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I have had the radio and TV on all morning, but still have not found out what the groudhog saw/did this morning! Our town square even has their own groundhog and he does his thing, cuz they filmed the movie here, so ever since we have a full 4 days of festivities......I saw TV trucks here, but noone could tell me what the groundhog did. LOL. (I was
taking easy child to school)
Can someone tell me? LOL

hearts and roses

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Wait, did we even have a winter?

A little something, enough to make at least ONE would have been nice!

Bring on the daffodils, tulips, crocus and buds.


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What a strange winter it has been. I had a red cardinal in my back yard and then about 6 robins the next day. The birds can't even figure it out.
We have had NO SNOW!! Only a good amount of rain in December, then nothing!!! They are already talking drought?!?!?!?! Too weird! We usually get about 75 inches of rain on the average. I think we are at 20 inches right now. I am NOT ready for spring, I am still waiting for winter, LOL!!

Bah humbug,


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well, it has been a very strange year weatherwise. I felt like I got rippd off the end of summer, - Aug 1st it began to rain and cool down and it never did get sunny enough again for our community pool to open even one more time. :-( Funny, I am not fond of summer, but-----it just ended too strangely and too abruptly and too soon. Then we had a HUGE snowfall Nov 30-Dec 1 that closed our school for the first time that I can remember......and then it got warm and no snow for a LONG time. Mid Dec and I was wearing shorts and tank tops and sandals near Chicago-Wis!
Now since new years we have had and kept snow....and we add to it every couple days or so.....and finally now it is getting quite cold......tonite wind chill is supposed to be 30 below zero.....YUK....
I keep worrying that we are gonna START winter now and still have it come June or some goofy thing!
Yes, our tulps, crocuses and daffodils DID begin blooming a couple weeks ago. ANd yes the trees began to bud.

Well, we are going out tonite for husband birthday......I sure am NOT gonna wear a dress in this cold, LOL

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We got our first real snow yesterday on Groundhog's Day, just after the groundhog predicted the end of winter in 6 weeks.

We got about 3.5" and husband gets to try out his new-to-him plow truck and DS gets to make some real money shoveling. Me, I'm staying inside by the wood stove and looking at it out the window.

How strange is it to get the first snow of the year in February in Western Mass.?

Pam R.


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From what we are hearing from family, there is very little snow in either Minnesota or Wisconsin. In fact, conditions there are very dry. Much of the moisture which comprises the groundwater comes to us in the form of snow.

And there has been very little snow for something like five years, now.

Plus, our winters have not been really kicking in until February. Where we used to have such cold temperatures beginning in December, we now see below zero weather toward the end of January.

Our Springs have been earlier, and warmer, too.