Happier update on J., Jumpers boyfriend, for those who followd the story

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    Apparently, J. scared the hello out of his parents and they really didn't want him to leave. One night, he had to get off the phone (or, as in teen town, stop texting) and both of his parents sat him down and asked him if he was going to leave when he turned eighteen and what he was going to do. Wow. He had called their bluff and refused to back down about Jumper and they actually got afraid he'd really take off.

    Things have been good for him at home since then. At Thanksgiving, evil stepmother's mother was there. J. was sitting off my himself, not with his family (he doesn't feel comfortable around them) and evil stepmother's mom went up to him and said, "I wish you had brought Jumper. I'd like to meet her. I'm on your side."

    Haha. Knock me over with a feather. I have softened on them as well. J's father is also his wrestling coach. We took Jumper to a wrestling tournament for J's team and J got very upset after one match. He won it, but felt he was scored wrong and he started storming out of the gym. His father ran after him, caught his arm, talked calmly to him and they walked back in together. J. turned eighteen last Tuesday and his father went with him to buy a car. Jumper thinks he may have helped pay for it, but J. hasn't said so either way. Seems like treating J. like garbage was a big bluff to get him to drop Jumper.

    More good news for J...he was accepted at the college of his choice in Indiana. I asked Jumper how she felt about it and she said, "It's good! That's where he always wanted to go!" She said that if they break up, then they do. I actually don't think she'll be so brave about it if they break up...she is really attached to him...but her attitude is mature.

    So today J. drove his car over and the kids went to show their friends his car. He bought an old, practical small car that gets good mileage. That's so like J! Very pragmatic for somebody eighteen.

    One piece of great news for Jumper: After struggling to pass any tests last year and doing barely "C" work, she made the honor roll!

    Right now things are good! Ok, thanks for letting me vent/brag. I may never again be able to tell anybody that JUMPER made an honor roll!!!! lol
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    I just LOVE updates like this. Keep it up J AND Jumper. Give them both pats on the back for me. I'll be cheering for both of them!!!
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    It's amazing how we can become so interested/attached to people we don't know, just through those of us here. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved and happy for J! I hope his parents have learned their lesson and I hope J realizes how important a person he is. My offer however, still stands if he needs any help when he comes to Indiana.

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    Such wonderful news. Wow MWM! You must be so proud. You have supported them so much and they are having a good stretch. Really cool.
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    Oh this is just wonderful news!

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    This is like one of those Novellas that you keep waiting to hear MORE and more of. And you write so well!

    I'm happy for J, and tickled to know that Jumper is becoming the type of woman that will NOT back down from what she thinks is right. She gets that honest you know!

    Thanks for the good news! (List in the mail tomorrow)

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    As much as I'd like it all to be great, J. still has suicidal depression and will not tell his parents. His grandmother suspects but he gets angry when she brings it up. Once J. did not text Jumper for a long time and she grew frantic that he had killed himself and texted his friend to make sure he was ok. His friend got in touch with his stepmother and found out that J. was fine, but J. was furious that she told his friend about his problem. He does not like anyone to know. He always tells her, "It's my problem and I have to deal with it." But he really doesn't. He was not brought up to talk about his feelings. I have a feeling he was brought up more to suck it up and deal with it (whatever the "it" is). Culturally, his family is very different from ours. They are farmers and old school. There are some wonderful things about it and he has a fabulous work ethnic and the will to be the best at everything. He is an over-achiever and his father is hard on him, but I really think he feels it is for J's own good. But J. has no idea how to communicate. Jumper told me he said that he tells her more than he has ever told anybody else in his life, including his family.

    J's birthmother is mentally ill. I am guessing she too gets depressed, but he doesn't like to talk about her so Jumper doesn't know much about her. I am hoping he seeks help because Jumper says it gets really bad at times for him. So he isn't really feeling good about himself, but he IS excited about getting into his college, so that's one good thing.
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    What a good update!! I am glad the parents are behaving better. I think that Jumper is an incredible young lady and he is lucky to have her. It sounds like he is a really good kid with some problems. I hope that college can lead him to the help he needs.

    Congrats to Jumper for making Honor Roll!
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    Thanks, Star.

    They are a very strange family. They don't talk to one another or express emotions. When they get angry, they yell over you or the stepmother gives him notes...???? But I'm convinced they do love him. They did, however, try to bully him into dropping Jumper. Jumper tells me J. is the most stubborn person she ever met and that J. says that his father is just as stubborn. Guess J. won the battle of the "stubborns" this time...lol.
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    I'm so happy this turned out well for the kids. What a really great update. :)
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    Great news MWM - all around - especially Jumper's practical attitude and her hard work at school!.

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    Oh my goodness, I would never have expected that sort of response! Wow. Amazing.
    I am so glad that he stood his ground. If he can go to counseling once he gets on campus, that will be a huge help.
    I'm so glad that Jumper made honor roll.
    And she does sound amazingly mature about the relationship. The emotional part will hit once he leaves for school, but at least she's got the cognitive part down. :)
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    Add me to the chorus....Hooray! DDD
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    Aw, thanks all of you :)

    I do think it will be hard for Jumper when he leaves. In her mind (and his) they will Skype and stay connected and he is afraid to lose her. Realistically he will be in a college setting and is a very good looking young man. However, he is also extremely religious and is against premarital sex. He is so religious that when he scores a touch down, he gets on his knee to pray. Think Tim Tebow, without the preaching.

    We shall see if he keeps that up. I'm not too worried about the two of them in the long run. Jumper isn't going to marry him. She is only fifteen and a half. I'm just glad J. made it to eighteen and is growing close to his father again, even if I do not always think is father is nice to him. It's just the way the family is...different dynamics than we have here.