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  1. Tiapet

    Tiapet Old Hand

    So I had an idea way back when I first had thought about doing the Christmas card list. While it was a good one I thought at the time, the logistics to it didn't pan out so I couldn't do it. You see I thought perhaps I might have sent a little gift to each person I sent a card to. That gift was going to be a T-shirt with a design on it. If you will click on my avatar you will see what I had designed. Not sure it's real clear for all but clear enough I think. If you think about each component of it you may come to understand the design.

    I'm wondering, would any of you be interested in creation of this t-shirt? I have priced it for mass quantity orders too. Part of the logistics of why it didn't work out is I either had to guess sizes or ask, which would have given away my little secret gift. This design can be done on multiple colored backgrounds, though black looks awesome!

    I'd like feedback please on your thoughts and.....if YOU can figure out the meanings behind each element of the design ingredient (why I included it). ;)
  2. pasajes4

    pasajes4 Well-Known Member

    Nice design. Love the crown.
  3. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I like it. The crown must be because we're queens (forget the princess stuff, we're big time now) and the angel's wings can either comfort or be used as a show of strength. We need the shield to block insensitive comments, and our Warrior Mom ribbon of honor decorates the bottom.

    I would wear one even though my difficult child is behaving in quite a easy child manner these days.
  4. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I like it. How much more would it be to add ConductDisorders.com to the back? Nothing like a commercial to get this place out...lol. I have printed out forms to leave in my psychiatrist's office about this place.
  5. Tiapet

    Tiapet Old Hand

    KTMOM came the closest!

    The wings are representative of having earned our wings here on the site on the "how to, who, why, etc" of it all. They are also to show a sign of strength or comfort. Wrap the wings around yourself or others when necessary!

    The shield is our armor against all the insensitivity from everyone (family, friends, neighbors, agencies, schools, etc) plus our own kids and what they dish out.

    The design on front is our "CD Clan" instead of a coat of arms, just a simple CD CLAN. This is OUR FAMILY, here! There is no other like it anywhere and whether you have real family of your own or not (and many of us don't or do but prefer and have estranged from them).

    The crown is for us being Queen/Goddess (or even Princess if you'd still like to think of yourself as such) of your domain (your house, your work, YOUR WORLD), having earned your right and way into this crazy world of gfgodness.

    The Ribbon is a show of honor as well. We ARE warrior moms! Here us roar when we need to. If there was a sash to be warn, this ribbon would be it and worn with pride!

    Janet, I didn't even contemplate putting CD dot com on it any manner for a couple of reasons. First that would be infringement rights on the site. That would pose legal ethic problems. Not something to mess with. Second, many of us want this to stay private to keep our information private. If we go personally advertising it on clothing then we risk our privacy. The avatar picture in no way draws attention to the site itself but proudly displays a message LOUDLY! ;) If anyone wants to ask about it then the person wearing it has he option of speaking up more about it but it gives THEM the right to do so and then there is no legal infringing. Runaway can speak more to that.

    Hope this helps both in the explanation of the picture but also for Janet of why not putting the CD site information on it too.

    If this idea is truly wanted I'd be more then happy to create it and then have it made into the T-shirt design or even sweat shirts. There is many options and we can all decide what each person would like. But again, let's see how many would like this over the site too. I can do smaller order but pricing might be a little higher