Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :frozen::frostbite: Good Morning :frostbite::frozen:

    It is a chilly 15 degrees this morning with another two hours of falling temps. I know that's nothing compared to the cold those of you in the upper and midwest are experiencing - but for those of us in the south, it's COLD!!!!!!!!

    Naturally, on the coldest morning here in central va in a few years, I would be heading out to the pool for water fitness in an hour! Apparently it will be down to the single digits tonight which is almost unheard of for this area. I hope those of you in the most frigid of this cold mass are staying warm and taking care.

    A day of household chores looms ahead for me today. I'll drop difficult child off at school, then hit the grocery store, then I'll come home and spend the day working around the house. The kids and I are really excited that this will be the start of a three day weekend! difficult child has a friend coming over for a couple hours after school and easy child has a "formal" birthday party to attend tonight. Me, I'll be snuggled on the couch under a blanket!!

    Enjoy your Friday :wine:

  2. Kjs

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    Good Morning.

    Sharon, does sound cold for your area. You have a good day planned. especially the part about snuggled on the couch under the blanket.

    I am at work, current temperature (and falling) is -16, and -36 windchill. I went out to start my car a bit ago. Will start it again at 6am. Windchills expected in the -40 range.

    School was called off as of 4pm yesterday. As much as I hate to see them make this day up in June, the thought of all those young kids walking or standing at a bus stop is dangerous. I am told one minute of exposed skin = frostbite.

    Today difficult child has his first appointment with the psychologist who is going to do the testing. Me last week, difficult child today. With all going on, difficult child is looking forward to this appointment. Nobody has ever taken the time to talk to him before.

    Looking forward to snuggling with my blankets in about 12 hours! Have a good day.
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, my chilly friends.

    Sharon/LDM, the pool sounds OK I guess, in this cold, as long as the pool is indoors and heated. A LOT! When we were visiting family up north last winter, we went for a swim in the hotel (indoors, heated) pool and it still wasn't warm enough. There's something about getting out of the pool and padding around on cold concrete, shivering my way to the bathroom for a much-needed hot shower, that totally put me off.

    Now, the hot springs in New Zealand, THAT was another matter... athough it was outdoors the water temperature was about 42 C (107 F) and when we got out to walk to the dressing room we were so warm, we didn't feel the freezing temperature air. Snow on the nearby mountains? Who cared? We were warm to the bone! Mind you, there is no way you could exercise in such a hot pool, it was just too hot. All we could do was just hang around looking bored, like Japanese macaques.

    Kjs, that's cold! I am glad with you, that school has called a day off. As for te psychologist, I hope you get some much-needed answers for difficult child.

    We had a slightly cooler day today, but still plenty warm enough for the beach. The water was warmer, it still feels a bit chilly when you get in but I could just walk right in and not cringe my way in, as I have been doing. The water was very clear and a lovely turquoise colour. difficult child 3 is improving his skim board technique, now he's waxed his board. It's late evening now, I'm sitting with the fan blowing on me because otherwise it's hot in here.

    They are worrying about fires on the increase. More and more fires are either happening due to lightning strikes or careless idiots, or kids getting bored. When the temperatures rise, it's easier for spontaneous fires to start. Our news today was dealing with the arrest of two idiots whose antics started a bad fire in the Blue Mountains - they stole a car for a joyride, then torched it in bushland to cover up their crime. Of course, the burning car set off a huge blaze and they got enough evidence from the vehicle to arrest the boys. There's talk of charging firebugs with attempted murder.

    Other news - the plane in NY of course, and the brilliant job that pilot did in landing in the water, with no fatalities.

    And today one of our soldiers from Afghanistan was awarded the first Victoria's Cross in 30 years, which has really made everyone's day here. The bloke deliberately drew enemy fire to himself as a distraction for a rescue mission. He's SAS, which explains a lot.

    So today has been a good news day, overall. It's nice to have these occasionally.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Marg, the water is warm - 88 degrees - it's just the getting outside, starting the car, etc. that is tough!!!
  5. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- I can't imagine heading out to go swimming when it's cold! Brrr!!!

    Kjs- STAY WARM!!!!

    Marg- I hope the wild fires are easily controlled this year.

    We're at 1F and -15 with the wind chill. School is still open as I type. I'll take Duckie in (if my car starts) because I don't want my asthmatic child to be out for more than a few moments in this cold. Later, I'll bring pizza to celebrate her birthday with her class. She turns 8 next week.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-You are a brave woman to go swimming on a day like today! Brrrr! Enjoy your snuggled couch time tonight!

    Kjs-It's good to hear difficult child is looking forward to the appointment. Yesterday one district in the area stayed open-about 30 minutes away-and parents were ticked off! I can't imagine having kids standing at a bus stop in this weather-what if there was a problem with the bus?

    Marg-The hot springs in New Zealand sounds wonderful! Glad you made it to the beach-the water sounds beautiful!

    TM-The kids will love that you are bringing in pizza! Stay warm!!

    We're at -15 degrees right now and the temps are dropping although we are supposed to reach a high of 4 which is better than yesterday. The windchill is suppose to reach a negative 45.

    School is canceled again today-I'm in shock-that will make this a 5 day weekend. I think I'm glad about the day off (ask me in June when I'm making it up) but part of husband and me wanted school today because difficult child had such a bad day yesterday.

    We'll head to the club sometime this morning for a workout. difficult child goes to respite for the weekend. He is suppose to go at 5:00 but the respite provider said if school was canceled he could go earlier. Thing is he gets so upset about going that I don't know if we'll take him early or not.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day-stay warm:peaceful:
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning all.

    LDM, it's frigid here too. I'm hoping it kills off all those miserable ticks. LOL:grrr:

    KJS, it's great that the school had the foresight to cancel classes early enough to allow parents to get child care. I do not like your temperatures one bit. Yikes.

    Marguerite, congratulations to the soldier who was a hero. Good that he was recognized. Is SAS the same as our Spec Ops in this country? or is it like the Marine Corp?

    TM, good idea about not exposing Duckie to the extreme weather. Stay warm.

    Wiped out, I'm sure the change in schedule undid difficult child but hopefully today will be better. When difficult child's fall apart it turns a snow day into torture. If his mood is better, I would get him to respite quickly. Like right after breakfast. LOL. Hope your weekend is restful. You need to recharge.

    I'm hoping for a quiet weekend. husband will be home from wherever he is about noon so that makes for a little more time but usually he is on the phone. LOL.
    I have 2 sick puppies. One is recovering from chemo and the other decided he had a sick stomach. I'm ready to give up on all the nursing of the ill lately. Guess someone has to do it.

    difficult child starts his class on the Psychology of Social Skills or something like that on Sat. It is presented by an organization that works with autistic spectrum kids. He attends the social group once a month also. I promised I would never make him take a class or go to school again so this was his decision. No grades or anything. Just a way to present the same info in a way that may be processed better. It's a once a month class. I'll be curious if he takes responsibility for scheduling and planning.

    Hope you all stay warm if it's cold and stay cool if it's warm (Marguerite)
  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Little Dude's Mom - Make sure you are completely dry before leaving the gym. That cold weather LOVES to find the tiniest water molecules to freeze. Stay warm. Cold is Cold!

    Kjs - I hope these 12 hours go fast for you. We have warmed up to -11 F with wind chill of -31 F so are a little warmer than you. On Tuesday, my fingers froze just from walking from the van into the school. (not frostbite, just could feel them bitter cold) Good luck with difficult child's testing.

    Marg - It is great to hear so much good news. I also hope fires can be kept to a minimum or better yet none at all.

    Tired Mommy - Happy birthday party day for Duckie. Pizza will be a great treat.

    Wiped Out - Stay warm. I hope difficult child has a better day today.

    As I stated above, We are at -11 F with a -31 F windchill. We are suppose to get up to 7 F ABOVE zero! YEAH! difficult child's school ski trip has been cancelled so regular school day for him. Maybe I will ask husband if he can pick him up for lunch. Otherwise maybe I will. I had not planned to pack a lunch. I think I will ask husband to pick him up after school so I can work a long day to get my extra project done.

    Yesterday I visited my new office. I am trying to figure out how to get all my files into that office. I will share one of my files with the admission officer so we will need to decide which office to keep those in. She suggested filing by month of admission instead of year so we can weed out sooner. I am getting excited about the move but will miss the old building we work in now. I will also miss the stairs that I use a lot throughout the day - will have to find another way to excersice.

    I had to be mean to puppy last night. She is such a pain trying to figure out where she wants to settle for the night. She was going back and forth from easy child's door whining to difficult child's bed and whining at the door when I shut it. I finally very sternly told her to get to difficult child's bed. She knew I was angry. She laid down on his bed and I covered her with her little blanket and said, "Now, you go to sleep and I don't want to hear a sound!" Haven't heard from her since.

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make all your kids laugh.

  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Fran - you snuck in on me. I hope you find a quiet weekend and the dogs feel better also. Good for difficult child on taking a class. I think the experience is good and something is also learned so grades are not important.
  10. dreamer

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    Happy Friday! Im running late...my son is taking classes at our college....and thats the only school I know of for miles around that is NOT cancellled. It was -24 but has warmed to minus 19 now, but thats before wind chill is factored. I think TV said it is -40 or so now. Shower for easy child is this weekend, so I have been very busy makeing favors, organizing games.I created a racetrck for us to have a rubber duckie race, LOL. Now I have to begin makeing food. But right this minute I better get out and see if any cars start so I can get son to his class.
    wishing you all a warm feeling and a peaceful weekend.
  11. artana

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    Sharon/LDM - You are braver than I. I don't think I could go swimming in this weather (unless you are talking about mountain hot springs...mmmm...)

    KJS - Enjoy your child's day off.:)

    Marg - The fires thing is very scary. In the California coast we have been seeing a lot more fires in the dry season. Here's crossing my fingers they will not worsen.

    TM - Wow, I can't believe school is still open, though I guess its good that you get to give your child her pizza celebration.:)

    WO - 5 days off. Wow. I can see how it would be tiring if difficult child was not behaving.

    Fran - That sounds like an interesting class, similar to what they have talked about giving my difficult child. Give your puppies a pet for me and wish them well.

    Adrianne - I didn't know you worked in admissions. I know what it's like to move piles of old work. Good luck.

    Today school is cancelled. We are dealing with -2 degree weather and a windchill bringing it down to -11. To be honest, I get sad about not being a stay at home mom on days like this because I want to be home with the kids for their four day weekend, and instead they have to spend two days in daycare.:(

    Other than that, trying to keep warm. Have a good day everyone!
  12. Mandy

    Mandy Parent In Training

    Hi Everyone!!

    It was -10 here this morning with a high of 7! I really dislike the cold. lol We have a quiet weekend planned and are staying indoors!!! I will probably have cabin fever by the end of the weekend though;)
  13. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Artana, The admissions officer gives me copies of payment information forms. We have decided with our offices closer together and lack of storage for files, we would try to find a system to share the information instead of us both having hard copies. I am the link between our facility and our billing office located three hours away. The admissions officer works with the insurances and I work with counties for county funding.
  14. Good morning, all! A bit late getting on, but I hope everyone has a good day.