Happy birthday, Copabanana!


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How did you guys know? What a surprise. A surprise party for my birthday. What a joy. Thank you. Especially for the wine, PASA. Ummmm. And the dancing girls, Ponygirl. Did you know I was a dancer? I want, want, want to get it back.
What are you doing today?
So far, I am spending my day with you guys at my PARTY. (I like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, too, you guys!! We are going back here, waaay back.)

But on a serious note, I just now did a new thread. I am at another impasse.

Whoever has a few minutes, I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you, all of you, for all my wonderful presents. M brought me flowers, too.

We went out for dinner last night. Simple and savory and enjoyable. Today? I am not sure yet. M is outside I think working in the yard. I want to take a walk. Not sure what else. With my PARTY I feel complete, you guys.


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Happy birthday! You are so appreciated by me. You have helped me so much!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a gift!


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Mamacat. Thank you so very much. I receive so much help here to grow as a person and mother.

Will you look at my new thread, please? Nobody is seeing it. I am at a crossroads again and I need help!!!

It is on PE called, I think: Where is my place to stand?

Thank you!
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Pigless. I forgot to thank you enough for this thread and my balloons. I want the green one for me!!! And the rest go to all of you. And my PARTY. I will make a wish soon and blow out my candles. My face is already smeared with frosting. (What can I say? I could not help myself.)


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, if you have a moment would you please look at my new thread. I am long winded (as usual) but I really am seeking direction and validation.

I do not know for sure the right place to stand vis a vis my son. We have been trying to support him (read, pressure him) to do constructive things...to very, very limited success.

This stance led me to become sick again, and sick at heart...and M took over as the heavy. And now he is despairing, too.

I do not want to kick out my son. That is my new bottom line. This is for me, I acknowledge this. I want him to have the stability to continue his medication. If this medication compliance is a sham to influence me, that is another thing.

My bottom line has shifted. I seem to have a free-floating bottom line....

The no-marijuana bottom line....is impossible to enforce if I am unwilling to kick him out.

The "be productive" bottom line is impossible to enforce.

The "pay rent" bottom line, did not hold this month.

There seems to be no "bottom line" where I can hold the line. If I am unwilling to kick him out or to follow through with it. M undermined me the last 2 times. He could not, after all, when he drove my son back to the other house to get his stuff, follow through. And now it is vastly more difficult...for me...because my son has restarted the medication he needs to help him NOT DIE.

I only control my own bottom lines about me. I get that. And my own bottom line about me, seems to be now--that I do not suffer so much. I want to stop suffering so much. So I seem to be giving up on any bottom lines about my son. My only (New) bottom line is that I do whatever I can to support him to take his medication.

I am lost. I want to be the center of my own life. By this I mean to see myself and my life, with a spiritual center. My own relationship with my son, seems to threaten that. And I do not know what to do.

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Happy Birthday Copa!