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When we met with the Social Worker assigned to my son in the psychiatric hospital on Monday, he asked something that sort of stuck with me over the past few days..."Does he remind you of anyone?"

At first, I thought, not really, and I gave the standard response listing off the diagnosis'd mental illness in the family (my mother's/grandmothers clinical depression, uncles/grandparents substance abuse, aunt's possible Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)). But the more I sit and mull it over, the more I nit pick and find things my son and I have in common.

It makes me wonder if I should meet with a psychiatrist and discuss my adolescence and see if there's anything of significance that would be of help to understanding/diagnosing my son.

Am I totally off my rocker now? :rofl:


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I am sure I fit alot of Bipolar criteria. My mother has it. My father probably has it. Both undiagnosed, but both very unstable.

I haven't gone. I wonder if I see the psychiatrist, too, what he'd say. Dylan and easy child's psychiatrist see me all the time, at 30 or 60 minute intervals, and I'm always composed. I'm talking about my kids.

I don't think it makes you crazy. I don't have time to focus on myself. I'm too busy with kids, work, house, SO, life. It took me 6 years to get to my family doctor LOL! I don't know when I'll get back there either.

Hang in. A counselor or someone to talk to may be a good idea. I went that route, and it was okay.



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"Does he remind you of anyone?" What a darn smart question to
ask. I'm always impressed when a simple statement or question
is used by the professional who is seeking evaluation information
to benefit the child.

Every few years I will read a post where someone will say something like "my kid is driving me crazy, his moods differ from
day to day" "yesterday I found myself yelling at him again and
really had to fight the urge etc. etc." I wonder "does he remind
you of anyone"? Sometimes the parent posts months later and
says things are better and we are both on medications.

It's hard for all of us to recognize emotions that are too close
to us. I think you've found a professional keeper. DDD


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As I learn more about some of difficult child's newer diagnosis', yup he's a chip off the ol' mum block :smile:

There are things that don't make sense but for the most part I think though he is just an extreme version of me. With some of his diagnosis's it says that there is a higher chance for boys to get it. I think this is why he has it as severe as he does, but I don't know.

But keep this between us...I keep telling husband it's from him as I am perfect :rofl:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
My husband said that to me awhile back... he said difficult child was alot like me!!! LoL I did go and talk to someone...
I do see alot of her in me when I was a little girl... I thought my issues were always due to being abandoned and abused as a young child...but I sometimes wonder if those things would have been there regardless???
I do think I suffer from depression whetherit is bipolar, who knows... could be. I have a lot of the signs!!!

Sometimes these kids make us look at ourselves more than we want to...


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I can see my difficult child with a lot of traits that come down the family line but it's all about function. Everyone got up and went to work every day and was responsible and functional(more or less) Why difficult child is so strongly affected is a question. The future is not clear if he will someday be independent. I think that's a big difference between a difficult child and yourself or husband.

I always figured moods tend to go somewhat up and somewhat down with bipolar being extreme peaks and valleys. There is a lot of "normal" variation between bipolar and average moods. Everyone fits into that spectrum somewhere. How affected you are by your moods dictates treatment. </span>


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This reminds me of a time years ago when dex was pitching a public fit in front of me and difficult child. I don't even remember what he was angry about, I just wanted to get the h out of there because it was directed at me. As we drove away, difficult child who was 11 at the time says solemnly "I guess I know where I get my anger problems from". I said honey, I think you got a bit of the worst from both of us.

As the the saying goes "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" lol. It's so true in our case. There have been many times that difficult child has reminded me of myself only magnified. His PMS was chronic. lol. With MH issues on both sides of the family, poor difficult child got a double dose.