Heartbreaking real-life example. I guess I'll talk about this with-my difficult child, too ...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Mar 13, 2013.

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    This has been all over the news here, too, as it is not far from us.

    Onyxx said it would never happen to her. I reminded her that she used to ride in cars with lots of kids, no seatbelts... But she couldn't or wouldn't make the connection.

    I admit I lied to my parents. My first ever real date, my parents dropped me off at the mall to see "The Princess Bride" with my boyfriend. Told them his Mom would be bringing us home. Well... It was his Mom's car, anyway. With 8 teens jammed in a Dodge Omni. Yes, 8... Same number as this horrible tragedy. We were pretty lucky. And not just that time, either...
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    It has been all over the news here too. We are very close to where it happened. I made sure difficult child heard about it, but haven't harped about it, since she doesn't have her license, and I can't even get her to go anywhere with her friends.
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    Was all over the news here, too. Tragic.
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    So sad and so easy child AND difficult child. Teens are cut from a different mold. My heart breaks for the families and for the survivors. DDD
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    It's been an awful week - the Ohio crash, another one in IN (3 killed), and then we had one in the Chicago area - 4 more dead. All teens, all so young.

    thank you got his first car on Saturday. And he doesn't understand why I won't just give him free rein to drive wherever he wants, today.

    I wish teens/new drivers got that they are not invincible and that stuff happens.
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    I know. I was shy and not a risk-taker, and even *I* had moments of invincibility. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a typical teen, or a difficult child!