grrrr difficult child asleep when he's not supposed to be

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by 92025, Sep 3, 2012.

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    dragged him up at 9 for bfast, his sleepover friend left at 10, then at 12 i was going to fabric store with my mom and told him to get out of bed where he had crawled back into. 3:00 i come home; he's in bed! This is ridiculous, my expectations of him have been so lowered: all he has to do is not do drugs and stay awake all day. he didn't do any drugs, he was with me all day sat and sun and friend sleeping over is closely monitored since he's a difficult child also so he didn't have anything. he says he just couldn't sleep. this really pisses me off but we did actually have a nice weekend for the most part; beach bbq,movies, etc. but how will he get anywhere in life if he can't get out of freaking bed!
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    It's a long long journey that must be taken one step at a time. been there done that. I'm sorry. DDD
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    OK, he told me he was tired today because he took an extra sleeping pill last night when he couldn't sleep. Which is not dangerous, they said you can take up to 8 i think; i was asking because i was concerned about having something he could overdose on in the house. So i told him not to do that; we want to run stuff like that past the dr first.
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    If you haven't already I suggest you get all medications, including all OTC medications and lock them up and you dispense them. A lot of them are used in bigger doses to get high. My son ended up in the ER after overdosing on benedryl (an overdose makes you psychotic and hallucinate) and also on mucinex. So lock up any OTC medications that you have as a precaution.

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    I'm a little suspicious because my difficult child was very tired and slept all the time when she was living at home and doing pot and who knows what else. She also reported that she couldn't sleep at night and that's why she slept all day. She complained that she was tired all the time. I don't know if it was the pot or other drugs or what but it wasn't normal. She also slept a lot when she was in rehab and the pot was leaving her system. I never knew whether it was drugs or no drugs that caused her to be overly tired but one thing I knew is that when she was like that it had something to do with drugs.

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    What sleeping pill can he take up to 8 a day? I need that.
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    What is the name of this sleeping pill? Sounds like it might help me as well as Janet!

    He is 14 and should NOT have control of sleeping pills. If he needs them he should be asking you for them, or you should be giving him the amt he is supposed to have. It is FAR too easy to take more than you should nd to share them with friends, etc..... when a child has control of the medications.

    PLEASE do not let him have control over his medications, esp sleeping pills. I have taken a LOT of medications for sleep and can think of NONE that I would want my child to be able to take up to 8 of with-o me knowing. And yes, my kids have at times taken medications for sleep and there was no way in hades that ANY doctor would have written an rx for sleep medications if they thought we would just let the child have the bottle to take them as he wanted to.