GREAT Performances!!!!!!!


Roll With It

The performances were today, 3 and 7. They were AWESOME!! thank you was the most energetic seahorse, several people commented how cute the little seahorse with the blinking shoes was. He had the cutest expressions and hand gestures!!

Brandon was much more expressive than I have ever seen him be in a positive way! His acting is really getting better at showing a whole range of emotions, instead of just boredom or anger.

Jess showed a whole new range for her voice. Really stretched her singing abilities. She usually has a very high voice, but had to sing much lower. She was amazing, even through a costume malfunction when putting her fins back on after having legs. Never lost her cool, never blew a line.

I even got all 3 kids in costume together for pics!

The director wasn't real sure about me. I had a mild, but insistent :warrior:, disagreement with him on whether Jess would lose her part due to a migraine. She had to go home in hte middle of the second rehearsal of the day on Wed. She got a migraine from food. The previous week's lead missed 3 full rehearsals and kept the part. No way I was going to let Jess miss her part when she already had her songs and lines down cold. The director told me after the last show that he was glad I spoke up for her. Providing cookies for the cast after the last show didn't hurt any.

Anyway, my kids were great!!!!!!! YEAH KIDS!! :princess: