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As most of you know I am back in the career saddle again, after 6 years of homeschooling difficult child, and taking care of his "issues", I am ready to go back into the corporate world.
I had my first interview today! And it went AWESOME!
I could not believe it! I really thought I had lost whatever it was that I had back in my career days! But I guess not. I can't tell you how happy I am that difficult child has not taken away what made me a successful career woman. Truthfully, I feel he has taken away so much........but that is another post........and another story.

So, tomorrow I have a second interview with this company - and - I have an interview Friday with another company which I am even more excited about! :grin:

Thanks for all the positive thoughts my way! You guys are great!


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:smile:...told ya so....told ya so....told ya so.... :smile:

Fingers Crossed!!!



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Woo hoo!! Good for you! :bravo:

Will cross my fingers the rest of the process goes as well as the first interview!! :smile:

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:bravo: :dance: :bravo:

WooooooHoooooo!!!!!! Go Get 'Em Tiger! I am woman hear me ROAR! :warrior:

Good luck with your other interviews. :smile:


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Get ready for a cyber celebration!!!! We knew you still had it in you!!!
:bravo: :smile: :dance: :future:

Feel the power!!!


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I'll be here all week!

YEAH YOU GO GIRL!!!!! :bravo:


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OK.........so I went back for my second interview and I think I messed it up. It is for a debt consultant co., as a call center manager. So they had me "role play" these different scenarios over the phone, so they could see how I would handle it - and I froze!!!!!!!!! This is what I mean about my difficult child-dom fog. The last couple of years sometimes my mind just goes blank when I am under stress. AAARRGGGGGGGGGG!

So I walk back into the office - and they tell me how much they loved me yesterday, and were ready to hire me yesterday - but that I blew the role playing. Could I answer why that was??? Uhhhhhhhhhhh...........again, I am stumbling for my words. I was able to finally regain my composure......and we had an OK conversation after that. They will call me tonight to let me know.

I guess it is not so much possibly losing this opportunity, because I know others will come along - it is more just this whole spacey, overwhelming, numb feeling that comes over me that is really worrying me. I mean, how can I be successful in a career if I mentally freeze, or cannot retain information?

The only answer is to go forward, I know. And try really hard not to literally hit myself in the head with a hammer~


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If this doesn't work out consider it practice for the next interview. If you are the call center manager are YOU answering the phones? I would think you would "manage" the center....ah well....hope you find something you like.....


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WW, you know I have had the same feelings for the last few years. I feel like I am in a fog sometimes. Some days I am spot on and get soooo much done. Other days I am just not able to focus as much and can not think as fast.

It is frustrating to say the least. It is either age, or GFGdom - I choose the later!!! LOL!!

Good luck to you. At least you will know today. I interviewed last Friday and I have heard nothing. I have no idea if they choose someone or not.


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Ha- welcome to perimenopause! :rofl:

You might as well get used to the "fog" because it gets denser and denser as time (and menopause) moves on.

Take notes.

That's the only way I've survived professionally the last couple of decades. Tons of notes. And being organized enough to find the right note in the right context. It's a challenge, that's for sure.

As for freezing- hey, we've all done it at one point or another. Not to worry- you'll do better the next time.

This job sounds like the kind of company one of my old co-workers used to work for part-time. Is it a debt-collection call center? If yes, it is VERY high pressure, a VERY negative atmosphere, and VERY confrontational. Perhaps you've had enough confrontation in your life and your subconscious was trying to tell you something (like *NO*) when you froze?

When I was laid off last year I survived by telling myself that when the right job came through it would be a good match for them AND for me. I hope you find that great match.




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I have frozen in interviews also. Was esp frustrating when I interviewed t be rehired by a call center I had worked for previously. I quit the first time because I was facing health issues and having to be off my feet for many months. Then the difficult child issues.

Well, I went back and interviewed. I would have been the one on the phone. I totally froze, spaced out. It was embarrassing.

I got hired anyway because they were desperate, and most of hte other workers were teenyboppers with interesting work ethics, like taking cell phone calls DURING phone calls where they were taking orders!!!

I managed to be a very good employee, but had to pass up several promotions because my difficult child and his issues.

Any tiem you are iterviewing for a job remember that YOU are interviewing THEM, as much as the other way around. The job andcompany have to fit YOU. This has helped me whenever I am interviewing.



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Suz :hammer: nailed it right on the head. Willow.

There came a time in my life when I decided to go for a job with a little more stress and as I sat and was interviewed, I saw what was going on around me, how the people looked (none were smiling at any time), no laughter, no easy go environment..and during the middle of my interview, I got up and said "I'm sorry, I've had enough negative energy in my life and this place is a breeding ground." and I left. Not kidding. I wanted the money, I wanted the office of my own, I wanted the chance to get back in the work force and show myself I could do it - but after difficult child? Naw....not worth it.

Your body is telling you "THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU YOU HAVE ENOUGH CRAP AT HOME, DON"T COMPOUND IT" - it actually has a scientific name as well - Look up trance or fuge state. Your brain was resetting itself to do battle with anything strenuous, and that's the trance. Nothing wrong with that....but not the job for you. SOmething will come along better, just send God a kneemail.



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You guys are SO right! I researched this company some more after I got home from the interview........and I don't think this company is even on the up and up. My mind knew that somehow - obviously - and was protecting me. A trance or fuge state, I will have to go look that up Ranger. Interesting. But yep......I was being lead away from the fire! Thank God!

I had another interview Friday with a different co, and it made me realize exactly the type of company I am cut out for. I now have a list of criteria that the company must meet for ME - as well as criteria I must meet for them. This has to be a win, win - or I will only be miserable. And I cannot take misery even one more minute of my life.