Happy Friday Morning


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:wink: We made it to Friday! :wink:

Happy Free Choice Friday!!

We are supposed to be awfully close to 100 degrees today :slap: It's a little early for a heat wave.....

difficult child has finished all his testing and is basically a middle-schooler!!!!! Finished up the science sol yesterday and from now until next friday, they do, well, nothing really! Third grade still testing today so no recess and lunch in the classroom. He's going to take the day of and hang with me today. Mon and Tues he has graduation rehearsal, Wed is 5th grade picnic, Thur is field day, and Friday is graduation!

easy child has her last day of regular classes today with exams next week. She had two sols this year - History and Geometry. Fortunately she passed with "advanced proficient" and is excused from those two exams.

So, we are on the downhill side of school - thank goodness!

The only thing on my agenda today is the cleaning folks come at 10:30 and I have the laundry going to do a quick couple loads. Other than that, we are going to beat the heat and take in an afternoon movie (difficult child and I).

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a restful weekend.

Sharon :salute:


Good TGIF morning!

Sharon, our temps are heading up that high today, too. A movie in this kind of heat sounds heavenly. Glad your kids are heading down the home stretch of school. It must be a relief for all of you.

difficult child 1 returned yesterday afternoon from an overnight whitewater rafting trip with his class. He's done with 8th grade and is now officially a high-schooler (yikes!). I'm sure he's going to lounge around and do nothing today to celebrate his first day of summer. easy child/difficult child 3 has a recorder concert this morning followed by her 3rd grade picnic. easy child/difficult child 2 has a 6th grade dance (her first!) this evening to celebrate the end of elementary school. They're all growing up.

Keep cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning all,

Sharon, what movie are you & difficult child going to see? Congrats to him for finishing all his work.

Very little going on here today - keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will hold so I can get in a round of golf.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- Congrats to difficult child on making through to middle school! He really has worked hard! :warrior:
Smallworld- Isn't it a rite of passage for a new high schooler to lounge and do nothing on the first of summer? :wink:
Linda- Fingers crossed that you get your golf in today. :thumb:
Tonight is Duckie's big dance recital. :princess: I'm sure she'll do well. I have to run to the laundromat even though my new washer is due to be delivered tomorrow. I'm out of towels after this morning. Ugh!!! :hammer: We went with an ultra high efficiency machine, so hopefully we'll see a drop in our electricity & water bills. :bravo:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Small, they are growing aren't they? Congrats to your crew!

Linda, it's between a second viewing of Pirates or first viewing of Surfs Up (which I really had no interest in seeing but the cirtics are saying it's pretty good).

TM, good luck to duckie tonight!

Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, Movies are a great way to stay cool!!! I hope you enjoy whichever one difficult child picks.

Smallworld, It's amazing how quickly time flies!!! I couldn't believe it either when difficult child 1 started high school last year...All I could think of was a Christmas ornament in the shape of a school bus with his picture in it. I took this picture on his first day of kindergarten and bought the ornament to mark this very special day...

Linda, I hope you get to get in a round of golf today!!! My husband really enjoys it - I've never tried it. One of these days I'm going to take a couple of lessons. Everyone I know who plays, loves it.

TM, Enjoy Duckie's dance recital :princess:!!! They are so much fun to watch!!!

I already have a load of wash in. I have to pick up a bunch of frozen foods that are on special at the market today. I also want to check in on husband's aunt. I have one more closet that I need to tackle. I've been putting it off for such a long time. I think I'm afraid of what I'll find in there!!!

I'm hoping for a quiet, uneventful evening. I can't wait to get my favorite sanity saver back from her day of beauty!!!

Hi to anyone I missed. I hope everyone has a reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN