Happy Easter !


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It's midnight, officially Easter! So Happy Easter to all of you and your families.

I posted earlier this week about easy child finding the bunny stash LOL. It all worked out. I had totally forgotten about a payment from the tax department being deposited on Friday. (Us in Canada get quarterly payments to sort of pay back one type of tax we pay on purchases throughout the year) So I was able to pick up some little things for easy child to make up for her finding the other stuff.

Someone posted about at what age do we all stop giving Easter baskets. difficult child turned 14 a week ago. He is totally excited that since easy child still believes in the bunny, that he gets a egg hunt too :wink: . So I did a basket from the bunny for him too.

I am waiting for difficult child to go to bed to put out the baskets and hide chocolate eggs everywhere. Going to be a nightmare with a dog and two cats around! Luckily the dog is kennel trained to sleep at night. But the cats? They are going to be locked in my room with me and I bet they'll be ticked as all get out HAHA.

I have already made stuffing for our turkey tomorrow, peeled potatoes and carrots, cut up turnip .. all soaking in pots of water. I just love having both my kidlets home with me, making a big dinner and spending the day together. I do all the prep the night before always. So tomorrow they will hunt eggs, I will make a pancake breakfast, and while the turkey cooks all day, I really won't have anything to do but hang out with the kids. I picked up 3 older family type movies at the video store so plan to camp out in our pj's watching movies. I am so glad I didn't invite family over, we can just relax and enjoy each other.

Happy Easter!



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Happy Easter Melisa and everyone! I'm so glad everything turned out well with-the $ and the Easter baskets and candy. Way To Go!
Have a wonderful day. :kisses:

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Happy Easter to everyone!!!!

I still make Easter baskets for Melissa (21), Angela (27) and her husband (28).........and my mom who is 80 years old. :smile: