Happy Free Choice Friday Morning

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Aug 29, 2008.

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    :cheerleader: Good Friday Morning!!! Doesn't it feel great to be at the end of another week?

    Although, I am saddened by the fact that this is the last Friday of summer :pouting:.....

    easy child had a sleepover with 5 friends here last night! It was a noisy night at my house!!!

    I have a hair appointment this morning. easy child will be going with me because my stylist is moving to another state with her husband. I've been going to Sara for four years and I will miss her sooooooo much. So will easy child - she goes to her as well. easy child just wants to go and hang out and chat. I'm really a week early for my color/highlights, but I just need her to do it one last time!

    difficult child and I are going to the movies today. He wants to see some disaster spoof movie - I need to check it on line to see what it's about......

    I wish for a calm but productive Friday - make sure you remember your free choice today :peaceful:

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Did you get any sleep last night with all that noise:) It sounds like a busy but fun day ahead for you! How nice that you will get to see your stylist one more time. It's hard when they move. Enjoy the movie if you and difficult child go.

    This is my first official day back to work. It is a teacher only day and one full of not so fun meetings. It's always hard to think of summer ending-this one has been more relaxing than most (except for the constant flow of appts.). I'm sure by this time next week I'll be going through serious nap withdrawal;)

    Tonight husband and difficult child are headed to Michigan. They are going to the Michigan vs. Utah game tomorrow. I'll miss being there for the first game of the season and first game with the new coach but it is on tv!

    I'm staying behind because tonight easy child cheers at her first football game.:cheerleader:Last night while I went to the health club husband took her to get her bloomers:)

    Wishing everyone a fun free choice Friday:peaceful:
  3. Happy Friday Everyone.... and Long Weekend!!!

    Sharon, I remember those sleepover nights with the easy child at our house. Wow, the next day is always tough. I'm so sorry to hear that your hairdresser is moving. It takes time to develop good relationships with a new hairdresser. Mine is not allowed to move or retire :) I hope that you and difficult child enjoy your movie.

    Sharon II, I hope that your first day back at school goes swimmingly. I know that this can be a hectic time. Good luck to easy child and her first game!

    I always love Fridays because I work at home on Fridays. easy child is coming home to visit this weekend, and we are always so glad to see him. We're having a Book Festival this weekend on our town square. This is our second year and we have lots of well known authors coming - as well as food, music, and cooking demonstrations. I'll be volunteering for a few hours - I really enjoyed it last year and the t-shirt was awesome. difficult child is now in his third week of school. He has a Senior Project that he has begun work on - he has to choose a subject of passion , write a research paper, create and complete a project, design a portfolio, and present his project to a group of three judges selected from the community. Whew! As if school itself isn't enough! His topic is self advocacy and stewardship for the disability community. He plans to create a website for a state wide advocacy group. All I can say is - I hope we all survive this!
  4. Andy

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    Little Dudes Mom - My difficult child was invited to a sleep over about a month ago. All went well and about 9:30, the guest decided he didn't want a sleep over (just the two boys) and difficult child came home. We later found that the guest was getting tired and didn't want to be up - instead of suggesting that they get ready for bed, he just asked difficult child to come home. I think they will try again one of these weekends. Hair dressers are hard to come by, I hope you can find a replacement that is just as good. What movie are you going to?

    Wiped Out - I hope you have a great day (even with boring meetings). Watching easy child will be fun tonight.

    I have gotten so much done at work these last two days with being able to work 6 hours both days. Today I work 4.5 hours, do some banking, pay my babysitter, and head out of town the very second school is over (maybe I will ask that difficult child get out a few minutes early?) for a therapist appointment. I went over spelling words with difficult child last night - He will do well. That is one area he lost in last year - he used to get 100 % in every pre-test so that he didn't have to take the week end test but last year that changed. I will go over the words again this a.m. He has "depth" and "deft" - those will be hard to hear the difference - maybe the teacher will use them in a sentence.

    Everyone have a GREAT Friday! It is a long weekend (YEAH!) with Monday being a holiday. Find someway to make your difficult child laugh.

  5. Andy

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    1 Day at a Time - you snuck in on me! :) Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. I hope difficult child enjoys his Senior Project - it sounds like a lot of work but very much fun.
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    It must have been a longer day than I thought - I'm having a lot more trouble than usual, reading the multi-coloured posts.

    Sharon/LDM, I suggest you take a really good digital photo of you hair ASAP after your friend has done it - that way you can show your next stylist how you like it done.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope your first day back at work is productive and not too onerous. Enjoy watching the cheers! As for the Michigan game - you'll see more detail on TV anyway.

    1DAAT, your book fair sounds exciting. I hope you have good weather for it.

    Adrienne, I hope difficult child gets a fair go in his spelling tests. Your day sounds like it will be very busy.

    We had a hectic day - difficult child 3 had a Maths study day today, plus I had a Learning Team meeting at the same time. Actually, I had my meeting starting half an hour later - a good thing. We got to the school early enough but couldn't find any parking spots so I let difficult child 3 out so he could sign himself in, told him I would be along as soon as I parked. Wouldn't you know it - the one day I have a lot of folders to carry, is the day I have to park a long way away!
    The Learning Team meeting went well. The school receptionist assured me difficult child 3 had signed in without fuss and gone off to the class. But halfway through the meeting, difficult child 3 rang me on the mobile phone - where was I? I thought he was getting anxious, but it turned out a few teachers were looking for the meeting and asked difficult child 3 where I was! We had a good turnout - all but one of difficult child 3's teachers were there, even ones who hadn't been expected. They all said how well he's doing, but understood why we needed to meet, to modify the work and put strategies in place for when he's struggling with a task. They will reinforce with their letters to him - he should telephone his teachers whenever he has a question, or feels the work is too difficult. A couple of teachers left with me at the end of the meeting, to go and be introduced to difficult child 3 who they'd not yet met. One of the quirks of correspondence school!

    After that finished, difficult child 3 & I drove towards home and stopped at various places along the way to run some errands and do some shopping. I had finally booked the CT scan the doctor ordered a few weeks ago, it was done very quickly but we had to wait two hours to collect the pictures, so we got our weekly grocery shopping done too.

    We were trying to get home earlier, difficult child 3 had a playdate but we just had too much to do.

    Maybe tomorrow?

    It's going to be a busy weekend - I have to go back out for a meeting, then again out on Sunday for a gardening show. I just hope I still have the energy...

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.