Hello all!


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It has been a long time! I do think about you often. A few members are on my Facebook so have kept up with the good times as I do not post the struggles.

difficult child will soon be 18 and has made it clear that at that time he will take over all his medical appointments. I will no longer be joining him. He says he will make his own appointments. I have had him set up his own medications in a pill minder and next step is to have him learn how to reorder via the phone. I will still pick up and pay for the medications. I also have access to his on-line medical chart so while he is being "independent" with all this, I am still an invisible partner in everything.

difficult child is really doing well. He has control over his anxiety and knows what to do when it rises. Those who did not know him during our nightmare years would never believe this young man walked through them. As Mom I worry about times he may be struggling but not letting me know. He has always been very quiet and good at hiding his very strong emotions.

He has been pushing me away but I know that is the normal teenage need to disengage with mom to feel independence. He will be back as many kids return once they are mature and understand that mom is always there for them even if they are not following the path she would like them to follow. And of course, I am always near and watching. He can not get away that easily. And, he had not pushed me very far away. :)

He had his 1st solo long distance road trip earlier this week. Three hour freeway drive through some construction zones and into St Paul. It has been awhile since he has driven in large city traffic. I was a bit nervous. He did just fine. Now I get to worry about his drive home on Tuesday as he will be returning from a long weekend of long days with relatives. I hope he sleeps in and gets enough sleep before heading home. He has been very responsible about not driving if he doesn't feel sharp enough.

Diva is married. What worries me most is her husband is a difficult child who believes that once the I dos were said that diva would be all his. She would become the obedient housewife without a life of her own. Frustrates me and makes me sad knowing they have many unhappy times in their home. Diva is amazing in how she works with him trying to help him through his misconception of how a marriage with her is going to work.

All in all, life is good. We make it through the tough bumps. I am enjoying my almost empty nest. Some friends think I will get depressed when both kids are gone but I reply that I loved having the kids at home and being involved in their activities and I love my me time when they are not home. Time spent with them as young adults will be GREAT! After the teenage years of them not wanting to be seen with me, it will be a joy to start doing things with them again. I have taken some weekend trips with Diva that has helped strengthen our bonds... "She hates me less each day" can now be changed to "she dislikes me less each day."

My husband is retiring this fall so life will be changed as he will no longer be on the road for work. It will be good to have him home especially in the winter when roads are bad.

Chewy is an awesome golden doodle. She is over three years old and no longer chews. She is good hands on therapy for difficult child. Last Fall, difficult child had an anxiety episode over a weekend while we were out of town and Chewy was in the kennel. I called the kennel and explained difficult child's situation. I asked if I could come pick Chewy up early (outside their hours opened to the public). They allowed me to so and Chewy was able to help difficult child get through that episode.



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This is a great update! So glad things are on the uphill climb for you all. Diva working on teaching her husband how married life will be with her....loved reading that one! And of course the Chewy story....sweet animals heal so much!