He worked a whole week!!!


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For the first time in his life, difficult child made a whole week of work without calling in sick. He was so proud of himself today. I told him when he could afford to pay for his cell phone, I'd have the number changed and the phone reformatted and he could have it to call us and work. He called today to tell me he would send the money on Friday. He is still doing well and likes the place he is staying. He has been clean since the Monday after Thanksgiving.


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That's great, katmom :bravo: :bravo: I'm sure you're so proud. Good job, difficult child!

Brag away, lady!



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I can rejoice along with you! It is so wonderful seeing our sons finally get busy working and being productive!
ant has worked 4 months and not missed a day! a record for sure. he actually paid for his own eye exam and contacs for the first time in his life!
YAY..their independence is moving along!