites along these lines is ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain.’ It is a beautiful fable about a race car driver with some personal problems as told from the perspective of his dog. I read it ten years ago, but it has stayed with me. One of the lessons I remember is ‘the car goes where the eyes go’ - meaning the trajectory of your car (your life) is determined by what you choose to focus on.

I like mysteries.
Copa, have you read any Tana French? I’ve just gotten into her Dublin Detective Agency series, and am reading The Witch Elm, her latest, now. I really like her writing and her characters.


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Elsi...Yes...”the car goes where the eyes go”. Love that book. :)

Copa... I read “the Nightengale,” years ago. I had to read it quickly for the book club and forgot much of it. But I recalled liking it even though I was terrified at times. It was powerful. Written very well.