Happy Friday !!!!!!!!!!!


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:smile: Happy Free Choice Friday Morning :smile:

Pat yourself on the back, pour yourself a drink, whatever you do when made your goal - we've made it to Friday :smile:

I hope everyone is safe and well after the incredibly dangerous weather pattern that has moved across the midwest to the east. We were just put on a tornado watch until 7:30 and expect heavy rain any minute. Apparently the wind direction will change abruptly. By this afternoon we should be sunny and close to 70 :nonono:.

difficult child will be home again - day 3. Really bad chest cold. Fortunately he is being compliant and sweet. We haven't done much school work the last two days, but I picked up a good amount yesterday. My cleaning folks come this morning so I thought he and I would sit and get it done then :hypnosis:.

Wishing everyone a great Friday. For those of you who have recently joined the board, free choice Friday means you can to pick your favorite thing to do and go for it today!!!!!!! But, so does your difficult child if they have had a good week :smile:

Take care,


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IT'S FIRDAY YEAH!!!! :smile:

Sharon- i hope you stay safe, and the weather does not hit you hard where you are, have a great day, and i hope difficult child feels better soon.

Well it's sleet here, i am tired as can be, i went out last night to see my frinds band play i have not seen him in 11 years, it was great like old home daqy, except difficult child stayed with my 20 yeard old nephew and at 11 he was still up need i say more, so now he is a grouch. Me i took the day off, i'm to old to stay out late and get up, i will take a nap after difficult child goes to school. Have a nice day, if words are spelt wrong i apoligize but i am so not awake


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'><span style="color: #3333FF">Good Morning Sharon, nice to see you. Stay safe from the tornado's. Our temps are dropping a bit. Baby sis in Minnesota sent tons of pictures of the nephews playing in the 14 inches of snow they got with another 6 expected last night. Looks like a lot of fun if you don't have to drive in it. Hope everyone gets a snow day.

LDM,hope difficult child feels better soon. I still feel badly when my boys are sick. The mommy instinct flares up big time.

easy child got the results of his sleep study. Seems he has a sleep disorder. It's a category of parasomnia. At least they aren't seizures(we knew that part) and they don't believe it is shadow symptoms of the autistic spectrum. He has been a head banger in sleep since he could sit up in a crib. Even before he could walk he would have this Rhythmic rocking and head banging. Not much to do except a sleep medication. We are going to pass at this point. I don't know what sort of genetic soup husband and I create with babies. Why can't they just get the flu. Oh well, today is another day.

Hopefully free choice Friday will have the kids and us having dinner together. We don't often have both boys at the table at the same time. Spring break starts today at 4PM. Yay. :bravo:
Have a good weekend. Do something good for yourself. </span></span>

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I have to admit I thought Friday would never get here this week!

Sharon-I hope difficult child is feeling better and that the bad weather passes you by. We were lucky in that we got a bit of rain and thunder but mostly everything is north and south of us-we're kind of in a bubble.

Razzle-I'm glad you had a good time last night and that you took the day off-sorry difficult child is a grouch.

It's back to work for me today and back to school for difficult child-I'm praying he can hold it together. After work I'm going to either go straight to the club for a workout or take a nap first and then get in my workout. :smile:

Enjoy your Friday! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning, ladies!

Happy Free Choice Friday, LDM! We got alot of the rain here, too. Hope difficult child is feeling better soon.

Jen, the outing sounds fun, but tiresome. Sorry difficult child is so grouchy. Hopefully he catches up on his sleep this weekend.

Fran, sorry to hear about easy child's sleep trouble. I understand your frustration with the genes. The dinner sounds wonderful, hope you all enjoy!

Sharon, thank GOODNESS difficult child goes back to school today! LOL! I was waiting with you. Hope he stays in all day. I know the worry I'd feel.

Well, Dylan got to do his first karate class last night. OMG was he sooooooooooo cute in the outfit :rofl: It was 10x too long in the arms and legs, we rolled it up about 100 times, but he'd kick and they'd come loose LOL! I have to do some hemming today.

The sensi (probably spelled that wrong) taught him the basic punch, head block, side block, some kicking. They went over the creed about 10 times (respect, discipline, etc, was COOL), and he practiced dropping her to the ground (which he thought was great :nonono:), he had a blast. He definately wants to go back on Saturday. I'll have to get some pictures. OMG was he adorable!

Heading off to work in the rain today. Blah. Friday and rain = wanna stay home :rofl: Enjoy your day.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Janna, how cute about the karate. I hope he really sticks with it and loves it.
Raz,you snuck in while I was posting. Hope you get to catch up on your rest. I'm with you. I'm too old to stay out late and then get up early. Can't remember how I did that before. LOL
Wiped out, glad you are going back to work. difficult child's at home are not easy. Hope he keeps it together today too. </span>


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Marg's Man here starting our Friday post.

For me this has been the week from H***. Work has been piling up, I've got crook elbows that stop me sleeping properly, there's just been more than I can do by myself and I discovered today that the clowns renovating the fourth floor of our building had left a waste skip across the only disabled access to our building. I was NOT happy as I levered it out of the way (using their crowbars they had left lying around) so a young man in a Stephen Hawking type wheelchair could get in. Then I went upstairs to the builders and 'had a word or three' with them. Thank goodness my storeman gets back from leave next week. And it's been muggy. (I think Aussies are the only ones to use that word - basically it means hot and VERY humid).

I think you get similar weather when you are down on the coast, Fran during the hurricane season.

difficult child/easy child 2 had the day off work and helped Marg around the house a bit. difficult child 3 worked on a PowerPoint project he has. He's not very familiar with the programme so Dad will be helping with that tomorrow while Marg goes with difficult child/easy child 2 for an ultrasound. Maybe we will work why she is so listless so much; when she isn't bouncing off the walls.

OK, Marg here having finally wrested the computer from husband. (Alright, I had to drag myself away from a late night screening, uncut, of "Silence of the Lambs").
My bet for easy child 2/difficult child 2 - I think it's going to turn out to be a grumbling appendix. It tends to run in my family. I had my appendix taken out when I was 18, after several months of misery. One sister was 15. Another was 23. My aunt was 23, although she died from post-op complications plus lack of antibiotics (WWII).
difficult child 3 & I finally got to the beach this arvo. Water temp - got to be 24 C at least. And so clear, I could see to the bottom in three metres of water - thought I could see a stingray on the bottom so I moved a bit further away just in case. It was a good reminder about this tiny beach - it has high houses overlooking it, as well as nearby rock platforms, all offering a good view of the water and who's in it. I middle-aged friend of mine was swimming there with her grandchildren, and because this beach is so turbulent she got her swimsuit full of sand (like I did today, just trying to wade in, and getting hit with the backwash meeting oncoming waves). So she swam out deep, took off her swimsuit while staying low in the water, rinsed out her swimsuit, put it back on and then left the water, sure that nobody would have known. But of course, she hadn't realised that from the balconies and the rock platforms the clear water past the breakers is VERY clear. She left to a round of applause.
Even though it was late afternoon (5 pm) I managed to get a bit of sun colour (strap marks are back). It's far from burn but it means we still need to be very careful of our sun for a few months more.
And tomorrow is a sunny, hot day, with no major chores (apart from difficult child 3's schoolwork, which husband is going to help him with while I'm out). Oh, bliss! More beach, even if we have to wait until late afternoon when husband & easy child 2/difficult child 2 are safe from the sun.

Have a good Friday, everyone.



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Good morning.
Sharon- I hope difficult child is feeling better today, enjoy your warm temps later today.
Jen- Glad you had fun. My eyelids tend to get pretty heavy by 11pm & I'm grouchy the next day if I don't get enough sleep. Get some rest!
Fran- Good to hear you have some more answers about easy child, good that it's not seizure-related.
Sharon- Saying a prayer that difficult child holds it together today.
Janna- I'm glad Dylan enjoyed his karate session. I bet he was cute.
I'll be at church today doing prep for tonight's fish fry. Duckie bought her lunch for the first time yesterday: pizza bagels! She felt just like everyone else...
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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OK, me again. I thought husband was starting the thread; hadn't realised you lot had already popped in with your news.

Sharon, we did see the news about the tornado damage, I do hope you can stay safe. It was a flamin' big twister that went through, from what we saw.

Jen, I hope difficult child isn't too much trouble at school from being so tired. I'm glad you had a fun evening.

Fran, that's interesting news about the parasomnia. I can understand why people were thinking of autism as a possibility. As for what you create as babies - I look at my lot and can say that we raised the national average IQ but increased the total national health costs as well.

Sharon, you are so good about working out. One thing puzzles me - why nap BEFORE a workout? I tend to collapse afterwards.

Janna, I'm so glad Dylan enjoyed karate. Sounds like they covered a lot in one lesson. And they let you stay - I wasn't allowed to, with difficult child 1's first class. From what I know now, I should have listened to my radar.

And for anyone I have missed or who comes afterwards - don't forget to be good to yourself today.


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TGIF everyone~ :smile:

Hope everyone has a great Friday! We're having wicked ice storms, but I'd take that over the tornado tragedies - praying for those families... :angel:
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:!

I'm running LATE today so I don't have time to address everyone individually...

I hope everyone has a good day and an excellent, "melt-down" free weekend!!!

Remember: TAKE TIME TO DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOU :bath: :smile: :flower:, ETC. ... WFEN
Morning all! I'm so happy it's Friday. The bosses are gone from work so the day should be a bit easier. It's cold here and looks to stay that way all weekend.

Looking forward to lots of cat naps this weekend.



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It's a snow day here! Hope anyone who has been hit with this storm is safe and warm. I was smart last night and figured it would be a snow day so I got the kids a movie to watch today and hopefully at some point the freezing rain will stop and the kids can go outside. difficult child got a shut-out last night, only goalie of 4 :smile: Proud mama moment :smile:
Off to take on the lot of kids home from school today! Wish me luck, lol!

Have a happy Friday! For us, March has come in like a lion so I am looking forward to an early spring :smile:

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Good morning all,

I slept in until 8:15 - what a luxury. Now it's time to dig out from 2 feet of snow.

I believe I'll need a few more cups of coffee to even consider this endeavor. As I have no place to go today, I'm not in a big hurry. The weather person also promises another 3 to 6 inches today. Seems kind of wasted energy until the storm has passed.

Ahhhhh, rationalization!

Coffee, then snowblowing. husband is in charge of the driveway - I take on the sidewalks.


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good morning all, almost afternoon.

Finally hit the 50's today, with the sun out, so happy about that. Today is difficult child's early day at school so in almost 2 hours he'll be home. husband and I went window shopping earlier and now laundry is going.

Hope everyone has a worry free day.


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Hi everyone,
what a week you have all had!
And the horrid tornadoes to top it off.
Stay safe, you all.
So sorry about the 4th flr repairs Marg and husband, and the elbows.
The description of the karate outfit was adorable Janna! (It's sensei, by the way :))
We have break, too, Fran, but it's winter break. Spring break is in another month.
difficult child was in his school play today. It was so cute. He was a robber and had a couple of funny lines. I thought that would make it more enjoyable but he said he didn't like being in it, and the funny parts made it worse. I think he doesn't like people staring at him. Oh well.
Good luck everyone!