Happier world


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Tis a shame I needed something alcoholic to have a happier world, but the world seems happier tonight. No difficult child 1 didn't get a thing accomplished. He did talk to me about attending school..but that will have to wait as they are closed for the holidays.

But...I did have 3 glasses of sangria tonight and yes.. the world looks pretty good. I'm ready to chase husband around the room but he's gone for the weekend to fix a broken deer feeder. :blush:

I would love to say I can handle a real woman drink, but I'm a wuss and sangria will do it just fine :grin:

Sunnytime is back and re-energized and all will work out. Thanks for all your good thoughts. :grin:


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Hmmmmmmmm....I guess it's toooo late now to suggest that
Sangria can bite you in the jeans if you ain't careful! If my life depended on it I could not name "a real woman" :confused: drink
..is it the same as "a real mans" drink. Maybe with a touch
of mix but no umbrellas and straws??? DDD :grin:


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A little wine usually does it for me, along with some Baileys on ice to warm my heart.

Hey whatever it takes to make it a Merrier one!! Hope it's Merry for all!