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I also came VERY close if not actually did, break another board rule, which is discussing religion. My apologies to the mods and everyone else, if I did cross the line.

Copa, the reason for not "naming names" is to avoid any possible liability issues.


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Is SMART recovery non religious? For good or bad (opinion in eyes of the person) a great deal of our youth are atheists, agnostics or plain spiritual not otherwise specified and won't go to any group that they feel is too based in ANY religion. And since now we are becoming very LGTG friendly, the young often are offended when any group is considered bad. I see the point.
Princess stood up and told off a youth pastor who said being gay was a sin so AA And NA turned her off and she needed something badly. I understand why she was mad though. The kids were raised to not be prejudice against others and it took hold strongly with them.


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I've only heard bits and pieces about that one, SWOT, but I seem to recall it is secular and gender/sexuality friendly.

IIRC, it also has a slightly better long-term success rate than AA, though still abysmal.


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IIRC, it also has a slightly better long-term success rate
What is IRRC?
Princess stood up and told off a youth pastor who said being gay was a sin
Good for her.

You know, if I look at my own life, M's and that of my family, I am thinking completely different about this D C thing which we all focus on.

Maybe it is just called, "life" and the problem is in us, the parents, of not tolerating what it takes to work things out or not. Maybe it is an issue of not letting go enough.


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I hope so. Unfortunately, even for married addicts, it seems to require 3-6 mos residential tx, followed by a considerable amount of time in a sober-living arrangement of some sort to have a hope of coming out clean, and still, relapse is common.

Vivitrol might be an option for the OP's husband because he really WANTS to quit and gets no pleasure out of drinking. (From what it sounds like.)

He's drinking to "get well" as opposed to "get drunk". Getting drunk is a side effect, so to speak. Vivitrol would block both the "drunk" AND the cravings.


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I don't believe there is a program or philosophy or course of treatment out there anywhere that any of us are going to agree with 100 percent. Thus the saying: take what you like and leave the rest.

It has been my observation about myself and others that when I say I don't like or agree with aspects of such, it's really more about me than about the program. I am likely resisting and finding reasons to continue to resist.

We need to find what works for us and what resonates for us and let go of the rest. If we can't do that, and if we insist on absolutes and perfection, we are not likely to be helped much anywhere. Fwiw.


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Pasa, I am so sorry to read of these events. You absolutely did the right thing, the only thing you could. I hope that you can find some peace in knowing that. Sometimes they make it easier for us by leaving us no choice. You had no choice, pasa.

Hubs used to watch that zombie show "The Walking Dead". I hated it, and I don't use that word lightly. It reminded me of the many "chronics" I see on the streets and ultimately, of my daughter, body snatched by meth. The longer she is hooked on this stuff, the more she loses her ability to think and act with a sense of morality and values.

Leafy, I had to laugh when I read this. One of my non-Difficult Child younger boys talked me into watching walking dead with him...I objected, and he said "it is not about zombies, mom. It is about the monster in all of us" and he was right. I see what you mean about the meth addicts and street people, but I like the personal exploration it can introduce. In the sister show "Fear the Walking Dead" my favorite character is the 20 something year old son Nick, a heroin and all other drugs addict, forced into recovery by lack of access in the new world...he is uniquely "off" and is really a wonderful character, who sometimes, painfully, reminds me of my own darling lost Difficult Child.