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    Well, difficult child actually went into the psychiatrist the other night. I promised him that I would not fill the scrip for Zoloft last month, if he would promise to just meet her this time. (He refused to go in last time and sat in the car for an hr and a half).

    We waited 40 min. for the appointment. and he was very well behaved. We were quite entertained by the families in the waiting area. :surprise:

    He went in and sat down ... and then husband called and wanted directions ... the dr said the appointment was only going to be 15 min., for a medication check, so husband decided not to come by. At that point, difficult child was in it for the long haul. (15 whole min.!)

    The dr. kept it light, asked about school, Christmas, etc.
    She discussed weaning him off the clonidine and onto the Zoloft, and directed her attention to both of us, giving both of us eye contact. She does not want to do any therapy at this point; wants to leave it to our regular child psychiatric. So she's just the medication coordinator.

    difficult child agreed to try Zoloft for 2 mo's, and see her again in 1 mo.
    He took the Zoloft with-o argument today (we crack them in half to get 25 mg and they're so tiny, it's not a problem).

    But ...
    (you knew there was a caveat, right? :laugh:) he told me yesterday that he has only been using his Xalatan eyedrops once a wk, instead of every night.
    I told him in no uncertain terms that he must take them every night to prevent pressure buildup behind his eyes.
    He doesn't get it. "I'm not blind yet. My eyes are fine."


    So, now I'm back to monitoring his eye drops.
    He was acting so mature, I trusted him.

    Why, why, why, can't I learn?

    Anyway, this is mostly a good news note. I'll let you know what happens in a few wks with-the Zoloft.
  2. Wiped Out

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    My easy child just started taking Zoloft last month and it is really helping her but she deals only with depression and no mood disorder. I hope the medication helps! Glad to hear he is willing to try it. Sorry about the eye drop thing.
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    Manster has been on the zoloft for 2 months and I am just now seeing improvement, mostly with the frustration tolerance. He isn't melting down over nothing so much. It has improved his flexibililty and rigid thinking. I'm glad he's willing to give it a try, but I would definitely give it that two months because it took that long for me to decide it's helping.
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    It sounds like he's making a huge effort- both for the appointment and for trying a new ned.... any little reward in there for him?? Way To Go!!
  5. Jena

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    It sounds good. I"m glad that he went this time, that's great. Zoloft takes a while to see an affect with it. I hope it helps him, yet I know it also to be more mainly for depression.

    I'm sorry about the eye drop thing, kids are kids gotta love them!! I wish you luck, keep us posted. I'm glad he was willing to try the new medication! :)
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    Good for him. I am glad that the appointment went smoothly and that he agreed to try Zoloft. I can understand his logic about not using the eye drops "I'm not blind yet, my eyes are fine". That would be the the same as me not finishing the bottle of antibiotics because I feel better!!!! And I'm 39!!! :) lol
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    Thank you all.

    I haven't come up with-a specific reward yet. I just try to say things sort of off-handedly, or even within earshot, to husband. Teens and pre-teens respond well when they hear themselves being talked about. It seems to diffuse embarassment and tension from eye-to-eye conversation. So I'll say to husband, "difficult child was really good at the dr's ofc today. I was really impressed. He is really growing up."
    I can almost see his ears growing bigger. :)