Guardianship hearing


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I don't want to give a lot of details because it would be easy to figure out who we are, but let's just say recoverenabler's advice on an earlier thread of becoming very proactive

I was told by an attorney that I had to address the "emergency" for temp. guardianship because they only grant temp. guardianship when the child is in danger. She told me to write in the documents all the issues which posed a danger for my granddaughter, she told me to make it as emotional as possible because as she stated, "judges are people too and will be influenced by emotions." I wrote up my own paperwork and included those emotional issues and I was granted temp. guardianship.

was spot on and what sealed the deal. As well as the fact that the baby daddy made a total ass out of himself in court. We are very happy because it takes away a whole level of uncertainty and insecurity in GS's situation with us, and now we can do things like dentist and doctor and school things without having to get a letter from difficult daughter mom, who is now involved in a whole new round of dirtbag boyfriend (new one - really the same idiot over and over with different names) drama and couldn't care less about her son.

We are getting therapy and it's helping a lot with detachment from daughter's situation. I know raising GS while she parties is in a way enabling her, but we're not doing it for her, we're doing it for GS. We've discussed that if she gets pregnant again we can not raise another child. I know that will be a tough one if it happens, but it's a boundary I'm pretty intent on holding to.

Anyhow, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me with this permanent guardianship. We don't have to constantly be waiting for the other shoe to drop, for one or both of them to show up drunk and demand to take GS, or whatever.


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I agree with Tanya, the best posting of the day!

Congratulations! I'm thrilled that you were awarded permanent guardianship, I know first hand what a HUGE relief that is. I am most happy for your grandson, he deserves as normal and safe and loving environment as you can provide for him.

I made a similar decision about any future grandkids, it's a hard choice, but I drew the same line in the sand as you.

This is a big victory, celebrate your success.....


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:encouragement: Bravo, Done Dad! So many of us have struggled with the courts (as well as our own troubled children) - at times the odds seem to be totally stacked AGAINST us! You have prevailed, and have given some of us much hope for the future. There is no doubt that I (and maybe others on this Forum) will check back on your 'story', and the wonderful words of advice that were given, as I continue my never ending (so it seems) battle. Every day I become stronger and more resolved to remain detached. However, I can not lose sight of my innocent grandson. It's a difficult and tricky tap dance that we perform daily - right?! :smile-new:


congratulations. Wonderful news for both you and your husband but also your little grandson who is so very fortunate to have you as grandparents. Hugs!