Great Update on both boys.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Hanging-On, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I had teacher meetings today, and both boys are doing EXCELLENT in their classes and services. I'm so proud of them. Especially difficult child since he was the one that the hospital said was so disabiled that I should put him in a Therapy foster home or an institution. HA! He's proving them wrong..good for him. He's learning to read, do math, and he's EXCITED AND ENTHUESATIC about learning... I just knew the right environment, and positive reinforcement would help him break grounds on all the things they said he couldn't do. easy child is doing well to. Teacher said he learns extrememly fast, and is also enthuesatic about learning. YEAH!! :bravo: I told all of this to a co-worker and she was almost in tears with me. She said, "see, all the hell you went through and hard work and fighting the system and never giving up in the last 16+ months are starting to pay off." Today when I stepped outside to walk down the block to grab lunch, I actually said to myself and god "Life is GOOD"!! I have never said that before. I've always had something on my shoulder, but for TODAY my shoulder has nothing on it and there was verification this morning that I've been right all along and it is making a difference.

    :crying: HAPPY TEARS OF JOY!!!
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    :bravo: :warrior: :bravo: :princess: :its_all_good:

    Doing a VERY HAPPY DANCE!! FOR YOU ALL! :dance: :princess: :dance:


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    What a wonderful post!!! I'm so HAPPY for you and your kids!!! It's so nice when you finally see positive results after working so hard to help them!!! You definitely deserve to celebrate!!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

    Thanks for sharing this!!! I love to hear excellent news about "our kids." WFEN
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    Boy, what a tremendous post to read. :smile: I'm so glad all your advocating has paid off, and I'm really just *tickled* to hear that difficult child is doing so well and getting to have the opportunity to have school success. It's just so rare that our kids really get to have that positive experience.

    Congrats and yee*haw*!!!
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    Thanks Everyone. I really wanted to share that, becuase it's so easy to share the hard and bad stuff but we forget the small milestones that do occur.

    Even this morning when we were driving in difficult child was sounding out letters and he made a small word "BAT". Bababa = B, aaa = A, Tatata = T. Then he asked, "is this how you spell bat? "B"."A"."T"? I was shocked and so proud of him. Not only has he never known the sounds of letters, but never understood spelling or words. AND he's doing it out of his head....Bless his heart. :bravo:

    He also is doing small math out loud, like, 1+2=3, 5+4=9, etc.

    And the doctors at the hospital said he was so cognitively damaged that he would never learn, so I should just put him in an institution. Do you guys remember that post around Jan'07? And now he's showing EVERYONE that they were wrong. HAHAHA :princess:
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    You brought a tear to my eye, too. That is what it's about!
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    what a great post :smile: :bravo: :smile:

    It's so great to hear the boys are doing well, especially difficult child.

    :dance: :princess: Happy dances all around :princess: :dance:

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    I rejoice in posts like yours! GREAT JOB WARRIOR MOM!!!!

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    This post has me ready to go out dancing!!!! Way To Go warrior Mom! I'm glad life is good!! :warrior: :dance:
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    What a great post!!! I am so happy for you and both boys!!! What a journey...

    Good job, all of you.
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    Way To Go....Thanks for sharing the good news... :thumbsup: