Heard From difficult child


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We finally heard from difficult child. But only because we received something important in the mail for him and husband sent him a FB message. difficult child replied.............kinda, sorta, no details. Said he wanted the piece of mail, but gave no hint where he is. Uh huh.

So, we still have the piece of mail and we know difficult child is alive. These are both good things as the piece of mail is a HUGE relief to both difficult child and to us parents..... He finally got covered under DSHS. This means he now qualifies for many more sources of assistance (mental health, rehab, medical, case management, housing, education, employment, etc). And, to be honest, it's great for us parents, too........ We now know he can get the full range of services possible. Huge, huge, HUGE relief for me and husband. Much more comprehensive, while also being much less complicated and much less expensive. Good for all of us.

It feels healthier for us to deliver difficult child's mail (DSHS card) to him at a neutral, public place. Boundaries. Especially when we don't know what's going on. But, of course, we're glad to see him resurface. Even if only briefly and obliquely.

The help for difficult child is there. Let's see if he'll take it.....or at least get his mail.

So.......it's another good day! Think I should make some fun, VISIBLE way to mark off the good days. Remind myself of the good stuff, visually. :)


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I'd say a nice neutral public place is a wonderful place for you guys to hand it over. Good for you for FB'ing him and letting him know it was there and good for him for manning up and coming to get it.


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Good for you big time!!! And for him too and hopefully he will use it.

Is t his your state's version of Disability? I've never heard of a card like that and am just curious.


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Think I should make some fun, VISIBLE way to mark off the good days. Remind myself of the good stuff, visually. :)
This is a great idea! What do you have in mind?

And I'm glad you got some good news and a bit of contact with difficult child! I hope hope hope he takes advantage of the services.


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Thanks, everyone!

MWM -- While DSHS isn't Disability, per se, it's the next best thing. DSHS = Department of Social and Health Services. Covers a myriad of services. Hopefully, difficult child uses it.

Origami -- Ya know, I don't know! husband is better at that than I am (he's stunningly creative with stuff like that). I dunno. Maybe something with wood blocks (we both did wood block paintings some years ago). Gonna have to think on that. And that could be fun!
Anyone got any ideas? If we come up with something, maybe I'll post a picture in this forum (if that's allowed?)!