Happy Thanksgiving

Tanya M

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I want to wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your day is filled with peace, love and blessings.

In all things I give thanks, the good and the bad. The good because it reminds me of the beauty in life. The bad because of the lessons I have learned.

Have a great day everyone and "Gobble till you wobble"


Wiped Out

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Happy Thanksgiving right back at you and to everyone else as well!!

I am feeling very blessed to be surrounded by extended family today and the entire weekend!! difficult child is at work until 2:00 and then will come home to play with his cousins! easy child/difficult child is in the kitchen making the stuffing for the birds! We pre-made the potatoes and carrots yesterday!!

Many blessing to you all!:thanksgiving10:


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Happy Thanksgiving right back at ya! And to everyone here. I hope the day brings you a deep sense of connection and love..........that you enjoy your family and friends and that every morsel is delicious.........that you are all nourished in every possible way...........


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Happy Thanksgiving, all!

We just got back from picking up the pies (because I don't cook) and will be heading over to Sis-in-law's about 5. Should be a fun time with little drama, which makes it nice.