Handling when things go wrong?

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    ILMS---I pray. I make a gratitude journal. There was a time when my life was disordered and chaotic. husband was an addict and he left me to go to treatment $15000 in debt with all the bills 3 months behind. It was a nightmare. I read. I cried. I prayed. I picked myself up by the bootstraps and changed my life! I made sure that once I was out of that situation I would never be there again. husband has been in recovery for 6 years without a relapse. But...problems will always exist in life. You plow through them. You do what you can and not worry about what you can't do. Sounds simple, and it a lot of ways it is. But...it simplicity that takes work.
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    feelinalone took the words right out of my mouth,--- "is there anything I can do about this right now, or ever?" if the answer is "no" then you have to let it go or you're just wasting precious energy stressing over it and still not accomplishing anything. If you CAN do something then list out the options very specifically and make a decision about the action you feel is best.
    The other suggestion I have is try to find a church, synagogue, temple, whatever and share your burden.... Sometimes we think we ought to be able to handle everything on our own, but circumstances can weigh us down and maybe we can't even see alternatives......sometimes just talking with someone opens up possibilities to answers we weren't aware of...... I am not trying to preach or suggesting you "find religion", but most churches(temples, mosques) would have resources to help with your situation, even on a temporary basis. It's just a rough period and YOU WILL OVERCOME THIS!!!!! If I were closer I would drive you to these places and that makes me sure that someone in your area could help.....you just haven't met them yet.........Keep us informed of your situation.....thinking of you and trying to send an angel your way........