Has anyone taken the Disc Personality Test?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Sue C, Feb 15, 2007.

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    I heard through the grapevine that my church might have a job opening in March, so I called the office and spoke with the woman in charge of hiring. She said there will be an opening sometime soon for some type of part-time office assistant, but she didn't get specific. I told her I had given the senior pastor and the office manager my resume a few months ago.

    She said the applicants will be given a Disc Personality Test, computer skills test and interview with herself and the office manager.

    I found a free online Disc Personality Test and took it. What I'd like to know is how do you know if your "scores" fit with a certain job/career? Any idea? Do you know where to find that info? I'm just wondering if my scores fit in with that of an office assistant. Or...would it be individualized as to what an office manager was looking for??

    I had been hoping for years that my church would have an opening. I knew the senior pastor's secretary and thought I had a pretty good in, but she has since left and now there is this new woman in charge of hiring who just started there a few months ago. I haven't met her yet. :frown:

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    I'm not familiar with that particular personality test but there are lots of them around. When I worked at the high school the guidance office had a personality test that the kids took and it told them which fields would be good matches for their interests and personality. You might want to call your high school and ask if they've heard of it. I took the test myself that the guidance office had and it was interesting. You might want to take it for yourself (Melissa, too). Since you are a tax payer in that district I'm sure they will say ok.

    When I used to hire staff I would not only try to match personality with the job but also personality with the office. In other words, I wanted a good mix of personalities and strengths and I would try to hire for what we were missing, if that makes sense.

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    Thanks, Suz. I know the lady did say that they wanted to hire the "right personality for the staff." Maybe I'm strange, but I feel I'm flexible and could fit in for whatever they are looking for....except if they want a decision maker/problem solver. That I am not! That is why I LOVE being a secretary. I love being the support person. I love helping my boss so that they can get more of their work done. I love knowing what I'm supposed to do and doing a good job at it.

    I prefer working more one on one--secretary work, but some of the jobs I've been applying for say receptionist. I wouldn't be as happy with the work, but I would be friendly and do a good job. That is what I mean by flexible. If I knew what they were looking for, I THINK I could be that person.
    I miss working.
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    Sue, a good working relationship goes both ways.

    You want to do what you enjoy and in return you want to be appreciated for yourself. Don't sweat these tests. Be yourself. You want to be hired by a boss who likes *Sue*, recognizes that the office doesn't need another decision maker/problem solver and wants what you have to offer.

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    I am curious as to how I would score also. Maybe I'll search it out. LOL Can you tell I am bored, 2 snow days home from work. And I am tired of doing all of the "snow clothes laundry".
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    I took it about 11 years ago, so don't remember too much about it really, sorry. It's a test that measures 4 areas, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. All I remember of mine was that I had a very very low dominance rating, an almost all the way to the top influence rating and kinda mediumish on the other 2. The tester said she'd never seen a result like mine before, where my dominance factor was so low and yet my influence was so high. She said this indicated that I was in no way agressive etc., but could get people to do what I wanted. She asked if this was so, and I thought about it and said yes usually, and she asked how I got people to do what I wanted and I really didn't know LOL.

    I think they're probably looking for not too high a dominance factor, which would be a strong willed, aggressive, ambitious kind of person. Probably memium to high on the influence, which is someone who is enthusiasic, warm, demonstrative, optimistic. medication to high on the steadiness factor, calm, relaxed, consistent. And medium to high on the concientiousness as well, which is neat, accurate, tactful, diplomatic.

    You can't really do anything to influence what your factors will be, you answer the questions pretty much your first thought. You might be able to figure out some questions, which factor they're supposed to be for, I don't know. I wasn't going for any particular outcome. The company I'd worked for for 17 years was closing and offered career counselling so figured I'd try it out and see what it said. I did a couple tests, and can't remember which one, I think it might have been the disc, they gave me a list of careers that my personality type usually found rewarding. All I remember was at the top of the list was priest, rabbi, nun :smile: and several similar. As she said, it really had nothing to do with ability or beliefs or training etc. What those types of careers all had in common was working with people and helping them. Honestly, I would probably find the work traditionally done by them very rewarding personally. Go figure LOL.
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    Runawaybunny -- I just took the test you mentioned and read my results. Wow--it's right on the money!!! It even says one of the careers I'd be suited for is a secretary which is what I've always loved doing.

    Suz -- You are right; I just need to be me and if I fit in with what they want, then so be it.

    'Chelle -- Thanks for your input.

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    It was runawaybunny's test that gave me the list of careers for my personality type. As soon as I saw enfj I remembered LOL.
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    Wow, I didn't realize places still used those tests.

    When I was 18, I was applying for a receptionist position. They had so much response to their ad that they decided to do a group interview. Talk about uncomfortable. 20 people in a room interviewing simultaneously for the same job. I got called back for a second interview and they had me do a personality test. This was pre-internet so it a paper and pencil thing. One of the questions was, "When you are stressed do you A. Have Diarrhea B. Get constipated C. Both D. Neither" I wrote in "E. None of your business" and left. I didn't want that job that bad. LOL Had it been a test where all they was getting was the result, I wouldn't have been so bothered, but this was going to go in my personnel file. EWWWWWWWW.
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    wyntersgrace2 -- Good for you for writing in "none of your business." When I got my first job out of high school at a large utility, I had to take a psychological test. It had true and false questions. I swear every 5th statement was: "I hate my mother." It also had bathroom questions such as: "I cannot use public bathrooms." The DISC personality test is not that kind of psychological test, thank goodness.

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    LOL, win some, lose some.

    The interview for the teaching job I got right out of college went so badly (so I thought) that I got out and called my mom to tell her I was sure I didn't get it. The asst. superintendent, asst. principal and someone else was there and they kept interrupting my answers and each other and rabbit trailing everywhere. I'd taken a day off of work (unpaid) and forked out money for gas and a hotel stay to do this interview and I was none too happy. Finally I looked him straight in the eye and said "If you would stop interrupting me, I'd be glad to answer your question." That was the last question and the interview was over.

    The next day the district called and offered me the job. I couldn't believe it. Later I found out that the guy was brutal in interviews because he knew teachers were going to have to stand up to pressure and to parents and he wanted to see how they handled it. There were a lot of stories going around about his tactics, including the fact that sometimes prospective male employees left in tears.
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    I took the DISC test and it hit me much closer than the Myers-Briggs. husband gives and interprets those as part of his job--he REALLY resents that I am such a mixed type that it is uninterpretable. LOLOL

    He says I do it on purpose to frustrate him--now there's a type.