Happy happy for all fathers!!


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Your job isnt easy!

To my father:i love you and wish you were here to hug.

To my husband: Honestly, our children adore you and you are the best father ever.

We are going to the casino for lunch with Jumper, her boyfriend, my sister in law and brother in law. Sonic will join us later at home...he cant handle tobacco smoke and at the casinos people can smoke.

Do you have any plans for Dad or Hubby?


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I only see this forum M-F but my stepson had lunch for us in the city on his rooftop yesterday (sounds fancy but it's just the roof of the garage for the 2 story he lives in that is a patio area). It meant a lot to my husband and it was just a gorgeous day in Chicago!

Our Difficult Child called his dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He is the most thoughtful of our boys.

Sounds like you had a nice one!


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Happy late Fathers Day!

We went out to eat on Saturday, and went to a baseball game on Sunday. We ate prodigious amounts of junk food at the game and had a good time.

Neither of hubby's sons wished him a happy Father's Day.

Younger son lives with us currently, but had to work yesterday.

He left without saying anything, but I assumed he would realize what day it was during the time he was out at work and say something when he returned, but he didn't.

Oldest didn't call or even text. Last Monday, oldest called his dad and asked to borrow money for an a/c window unit for the room he rents, just until Friday. It was really hot, and hubby immediately went online, found a used unit, went to pick it up, and took it to his son. He told him that he expected to be paid back on Friday and his son agreed. Of course, we haven't heard from him since.

On the plus side, one of my adult daughters sent hubby a text that brought him to tears, telling him how wonderful he is and how glad she is that we are together.



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Miss KT texted Hubby (her step-dad) and also put a cute graphic up on Facebook first thing Sunday morning. Son #1 called mid-afternoon, and Son #2 called that evening. Hubby and I didn't do anything special.