Has anyone tried the new medication Provigil?


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Just wondering if anyone has tried the new medication Provigil for their difficult child? Our psychiatrist would like my difficult child to try this to help with his concentration. The regular stimulants make him moody and manic, but this is not supposed to be a stimulant, but rather something that is used to treat things like Narcolepsy. Thanks for the help!


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I'm interest in this also. Son really struggles with the ADHD. Strattera had no affect and stims made him very irratible.

Seems Sparlon, the name given to the reformulated version of Provigil, still has some FDA hurdles to jump over. Though, Cephalon, the company that holds the patent, is on the verge of getting it approved.

Though, it can be prescribed off label as Provigil for Adhd. There are less dosage increments as Provigil.

How well it works in treating ADHD, and concentration issues, depends on who you ask.

Stay tuned.

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Last March the FDA denied approval because, it is thought, of Stevens-Johnson, the rare but potenially fatal rash. There are some who think the Phase III tests weren't as convincing as the manufacturer claims.

The Wiki article on Modafinil explains the reasearch resuts.

ADHD (off label indication)

As of October 2006, there are approximately four English-language articles on randomized clinical trials in humans in the Medline database addressing the use of modafinil for the treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Some studies have shown the use of modafinil in the treatment of ADHD is associated with significant improvements in primary outcome measures. Cognitive function in ADHD patients may also improve following modafinil treatment, in some studies. Studies for ADHD report insomnia and headache were the most common adverse effects, seen in approximately 20% of treated individuals. These studies were not adequate to demonstrate that the beneficial effects of modafinil are maintained with chronic administration. Additional large, long-term studies using flexible titration methods to establish safety and efficacy and head-to-head comparisons between modafinil and stimulants are needed to determine the role of modafinil in the treatment of ADHD. [4]

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the only people I know who used it were adults using it for fatigue from MS (3 people) an adult with narcolepsy (1 person) 2 adults with fibromyalgia and one child with ADD. They all used it several years ago, but did not stay on it very long, am not sure why. Can't ask, 3 of them are now gone.
I know the child had a very hard time getting it due to no insurance coverage appproving it. But, like I said, that was several years ago.


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We tried it last year for ADHD type symptoms and got the same result as all of the other stimulants we had tried. It gave him increased activation and mania. We discontinued after only 4 days.



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I myself have used Provigil. My P-doctor used it in combo with my anti-depressant when I was having severe stress so that I didn't curl up in a ball on the bed......
It made me feel very awake and clear.

Good Luck.

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