He is totally MY child, lololol!

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    Wiz listened and learned many things from me, including the power of photography. I had no idea how much he really HAD paid attention to my stories, etc...

    He had managed to work the system to his advantage for quite a few things this semester, his first semester in college. He is getting good grades, and most of them by workign for them.

    He is also learning a whole lot about how the world really works. Somehow he is managing to use this to his great advantage, and though it probably is technically something I should worry about, I just can't. In fact, it is pretty funny. I remember being his age and working similar things, and it makes me smile.

    No one is being hurt, at least not by anything Wiz is doing. So I am content to let him handle things and laugh at the similarities between us. Esp as for SOOOOOO many years he believed that I was evil and awful and he said he would not EVER be ANYTHING like me. LOLOL!!!!

    It was good to hear him happy and have him share something with me!;):tongue::D
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    This is me and Nichole. She used to hate that we look so much alike, and if anyone dare mention how alike we are in personality she'd be furious. Now days we just smile and nod. lol Funny thing........Aubrey has made it into a threesome. Nichole is in for quite a ride in the future. :tongue:
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    I have that threesome in looks with Jessie and my mother. It can be quite a hoot. As a teen there were times when from a distance someone would call me by her name. I also used to use her Sam's card all the time. Jess and I often have the same thoughts at the same time, just like I used to with my mom and sometimes still do. We look at each other and ask why we bother to talk. Then we say it is because it makes other people more comfortable. And it is true - even husband gets a bit freaked when Jess and I will have the same thought and do the same thing together with-o talking.

    Wiz and thank you also look alike, and look very much like husband's nephew. We all are amused because none of the parents look anything like each other , meaning husband, his sister, her husband and I.

    I just never really expected Wiz to pull something I had done. It is the way the world works, and college is a good time to learn it. And it is rather funny to me. Will be to husband also, lol.