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    Last year I think I bought a scale that remembers your weight and lets you know when you have lost gained and how much. I think the last time I stepped on it was when I set it.

    I evidentally have lost 1.6 pounds last year. I giggled at that. It was a loss. Probably the difference in my clothes but hey at least it was the correct direction. husband on the other hand gained 9 pounds over the last year. Hmmmm that is not good. So maybe if I do healthy meals it will impact him and he won't even notice it. Could work right?

    Guess we shall see.

    Just had to share last years weight loss. I hope to do much better this year.

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    Hey, a loss is a loss. That's 1.6 pounds you don't have to worry about losing.


    Good luck to you with it this year!
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    I agree with Heather, a loss is a loss. At least you weren't moving in the other direction!

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    AH HA! I know where I gained my 1.6 lbs - thank you very much.